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Jeremy Mura

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How To Overlay Text On An Photograph In Adobe Illustrator Cc


[MUSIC] Hey, it’s Jeremy! Welcome to another tutorial. I’m doing this tutorial on how to overlay text on an image in Illustrator CC. Someone asked in the comments how to do this, so I’m going to a quick tutorial on it. It’s really simple and really cool. You can get some nice effects. You don’t have to jump into. Photoshop, you can do it all in Illustrator, so first up. What we’re going to do is get some images on unsplashcom. They’re free high-re’s images and you can see here. I’ve already got some that I downloaded about from the outdoors and camping and things and you can see. I picked this nice tree image. So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna grab it. Just drag and drop it into illustrator, and these images are high-res so they’re really useful and what I’m gonna do. I’m just going to scale it down a little bit, just like that, and we can create a custom Apple, but I want to show you a trick on how to make an iPod from the size of this image. What we’re gonna do is go to the top Left Corner. Click object, go down to artboards and click fit to select it up. Make sure your object or the image is selected and then you can do this and just click fit, select to select it up. And you can see now. If I drag it, you can see. It’s got a artboard behind it now. So now when we save this is gonna save the whole size of this image, which is pretty cool, but if you need specific sizing, you can just go use the artboard tool by pressing shift O drag in our board, and then whatever size you need, you can just go type it up at the top here, and you can use that, but I would leave that. No, so we have this image and what I’m going to do. I’m going to press ctrl to, and that’s just going to lock the image and what I like to do Is you can see how it’s a bit too bright, and I want there to be enough contrast with the type and the background. So what I do is Press M for the marquee tool. I’m going to just drag a box over the top of the image, and we’re gonna make sure that box is black. I’ll turn off the stroke and just keep the fill on black, and I’m gonna go into my transparency panel. Mines just up here on the right, but you can go to a window up the top left corner and go to transform to get that window up and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna change the blending mode to multiply and I’m going to drop it down to about 40% so you can see there. It’s made it more subtle, added a bit more contrast and made it more darker. And you can play around, you know? I wouldn’t go! You know, more than like, 60 70 % because it’s gonna be too dark and you went say the image. But around 40 percent is pretty is pretty cool, so I’ll just lock that as well and so I’ve got those two locks. That’s my background now, and it could be any image. I can just swap it out if I want to and leave the black there, which is pretty super cool and what I’m going to do is press T for the type tool and I’m missing the left. Click once and I’m Sana. Get my selection tool just to scale this up holding shift and I’m going to change it to white, so what I’m do. I want to cool. Pick a nice font that I like I’m gonna pick Nick. Only it’s a free script. Font, that’s pretty cool and I’m just gonna type. I will change the paragraph settings to centered the alignment, So I’m just gonna change the lighting to make it more closer to each other and you can see. We’ve got outdoor adventure and what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna go to go to the left hand side. I’m gonna right. Click on this button. Here you can see. It’s like two squares with an arrow. That’s the scale tool. I want to change it to the she tool and what I like to do is just to shift it. I’m tiny bit so holding shift. I’m gonna shift it, Maybe at a five angle degrees just to make it, you know, a bit more different and not look like the default and we’re gonna give it a bit of like angle to it. You can see heat. I don’t like this. How it’s got the two, the two capitals at the front. You can see how the spacing was a bit off. What I like to do with this is Ill. Select the top part here and I’m going to hold Alt if you’re on a Mac, it’s gonna be option and just press the right arrow key, so we’re just pretty much bumping the tracking there, and then what I’m gonna do is select it press ctrl-a to select it all the type, and I’m gonna hold Alt or option again, and I want to press up, and that’s got to change the letting the space between the lines. You can see that this so you can see now. The space looks a lot more better on the eye as a more flow to it instead of like a blocking, blocking the the white spacing. So yeah, we have that, and then you can add some more type, so maybe want to add some extra, So I press T for the type tool. Click once again. I’m just gonna drag it up. And maybe you want to call it the outdoor adventure. I’ll change that to white, and maybe I’ll go with Bernie. Er, burnin a shade and I’ll try and center. It that’s a bit too off. Just use your eye to center. It should be bigger and cool, and there we have. It got it Some simple type to it. Background image in Illustrator CC. You can play around. Get some cool effects and hope you enjoyed the tutorial, so click the subscribe button because I post tutorials often and don’t forget to leave a comment. Let me know what tutorials you want to see what you want to learn and. I can definitely post something to help you out. So yeah, thanks, guys, enjoy your week.