Illustrator Change Color Mode | Cmyk Vs Rgb: How To Set Color Mode Or Change Color Mode In Adobe Illustrator Cc.


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Cmyk Vs Rgb: How To Set Color Mode Or Change Color Mode In Adobe Illustrator Cc.


Hello, my amazing! Creative friends oxides here again today. I’m going to show you how to set up and change color modes in the W Strader CC for repeat pattern design. This is going to be a quick video designed to help you understand color modes a little bit better if you are a vector repeat pattern designer and I’m going to be using illustrators, a W straighter CC 2015 version, as I always use, and we are going to be talking about Cmm Cmyk and RGB mode color modes. All right, so first things first, Why would you use CMYK and RGB color mode? Cmyk color mode is good for printing. This is just a general rule of thumb. It is good for printing. So think about your repeat pattern designs. What are they going? How are they going to be used? So a repeat pattern designs, for example, one of the uses of your design that you’re creating is going to be for to print on fabric. Let’s say, or can be a print on. Let’s say mousepad. So is this for printing purposes for printing purposes, it is best to use a. Cmyk color mode and the color mode is basically a mode of the colors that you see in the W straighter, so this particular text right here and all the graphics, I have a color mode connected to them and it is This color mode is going to be saved and communicated via the Adobe Illustrator File or a later EPS or even JPG file that you will say from your artwork to the printer or computer that is going to show your artwork or maybe even a mobile phone, so it is all important how to know how to save your color. Modes your files with the color mode, which is correct for your application of your designs. Alright, so for printing purposes, we use CMYK and for web purposes, meaning that your file is going to be represented on screen, which is basically it will. So I’m going to be speaking specifically for a pig pattern design here and repeat pattern designs. You have two things that you’re going to do with them. You will license them or print them to yourself. On the products or physical products, or they will be used for, let’s say for Web portfolio, which again for both in both of these cases. You want the colors to be represented correctly? So for this case, you will need. RGB color mode to have your files or artwork represented correctly on screen. Now, first of all what I’m going to tell you is that I am using CMYK to design all of my patterns in. I know other artists might use RGB, so you can actually use both and you it will be okay, but I personally would experience realized that Cmyk prepares my repeat pattern design, art work. The best for future uses. So that is definitely you. I definitely use RGB to present for web. What we are going to do is we are going to first. I will show you how to create a new file with the color mode that you want. Okay, so you go to file new, your document window pops up and this is the setup that I normally use for my files. And what’s important here is that you can see here already. The color mode. Cmyk we are going to click on advanced and here you can change color mode to RGB. And when you do that, it basically will tell you that the colors will shift so by the attention sign means that the colors may shift in your artwork, and the color shift means that the colors will not be exactly the same after you change the color mode or they might not be exactly the same. Alright, so we’ll keep this as Cmyk. Oh, yeah, it created a new file, so this is going to what’s going to happen next. Let’s say you already have an artwork, your own, or you have an artwork from somebody else that you license that. This is one of my patterns right here. Back there pattern. You can see here and what? I’m going to show you how you can change the color mode and where to look it up. So you need to go to the file again. Document color mode. So here you can see that this is the CMYK color. You can pick an RGB color right here. So in this case, I don’t see a major color shift, but sometimes with some colors. It really happens so again in you. Can’t change document color mode after you already have your file created what we are going to explain Next is that you can save JPEGs or PNG files from your vector artwork and you in most cases will have to do that at least to represent your files in your portfolio, and if you are selling your repeat patterns on print-on-demand websites or on microstock websites which I talked a lot about in my channel, you will be able to. You will be able to save your JPEGs for that purpose. Alright, so how do you do that? There are two major ways. How to do that you go to file and save for Web and this is the purpose that you will be able to save your artwork for to show in your portfolio online, so it will be represented like this on the Web. You can change the size right here, and you cannot change the color mode here. It will be always in RGB mode, so its colors save for Web, lets. Do cancel here and another way is going to be. We are going to go to file export and right here. You can definitely pick. You need to pick JPEG right here format and then export and here it will give you the options so here you can pick the CMYK or RGB right there. So basically, you can also change resolution here, so this will give you another way to save normally. I always create my files in Cmyk, and I save my files for presentation My portfolio in SRGB format. I hope you guys found this explanation of colormode in Adobe Illustrator in that in relation to repeat pattern design helpful. And if you want to know more about how to grow your repeat pattern portfolio, especially vector repeat pattern portfolio. I have a helpful workbook With 15 ideas and 15 ways to grow your repeat pattern portfolio faster. So if you want to check that out, please click the link in the info card or in the description below under this video. So thank you so much, you guys for watching this video and I hope this clears up a little bit about the usage of color modes in Adobe Illustrator and repeat pattern design. Please, like this video if you liked it. This helps me to know that you want more videos, just like this one and leave a comment below. If you have a question and please subscribe so that you will get notified if I do a live stream. And when I upload new videos, thank you guys for watching once again. Grow love and create bye.