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Design 3d Text Illustrator Tutorial


[music] hello there! You’re watching Danske is a place to be to develop your creative skills and grow as a designer in this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create a 3d text effect in Adobe Illustrator, and this tutorial is sponsored by skill share. And if you’ve never heard a skill share, they are an online learning platform for creators with over 15,000 courses in design photos and much more And these courses are for absolutely anyone. And you can even teach yourself. Premium Membership begins at $10 a month. And that gives you unlimited access to absolutely everything and if you’d like two months free to try out skill, share, click. The link in the description. A credit card is required. But you can cancel at any time, so what? I’ve done to start with is created a new document in the illustrator with an artboard that is 1920 by 1080 now. I’m going to select the type tool and just left-click, and then you could type a word. I’m going to type a letter for this tutorial, so we’re going to have one 3d letter, but as I say, you can type a word and don’t why the text will be editable if you like. So with the type tool selected, I’m just going to change the font, and I think I’m going to go for Proxima, Nova bold, so we’ve got a letter and then with that selected, I’m going to pick a color from the swatches panel, so I’m not going to work with black, because if I pick a color, you’ll be able to see some of the shading on the 3d shape a bit better, so it doesn’t matter which one you pick for now. The important thing is though, when you load up the Swatch, click the global option and make sure that that is selected and you’ll see a little white tab on the corner here and we’ll talk about that more in a little bit So with this selected we’re now going to apply our 3d effect, so go to effect down to 3d and select extrude and bevel and this window will pop up here and we’ve got a variety of different options. If we take the preview in the bottom left, we see our effect. So at the moment we’ve got all these presets lets. Just go ahead and change these all to zero, so we’ve got no kind of rotation, no angles or anything, so we’re just looking at our letter as it was, and we can adjust the angle here by dragging these sliders, or we can specify a value in degrees in here, so we could type 40 and you can adjust the different angles, so we’ve got the rotation around. The Y-axi’s is their axis and the X axis, and you can play around with that and adjust all of these. I think for this tutorial what I’m going to do is keep it relatively simple and adjust the rotation around the y-axis to 30 degrees, so we’re just going to rotate it ever so slightly and the extrude depth we can adjust that. So that’s how deep it is, so you can see that is 20 points or we could go for 200 I think we’ll go for 50 Though for this tutorial now the bevel is the above all affect that you’re going to apply, so we’re going to be using tall round, so it’s going to round off those corners and give them a bevel effect and here you can specify the height of the bevel, so we’re going to leave that up for points and then you can choose the type, so the bevel extend out or bevel extend in, so we’re going to go for out. You can see the difference. There got in and out and then you can click the more options button at the bottom, and you’ll get a few more options down here. We’re just going to increase the blend steps from 25 to 100 so you just get a smoother graduation between the different colors. So once you’ve done that you can click. OK, and you’ll see from the appearance panel on the right. It’s now listed 3d extrude and bevel. So you can click this and you can delete the effect or you can click it again. Take that preview box and we can go back and edit these properties so we can adjust the rotation. The extrude step so. I think I’ll make this 100 instead. Click okay, and it will save those changes. So what going to do now is we’re going to zoom in. Now, We’re going to select the rectangle tool and just left-click and drag to draw a four-sided shape and get the object arranged and center back. We want this to be behind our letter or word, and let’s just resize this so that it fills the entire artboard and then we can go to object lock and selection just so we don’t select that background by mistake, So hopefully you enjoying the tutorial If you are, this is the course on. Skillshare that I completed recently. It’s called creating and using custom 3d objects in Illustrator, It’s a fantastic, structured course 50 minutes long, and it goes from the very basics all the way through to more advanced 3d effects in Illustrator. So if you are interested in learning more about 3d in Illustrator, I would definitely recommend checking out this course, and I will link it down in the description so back to our project, we have our letter or word our background and what we can do. Let’s just zoom in a bit there. I’m going to now select the ellipse tool and I’m going to left-click and draw a fairly thin ellipse. So I want this to be very wide, but not very high now. I’m going to just give this a black fill for now and actually by clicking these double arrows, I can expand the panels and we’re going to add a gradient effect and it makes it a bit easier kind of working with swatches ingredients to have them expanded this way, so what I’m going to do is click on the gradient slider and it applies the default black to white gradient. Now we want to have the black in the middle, so we can drag the slider there so that the location is 50% we’ve got white on the left and we’re just going to drag white onto the right as well and just push that all the way to the right, so we’ve got white, then black and then white next, what we’re going to do is go to the transparency panel and set the blending mode to multiply, so we’re the white areas are we’ll blend through into the background, and we’re going to position this down here somewhere and again give the object, arrange and send backwards order to send that behind the letter. Now, if you find it a little bit fiddly, kind of resizing or anything at all, you have any issues kind of selecting the right thing and resizing you can just go up to the transform panel and key in the width and height here, so I could make this a little bit wider, and then you can adjust the position as well so because a shape I select the shape and I go to the appearance panel because our light source is coming up here, so it’s coming from a higher angle and just on the right hand side. The shadow is going to cast on the left is going to be a bit longer than the right. It’s not totally accurate, But you know, it creates a nice shadow effect, and I think it works. So if you’ve got your light coming from the left, you might move the shadow over to the other side. Okay, so we’ve got our X. We’ve got a shadow. Let’s select that shadow actually. And from the transparency panel, we can just drop that down a bit. Just adjust that opacity, just so it’s a little bit softer and just adjust that positioning ever so slightly now at the beginning, we selected our color and we made it a global Swatch and the reason we did that is because now that we’ve created everything we can just load up that Swatch by double-clicking select the preview box at the bottom and as we adjust the sliders, it adjusts this 3d color of our shape and it adjusts the color of the background as well so we can change these sliders as we like and that global Swatch updates, both the background and the shape itself, so the massive time saver or we can select the shape individually and just give this a color and there we go, That’s how to create a 3d text effect in Adobe Illustrator as always guide. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments down below. Thank you again to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. Remember if you’d like two months free to try out skill share? Click that link in the description. Take care and I’ll see you next time [Music]!