Illustrator Grid Template | How To Create A Grid In Adobe Illustrator | Web And Graphic Design Tutorial


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How To Create A Grid In Adobe Illustrator | Web And Graphic Design Tutorial


[MUSIC] Hi, everybody, this is Vitoria. And today I’m going to show you five ways how to create greet inside Adobe Illustrator, But before Batik inside our software, let’s explore both the greet actually eat and how it can help you to improve your daily workflow, first of all. Greece is a network of uniformly spaces, horizontal and perpendicular lines that can help you to keep still organized, especially for modern, responsive land and how to visual hierarchy helps you to create reusable elements, speed up your workflow and make your multi-page layer more cohesive and last, but not least makes life of your team members and collaborators much more easier, so we have this fight of some reason why we need to master our grid and let’s do it right now here inside Adobe Illustrator. So if your solution is to use Built-in grid in the site Adobe Illustrator, it’s very powerful as well as well as flexible, and you can show and hide grid using the shortcut Ctrl + Quad or command quote on your Mac. You can also go to the View and hybrid and of you and show grid, and you have also announced naturally that I will discuss a little bit later, So why flexible, because you can eject almost any option of your grid here inside of illustrator, you can go to the Edit preferences, smart, wise and griefs, twice and grid and here. You have a bunch of options. You can choose a color of your line, let’s say. I want to clean then you can switch between lines and dots and here. You can also define the distance between the lines. What line, let me show you this line? This 1 2 3 4 5 Mm, so one and these rolls here and you can tell the number of subdivision, which is this small, tiny cell in between the lines, so let me set it to six subdivisions and click. OK, and we have completely different PQ of our grids. We have 330 pixel, the difference between our line here and here and we have only six cell in between them so and lot options that I want to show you is not too great. When you choose this option, you can work only in certain size. The intersection of your grid, only on your grid, for example here. I put the first dot, but I can simply go to this. Let me scale a little bit more. I can’t simply go to the scent of my cell and create grease here, so it’s not viable for me. I need to go to this intersection of his this intersection and this intersection. I can even go to the middle of the Linus’s green. So this is how this snap to grid work. And, of course it has its pros and cons. Next option is to build grid using guys. It’s very simple option so to open your guys, You need, just open it open. The rulers control or command ow go to view rulers and title show the ruler so expand respectively. Then you need to draw a gray, do direct origin to regular circle and move your rulers because rules. Let me invoke my white here and then let it aligns, for example to the left side of my on board and keep it let it go to the move tool and here. I want to set guru on Diwali birthday to 160 pixels and vertical vertical volume total zero. Click copy to produce the duplicated through and then ctrl. D Command D to repeat this operation for couple. Several times, then you can do it all of your rulers and then go to the move tool again. Double, click on your selection tool, for example, horizontal move value to 20 pixels and click copy to make Agharta. So you have all elements of your grid here and build this grid in a second so and last option that you have you don’t, of course, want to accidentally move your rule, Also some how to interact them. When you build your design, you need to go to the effect or sorry. You need to go to the view. Y and lock your wise. And now you can select them. You can hold them and you can interact with them. Our next option is to use the tango grid tool you can use it. In two ways, first of all, you can simply hold left mouse button, key and drag from one end to another end, and then you can adjust your number of columns and rows with the arrow keys. You can use up and down arrow keys to define the number of rows and you can use right and the left arrow keys to define the number of columns. Then you need to release the left mode button here and here. You have your greetin next option. You can let me delete it it. You can double click and set their values here their base and height here. The number of key widest be patient is divided. So if you set the number of devices to let’s say 12 you achieve the 13 columns, not 20 columns and click. OK, and then a click on your output and click OK again now. Line it to the vertical and horizontal center of your output, and you have this kind of greed. You can get the trans politics is greed, and you also can make a very smart scene that we create you can sell in the stroke. Volume is great and lets. Say, you want to apply this stroke only to inside and let’s say. I want to stroke my stock to be 12 point. Then I want to go to the object and path and outline my strokes all of my stuff, and then that’s what feel and talk and here you have with goddess, so you can make even goddess. Using these rectangular grid to our first options is the 4 most advanced grid building and many designers argued. This is a only option They need in Adobe Illustrator, add the ability to split the object into the grid. Let’s say you have an image in your design, web design or graphic design, and you need to place their text or some design elements, icon’s menus inside this image. But and all you or you want to divide this image into the source. You have very need a very handy option for that, so cover the finish with the rectangle set field or stroke for this rectangle and then go to the object pot and please integrate and here you have a bunch of functions, you can set the width of number of rows, you can adjust the width and height of the throat you can set the number of columns, you can adjust the height of these columns, and you can set a depth and height of the gutter separately for rows, for example, gutter and for vertical garden accordance so so very, very, very flexible for and very advancing as well and you can choose the preview. Use it up, agreed very nice and very beautiful breed, and you also can add egg white that goes far beyond your image and the last option that I want to show you here inside Adobe. This data is the options out. Create a solid golden bleed and this option is very portable, very nice option. If you want across the multiple on boards and you can simply go to the click alt and copy or you agreed, then select the supports like your artwork and then align horizontally and vertically. And here you are, you have this kind of grip and you can copy it in there. Any number of what both you want? So if you want to create this kind of Greek, you need to start with rectangle tool. Click, em. And then you need to set create rectangle here in an outruns form panel here. I want to send another beta. Power can go to 140 pixels and has the height of power rectangle to 1080 And then I want to align it a girls-only to their left to my ad board and go to the effect, distort and transform transform and here through through the budget launches. I want to select the option with girls on to move volume and change it to 160 pixels and 12 number of cookies. Let’s say 2 7 to create at 8 gold. We eat so we have an 8 : : grid with the 20 bits of gutter between the MBT because the distance with 160 pixels and reach 140 pieces. So and here’s the kind of Greeks we can adjust the the positive with beta. I prefer to work with a 25 to 30 percent from politics, and then you can align it, but don’t – properly as you can see this kind of for a line. Only this parent quorum. You need to first expand appearance of this grid, and then you can align this both the resulting me and vertically. So if you liked this tutorial, do not hesitate to somebody to scribe. Share it with your friends. Thank you for falling to the end and have a nice day. I will come back to you very, very soon [Music]!