Illustrator Hair | How To Make Hair Tutorial ( Adobe Illustrator )


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How To Make Hair Tutorial ( Adobe Illustrator )


Okay, yes, what’s good? Youtube, this your boy Chi world back inside again with another art video man. If you’re new to the channel, go ahead and hit that. Like button. Comment, subscribe machine click post notifications, so you will be notified a tiny but jostling heat and today’s video. I will be teaching you guys how to color her hair, you know? I’m saying, give it a realistic texture. So without further ado, they jump right into this thing. Okay, the first thing. I’m gonna do you want to find a good picture to use. You gonna stretch it out and make it a little bigger and high stretch the pictures out without changing the shape. Other pictures. You just got a whole shift and you hold out at the same time and it’ll keep everything. A proportion is just make the size change. So now we finish out the opacity down and on this video. I’m not gonna do all the coloring on the skin. There you know saying? Can we just focusing on the hair? Another thing to you want to go ahead and go to your brush and sit your pressure, so make sure if you’re trying to follow this tutorial, you got a digital art tablet, so you’ll be able to get the pressure option. You must be able to get the pressure option before you can do anything. I’m going to show you, especially turning the gradient tool into a brush. You gotta have pressure art, and the only way you can get the pressure option. If you got a a digital arts happen, you know, sand and I put one on the string, so yall can see exactly what you would need to be able to achieve the pressure option because you cannot get the pressure option with just your mouse. So let me come right here. Change my pressure to my brush. Change these two bottle numbers to three and now. I got my brush with pressure, so it’s not no special brush. I’m using. I’m just using the pressure way if I press light and it go light when I press harder, it’ll be more harder, so that’s how. I get that style of bridge. I’m just using the different pressure techniques, so let’s go ahead and we’ll do a quick sketch of the face, you know? I’m saying so the hair don’t look like it’s floating were. Just gonna do a fast little. Quit little sketch since it’s just gonna be mainly. I had to Tory. You dolt, you just put this right in like that? I’m still like a look, perfectionist. You’re trying to get it leaking at least decent if you. [MUSIC] And this over like that bit, it’s good enough close this song. This sort of main focus. That is tutorial this thing, you know? I’m saying I’m just giving us a song to work with the face, so we ain’t trying to make it perfect, so lets. Come over here to our pencil tool that you want in, right. Click it you to pencil tool up. Double-click your pencil tool. Make sure your settings inside of your pencil to look exactly like moms hit. Okay, move this color blackk to the top and make sure your bottom color layer is locked, so we can use that as a feeling and what you do. Is you just trace the area? You want to fill in and then fill in the inner area of your field, So I’m just chasing this up so I can feel it already. I’m do the same thing right here. [MUSIC] take a look! Eyelash, your feet. Same thing on this side. I let you fit there. We go make the eyelash fit now. We got a nice little face to work with. Now we’re gonna use its pencil tool to fill in a good portion of the hair. So what you want to do? Is you want to kind of make a nice little trace around the shape of the hair? Make a nice trace around it, You know, soon make a nice trace and then we’re gonna come back with our brush. We’re gonna add some details in there. So your pencil tool can really come in handy. Man, that’s for saving you time, so just go ahead and come up here cleaned out will not bring this. Hell down down nicely shape, just like that. Come back here! Do the same thing. Just get a nice little feel feeling just a nice little quick feeling. Now we’re gonna come back with our brush tool. You wanna make your brush small as you can get it when it zoom zoom in and now we can add these individual hairs that’s gonna fade in soon so before we even start to fake on the hair. You just gotta make sure we got some tight. Some tight line work. I’m just gonna make these hairs fading. And if you want to fade to look real nice, the further you get away from the top part of the air, you got a spread to spread their heads up and then when you get closer up, you gotta bring them in closer together, so they look like it’s fading up. You have a nice little fade fade. This sort just like that. Quit little fade! Just step back, see? How are we looking now? We’re gonna come right here. I was just gonna add some hair is to give it a nice little detail to fake like it’s a lot. A lot of pieces of hair going on – saw that fake. Take a little step back. See how we looking, okay, cool, It’s good gonna make our brush just a bigger gonna make this way and we’re just gonna give it some feelings, so it’ll really look like it’s attached to the scalp. [music] really my ass! Look, it touched, okay. We got a nice little fit going now. We need to come out here. Make our brush a little bigger. Let me see my God Brush like to also need to give her some nice little filling. There’s still make it. [MUSIC] Just make it a little more full. You know, soon, so come back here. Just keep adding until we get it. Nice and full. [MUSIC] [Music] a bit now that we got that what you want to do? Is you want to create a layer right above your hair layer, you know? I’m saying you want to go to. You Want to go to your swatches and I just got rid of mine, so you’ll know where to find it. We’re gonna come up here to windows. I’m gonna go to swatches and then you want to find come right here. Swatch the library’s menu. And you want to find you want to find a gradient okay here. We go gradients right here. And now we’re just looking for a gradient Swatch. It can be any color, cuz. What you’re gonna do is change the colors anyway. So after you select a gradient, you want to come right here over here? To gradient or you can tweak it and we’re gonna click that edges. You’re gonna select one of edge and we’re gonna make it make it dark. Just make it black front. Now we’re gonna click this edge and we’re gonna make it play. Click the center edge and we’re gonna make it white. What you want to do. You want to pull the black edges right here closer to the white, so I have a fade after you do that. You want to make this center color have color, you know? I’m saying that bling so we can create like a nice love fade so until we do that, we’re gonna let this black, and we’re gonna tweak it a little bit sort of fade into a color, so they have a better bling, so you can live it. Fade that into a cone. I’m gonna bring it a little closer, and now we just after you catch a gradient, You just go to your brush and pick your gradient. Well, your gradient to the bottom, so it’ll be in use and now we got our gradient. Brush nothing to come. This is 0.75 brush and we’re gonna create the hair texture, so you just draw a board the line work and you use the gradient to look like it’s a nice hair texture, you know, and with it fading into when you made both of your edges, black and you, major center color brighter, that’s what give it that nice fade to look like it’s really the shadows and the glare of hair. You know, I’m saying, so it’s all about knowing how to manipulate manipulate, I said manipulate manipulate. I said it again. Manipulate your gradient to to make it. So you guys fading, but my edges are black, so it fades right into the black base color. It just fading to it since I made both the edges black. It’s gonna fade right back into it, and they’re gonna have a smooth transition and I’m just looking at my picture. Put my put my list shadows. [MUSIC] That’s all I love you! I’ll delete these done here, cuz. I look Missy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]. Come right here to my gradient, Not do that gonna get his gradient to flow [Music]? Shall we seal it? [MUSIC] And sometimes you have to change the direction you want the gradient to flow How you do that you just make a line and just say if I don’t like the way the flow is going or the gradient. I just select that line. I make sure my gradient is at the bottom and it’s selected. Then I come over here and I just change it, so I can find out what direction I want the gradient to flow. You know, when I click off of it Once I found the right direction. I needed the Gradients of Flow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]. I want this gradient. The flow different, so I’m isolated. Make sure I got this selector. Right here! Come right here. Chinese, just the flow or the gradient by moving these numbers. So I see the gradient move exactly where I need it to be. Then I’m gonna come back and finish drawing my honest [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] there. You have it, you guys how to make the hair texture inside of Adobe Illustrator? Don’t forget if you’re new to. The channel. Hit that post notification hit that like button. Mohit coming soon and I might understand.