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Adobe Illustrator Glow Effect Tutorial | Satori Graphics


Adobe Illustrator Glow Effect Tutorial in today’s Satori graphics tutorial. I’m going to show you how to make an Adobe Illustrator Glow effect. Remember to subscribe if you’re new to my channel and to move to the timestamp in the corner. If you want to skip the intro, Welcome back to Satori. Graphics home of graphic design content right here on Youtube today we’re going to be working on a glow effect tutorial in Adobe Illustrator. I saw a design similar to this on Instagram, So I don’t claim this design as mine. I’m simply here showing you guys how to make a design in this style today. We’re going to be working on a three canvas in a portrait style. We’re going to make a background first for our graphic design, so take the rectangle tool and click and drag to make a rectangle across the entire canvas. We then need to add a gradient fill like so. I have presets for you all to set up your gradient. Firstly, it must be a radial gradient and then change the aspect ratio to 130 degrees in the first color on the left double. Click it and then select CMYK in the top right corner, then had seen waking values of 185 5 and 0 in a second color section type in 100 125 and 81 Lastly, pull the location slider down to around 45 this would be our background. Adobe Illustrator for the Glorified Tutorial. But Lastly, lock it in place, so it isn’t me around. Now we need a triangle for our glow effect design, so go ahead and grab the polygon tool from the tool bar and then select a stroke in the color palette, then double-click the converse and in the pop-up window type in the three sides and then here, okay, holding down the shift and alt option key at the same time, click and drag to resize it, then by holding just the alt/option key until you see this icon up here, click and drag to duplicate the triangle. We will need this copy later. In the Adobe Illustrator Tutorial with the original triangle. Change the stroke way to something thick as we need a good, strong shape for our glow design. If you want to recite a triangle, you must resize both of them in the same time because they need to be the same size, so how down shift and select both of them and then resize with the main triangle herbs object. An outline stroke, which will convert the stroke into a shape now with the pen tool, we’re going to cut out a part of the triangle quite easily so carefully draw a line like I’m doing here and connect the path and then click both shapes by holding them shift. We need the Pathfinder window open and insulate the – for an option we can out a the direct selection tool and tidy of the car that we’ve just made as well as move the anchor points over a bear. Your design should look something similar to mine here. At this point in today’s industry to clarify tutorial change the shape fill color to a shade of blue, slightly lighter than the background. Take the copy triangle and bring it over to the front of all the objects and then place in the correct position. This is where we need to take the scissors tool. The cut a piece in the bottom left and in the liter. I’m going to lower the stroke way on the line as we’ll select the thin line and lock it in place, it doesn’t move around. We’re now going to draw a white line from the top point to the very top of the design. Add this stroke style here to the line, so it goes from thick to thin color the stroke away if you want to, but go ahead and add these lines anywhere in your design, you think fits, so here’s my design. In the moment. Now click over everything and lock it in place. We’re going to add a glow effect now to the design by using bloom effects and the transparency window. Choose a very light blue color in the color palette now with the pen tool, draw a line like. I’m doing here, boost a stroke way up to something like 20 and add this stroke style here. You can also use a width tool to adjust the thickness of the line anywhere on the path, but for me personally. I’m going to keep it just as it is, but the way its tool is there. If you want to use it with the line selected, choose add. Gaussian blur and then click preview to see before you. Okay, you can lower the opacity in the effects window, so it’s not so striking using the alt/option key, you can duplicate the line and then reposition it direct selection tool. Go ahead and add this effect anywhere along your design that you see fear. So now we’re going to add a glow effects to our design, but this time using colored glow effects as before. Lock everything in place beforehand. I’m going to use a purple paint. Kind of hue. I think will agree of this design. There are many ways to do this, but I’m going to use the ellipse tool to create a shape. Then with direct selection tool, we will move the anchor points and manipulate it into place the new pond of the transparency window and you can play around with the blend mode settings, the settings that work best are overlay soft lights, hard lights and color dodge, but you can experiment to see well as best, keep using direct selection tool to arrange the shape of your lower fat design in today’s tutorial, go ahead and add shapes like this all over your design. Using various colors and styles, we have one last effect. Add to our design today, unlock everything and then lock the background layer only you can resize a triangle, but be careful because the global effect may become distorted if youe size it too greatly select the label. Ooh, triangle, only not outer glow, we’ll be using a black color, and then the blend mode should be normal again, play around the settings and use the preview option. And there you have it. A graphic design in Adobe Illustrator. I think some text beneath looks pretty cool as well, so let me know. If you enjoy today’s glow effect tutorial brought to you by Satori. Graphics subscribe for for weekly graphic design uploads and until next time design your future today, peace.