How To Save A Logo In Illustrator | How To Save Your Logo For A Client (ultimate Guide)

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How To Save Your Logo For A Client (ultimate Guide)


[MUSIC] Today, a comprehensive guide on how to save your logo designs perfectly for our client as well as some bonus tricks and tips to [Music]. What is that people? Welcome back to the story graphics. The Omen graphic design content right here on Youtube. Today I’m gonna show you the five essential file formats that you should be using to save your logo designs how to save them and why they are essential, but also at the very end. I’ve got some bonus tips and tricks for when you’re saving your logo designs in Illustrator, so stay tuned and follow along with history graphics in today’s logo design tutorial before we start to save our Lego design. We want to make sure the phonology design solution is aligned properly on the artboard in the line menu. Change the setting to align to the artboard. Instead of a specific selection, we could then align the design vertically and horizontally. So it’s perfectly on the artboard. The first file format is going to be. Ai, which is the native file format illustrator? Now you should be aware of this, and you should know how to save this file format, but you might not be too sure why its need. Is we send this to a client so that they can make edits and changes to their design at a later stage or maybe they can even pass it on to a different designer to use on a different design in my last tutorial? I showcased a really cool function where we can actually save separate designs on separate boards using the same document. This is achieved by checking the separate file option When you go to file and save as within it. The ability right there. [MUSIC] So to summarize, the AIA file format allows a client to make changes to their design later, but also you can be passed on to other potential designers in the future. The next file formats in today’s logo design guide is EPS. EPS is a great file format for any logo design, along with another Primavera file format, which we’re going to be looking at later to save the logo design as an EPS file formats. Go up to file, save as and then locate the EPS file form option. You have the option of making EPS logo transparent or not, I often do use the TIFF 8-bit option for the preview. If you have any problems with the design, warnings will be displayed at the very bottom, so maybe, for example, you need to embed some fonts that are used on the logo. Once you’ve saved the EPS logo head into the file location and give it a preview illustrator actually crop, the EPS file design right up to the edge of the graphics. I remember you do have the option of making it transparent or not. EPS is essential for any logo design package because it retains a high quality is editable, scalable and also is compatible with right across the board. It is also very easy for a design in the future to take the EPS logo and then use it on like a poster or a business card. In my design career. I’ve been sent many different logos in the EPS file format to use on designs like this [Music]. The third of five file formats is actually PDF PDF is awesome for sending clients progress documents of the logo, but also it’s very handy to add in the final logo package so again, go up to file and save as but this time, choose the PDF file form option. You always want to use the most recent version of Acrobat, and it’s really good idea to choose there. A VIEW PDF after saving option compression is often fine by default. And these are my settings here, but seeing as this is an actually a print document in the sense that it’s not a poster or a business card. There are no need to look at bleeds right now again. Any warnings or problems will be shown at the end in the summary section when the logo opens up in Acrobat, you can set the screen zoom to 100% and improve the design. Pdfs are very commonly known and they’re used for proofing and printing designs. They’re also really easily opened on all kinds of software, but it is best to give you a con. The choice of both EPS and PDF for printing EPS and PDF based support vector aspects real logo and should be the two file formats that you use for printing when it comes to label design. Now we’re going to move on to the web-based file form options as well as the tips and the tricks at the very end. So PNG is the first of two web-based file formats that you want to send your letter design to your client instead of going up to file and save as we actually need to go up to a file export and then use a safe Web option here, you have various different options and PNG 8 refers to the palette variant, which supports only 256 colors, but it’s usually smaller in size png-24 refers to the true color variant, which supports many more colors, but the file size probably will end up bigger, So keep that in mind. Guys, an awesome feature Here is that we have the choice to make the background transparent or not, which is very handy indeed. I would personally send the client. Both a version with the background and without a background in PNG format once saved is always a good idea to check the file before we send it to the client because it’s better to be safe than sorry so with PNG. Remember to consider the type that you want to use PNG 8 – a PNG 24 and then also remember to save the logo in both variations, having a background and being transparent before the bonus tips today on saving a logo design. We have JPEG again. We need to enter into the safer Web option, but this time use JPEG with JPEG. There is no choice for a transparent background. But the one thing that you need to consider about JPEG is a lossy, which means that when the data is compressed, unnecessary information is deleted from the file permanently. This means that some color to be lost or compromised when any file is converted to jpg now. I’ve got some awesome bonus. Tips that you want to listen to and take on void for when you’re next designing a logo. Firstly, if you have a strap line or a tagline where actually this can apply to the logo type itself, you might want to save the logo in two different styles to demonstrate. Take a look at the coning on my strap line here. It’s quite wide apart and it’s actually set to 1200 which is quite wide indeed. The idea is that you save one version of the logo with White Kerning, so the logo can be scaled down to very small sizes and the text is still legible. And then you want to save another version with narrow Kearney. So the logo can be printed up to large scale designs like on a billboard or a poster. The concept is to make the text legible and still visually appealing any size. This is a great technique, and it’s something that you might want to consider for your logo design. Explain it to the clients and package two versions of the logo. When you send the files, the second bonus tip today is for those who have illustrator CC, If you have multiple designs on one document and you want to save them as JPEGs or PM cheese, you can save each design as a separate file using the asset exper option, you can go ahead and open this in the top drop-down menu and then simply drag and drop the designs into there. You will need to make sure that every part of one design is grouped together. [MUSIC] So once they’ve been dropped into the export window. Select everything and then choose your file form option for the example today. I’m gonna give a PNG eight and ready, simply go ahead and export them and then check the file location on your computer as you can see. They’ve been exported on to my computer. I now have three different Pngs with just one X boy. Lastly, the tip here is really important, and I need to package all of your logo files into one zip folder. This is because it reduces the file size when sending all of the Legos to your client, for example in email, but also it just keeps everything neat and tidy to do this select every logo file and then write or control-click and zip them up like so once. The files have been zipped. Rename the folder and then you get to go. You might want to package any font files that have been used on a design too. So there is today’s comprehensive guide on saving your. Lego designs to send to a client. If you enjoy my content and you want to continue boosting your skills and your awareness as a graphic designer, subscribe to Satori graphics or weekly graphic design content, drop a like and a comment on my video and of course, share on social media. If you want help at my channel. I’m gonna back this week with more graphic design content for you all until next time. There’s on your future today. Peace [Music] you!