Illustrator Eraser Leaves Outline | Adobe Illustrator Eraser Tool Not Working


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Adobe Illustrator Eraser Tool Not Working


[MUSIC] Welcome to zero plus channel. First, you must know you are better than you believe and a stronger than you think a smarter, then you think. Okay, leave this and be positive. Let’s start okay today. We want talk about an illustrator and why razor not working razor tool Not working in Adobe Illustrator. Why, for reason, okay, you can see that this tool, not working when you have type symbols, linked artwork and raster effect and place Bitmap razor tool, not work. Razor tool in Illustrator is different from Adobe Photoshop. Okay, let’s stop and see. And why I Willis Richard. Not working razor tool. Okay, a new first type. OK, this now select raise tool, okay. You can it’s forbidden and not working for this. How can use this razor tool for text or type in a Davila straighter for I first? I can change the phone to impact, for example, okay. Now, right, click right. Click, select create, outlines or shift control all in Windows. Okay, now we create outline from type now select and raise also now working. Okay, now, razor tools work. You can select direct selection. Yes, okay, very good. So if you have a type or text in your file first razor tool, not working, you need to convert your text or type to outline by right-click and select outline. Then you can use razor tool, Okay, to is symbols first. I need to see their symbol panel window symbol. Okay, For example, I use this. This is a symbol, okay. Select razor tool. Oh, not forking, maybe. I don’t have symbol panel and I have a rectangle like this, and when I use a razor tool and draw on it, I have roar, okay. Now, select window symbol and brick break link to symbol. Okay, this now razor tool and it’s work. Okay, very good, okay, so if you have a symbol, you must select control. Z to see again. You must select break link to symbol button in bottom of symbol panel. Okay, this okay, sometimes when you place vector artwork into a double straighter document and choose to bring it into your file as a linked object, you can’t the graphic using the eraser tool. Your only option is to open the original file in Illustrator and apply eraser tool in that document itself. Okay, and this is raster effect and place Bitmap, okay. I place a bitmap like this here. Remove, okay. I have a I have a bitmap and place it here now. Select razor tool. It’s doesn’t work not working, okay, well. Its solution is trace object and image trace make, and you can change the WiiU to tracing result and press it to, for example, this okay, now object, image, trace and expand. Okay, now select, raise to, and its work. Okay, so when you have type or text when you have symbols when you have linked artwork or when you have raster effects and placed Bitmap razor tool in Adobe Illustrator, not working in and solution and type is right, click and select outline in symbols, click break link to symbols and a link to artwork change or raises use razor tool in original file and play speed map. You can image and expand expand after that, okay, but some of people asked, for example, like this. Okay, Ventrell, this and I select stroke, color and Stroke. Wait to, for example 30 okay. I have a shape like this select raised rule. You can change the size like this. Fred default this, okay. I drew, is this. Oh, razor tool. Not raising or not remove the object. Yes, first either. A third to razor tool in. Adobe Illustrator is different from Adobe Photoshop, Okay, razor tool native illustrator, remove the entry point and open thumb off of them and close again. Okay, select it’s removed, but because you see like this. You think that razor tool not working or you think razor tool is drawing a path? Okay, not you can this, okay, And if you control-z have. If you change the size of razor like this, you can see easily, okay. Okay, you can see that razor tool separate to shape. Okay, not raise this or this separate to shape separate to shape, or if you think, select the remove this point and this point and join every object to itself. Okay again, okay, now you can see better, okay. Thank you and please subscribe to my channel. And if you have questions, please play the users. Say it in comments, thank you.