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Poster Design Tutorial By Using Illustrator


[MUSIC] [Applause] [Music]. Hey, what’s going on, guys? This is a face from graphic design cuts. So in this tutorial. I thought of doing this poster design. I recently made a speed art on this. You can go ahead and watch that in my channel or click the link in the description to take to the take to the right spirit. So as you can see in this poster design. I have much I am. Not much included text over here, so you can include as much as the text you want in here? So posters are always filled with fixed right, but in this as you can see, there is a lot. I mean, there is few texts, so let’s go ahead and go to illustrator. Once you are in, come to come here. File New, create a new document and the size that you need to go is the cherish as how the poster should be so mine. I have given 1366 by 768 If you need to print it, you need to select three of mica from here and the roster effects protect to 300 pixels. So when you are done, is that all you need to do is create a new background, so when it come to the layers panel, we have already clicked or the illustrator has already created a creator. The new layer for us to get started. I’ll come here to the layer screen panel a bit later. So all you need to set up your background, select the rectangle tool or press M on the keyboard, And if I am too fast teaching, don’t worry, gosh, just pause the video and follow. I thought of making this video really short so that it wanted both for yall so once you once you have selected, let the rectangle tool come to this edge, click, click and drag drop or to this bottom edge. So now you have created a rectangle once you are once you have created a rectangle, make sure to select it selectively once right, make sure this piece on top, not this, so so select this on top and come here to the gradient options. Once you are here. All you need to do is select this white black or just say heat this over here. Obviously we are going to change the color, so I as you can see. I have applied a gradient to the background. So, however, over here, the mouse cursor changes. Right, you can see, so click once to create a new slider double click that slider select white to the center to the edges. You’re going to select a lighter gray. I think this looks good. Come to the other side as a slider and change to the lighter gray. As you can see, the background is set, but as you can see, we have a outline to this, so I’ll zoom in and show low. We have outlined black outline here. We need to get rid of that. Okay, so to get rid of that. I select this and as you can see. Click here and select this one so that there is no outline anymore to be Shut down so now. We need to lock this tulip that I already. I said you about the layer’s panel, right. Come here to the layer’s panel. I think as one will be located over to this side, so open the layer’s panel and the layer 1 come here and open this drop down menu and selectively. I mean, hit, click here a once so that it will get locked, so you won’t get messed up while you work working on the poster. So now what you’re going to do is create a new the new layer, so it says that layer 2 layer 2 by double clicking here. You can change it to whatever you wish, so make sure you have selected the layer 2 and we need to create the poster body so +. M on the keyboard or select the rectangle tool and just create a rectangle like this. Not a scar, but a rectangle now. I think it’s good, so select that and this as soon as you select AK. These options will open, allowing options. So in between these selectives and in between these? Select this as you can see. The Rock of a poster body is aligned to the artboard so alarmed Center exactly to the artboard. Right, So let me change its color. Come here and change. Its color to a darker gray set so that you can see what’s happening in the poster because this poster matters with the background. So I change its color later. You can change to whatever you wish, so let’s get started with the layout. So create a new document. Just make sure you just follow me. So apply a stroke over here from major. Take this top rock weight, the seat 1 and you need to get rid of the field. Click here and get it out the same as you can see now. We can see what’s happening over the poster body. Now, come here, and and as you can see, the mouse cursor changes now hold shift and rotate it to the to the minus 4 to 5 degree. I KCF – 45 degree and once. You are done that just align it the way how I am doing right now. Yeah, I think is good. As you as you have done that as you can see now, you can as you can see now. You can select both of these without selecting the background now. We hope you understand why. I lock the background so open the Pathfinder option. I think is switch, not located over here or come to windows and take that Pathfinder option Once you are done, select, both of these and press divide so that these will get divided right so for. I click over here anywhere. You wish and put ungroup so that this will get divided. Get rid of this outline and this one. Both of these as you can see. These are dividers Now. Now again, create a rectangle, create a score. Get rid of the! I mean, get rid of the field so we can see what’s happening. Let me rotate these two 45 degrees by holding shift now select this small triangle over here and apply a stroke for that too, so we can see it, so it’s visible now align is exactly our wine. Just follow me, guys. Okay, so once you’re done, all you need to do is select this and this, the center one, the center shape select that and again heat press divide. So once you are done, you need to ungroup and get rid of this one and ask for smaller or 960 Argos. Yeah, as you can see. The center is divided. Let me put that back to. It’s position. Yes, under now, let me also apply a scrub to that, so we can see what’s happening now. We need to divide this one into three like this 1 2 3 so to do that. I need to create a rectangle by holding shift and alt I mean, a scrap. You need to create a scale and rotate it. This don’t need to be perfect, but just follow what I’m doing, so you need to duplicate 3 scruffs over here. So let me get rid of this. Fill also. So you can see what’s happening. Let me increase this so now by holding alt as you can see mouse cursor changes now drag, drop this drag, drop that again. So it will create duplicate some copies. So let me get rid of this and guess, and I need to put this down a bit so that I think I am. I have created some scarce so once you are done, all you need to do is select this and this and divide and ungroup again. Get rid of this and this as you can see now. We have created three squares crisscross. Alright, now what I have to do is. I need to set a image to this area. So let me go to my picture folder and let me quickly drag. I think this let me drag. Drop it inside illustrator. Once you are done, just keep that away for now. Now take the pin tool. Hit B on the keyboard. Oh, sorry about that. Just come here and select the pen tool once you are done. Just follow me, come to over this edge and all you need to do is create this shape. Just follow our time being. We will get aside here. Let me undo this. I think I have discard from. I have this card from pen tool here, all right now. I’m done creating a shape as you can see if I have created that shape. All right, so what you need to do is select this The recent shape that you created, make select the fill and press none. Now it is still available. I mean, the pot is still available, but you won’t be able to see that because you have set both to none, but still it’s down. All you need to do is select this pot that you recently created, select that, and all you need to do is put that on top of everything on top of this picture. Actually, so to do that, you can go to the pot. I mean, the layer’s option. Come here! Open this drop-down menu. So the path is already on top of this picture, right. This is the picture, and the path is already on top of the picture. Make sure it is on top of the feature like this, so once you are done. Align this picture like this. Let me make it. Um, let me make it some more big, so you’re done. Select the pot and the picture now right-click and select make clipping mask as you can see. I have great add created a mask so to move this picture only inside this mask. Not like this only inside this mask. All you need to do is select this direct selection tool over here. Select the picture now again. Come here to the selection tool, and as you can see now, if you move, the picture will move only inside this pot so that you can align it or resize it. Scale it down on schedule, but of youngish that’s. Mia like this like this, so the next step. Is this part? Let me put this one on top of everything at this. This one on top of everything. This is it let me select that and put on top of everything. So now what I have to do is select a line segment. Come here to the line segment or select that. Keep that over here. I mean, drag, drop it like this. Once you are done, it is still visible because it is not visible because both of this are set to none, but still it is visible on Voroshilov that again, select this. And now you have to divide it hopefully. I hope you understand. Now, press ungroup and get rid of this, and this is the so let’s let’s change its colors, so let’s select is and set that the white and gray grid of the stroke. If it if you have a bad stroke, so select this triangle, select white and get rid of this stroke now. All of this get rid of let me select this all of this by selecting by holding shift, so it is by holding shift shift, so select both of this three and hit done so that the this will the outline will get rid now. You need to select any of these three select. I mean, press I on the keyboard to take the eyedropper tool or come here and select it and select a random call as how the poster want to be. Let’s your fish, so I’m going to select this blue over here. It looks nice, the other one and again. I on the keyboard. I think this this kind of orange light, orange light, brown light brown. Select that let’s see. I wish to select colors now. The last one, then the dark, blue good. I guess, but green. I guess I should go to the green because I already select a kind of blue color over here. So what kind of green should I select? I think it’s nice for now, so you need when the logo of the poster or logo of your company. Whatever you can put that here or here, your wish, so let me put here as poster design a text, select the text tool or hit T on the keyboard, so let me type as first poster again design. Okay, so I recommend the font that I mostly use is called Bieber’s so many graphic designers know this font. This is a very famous font. So it’s called Bieber’s new If I can, I will leave the link In the description to download this spot, no worries. I will leave the link in the description. Let me reduce it to size to book light. I guess, yeah, this looks good. And if you need, you can scale it down. Align this like this, and you need to click the character options go to windows and select the character option. Let me show it to you. Oops, sorry about that. Just go and find it out so it is available. You know, somewhere in this, so take the character options and select you need to come here. Come here and increase this hopefully. I hope you get this idea of what I get right now. So let me select this. Select this design and push press. I on the keyboard and select any of this color and use these three colors as you wish. It may increase this size now. Put your company logo here. Let me take my logo, okay. Let me drag off my logo over here. Let me scale it down. Let me type my company again. My channel name. So its graphic, six graphic design. That’s another font that! I suggest you is called Gotham. 0 th am a go to take that and let me increase this to book and as you can see. I am increase. It’s size right before so as you can see. I have increase increase this to 320 Let me set that to 0 so that its disk. It is going to its default size. Let me change! Its color to a lighter gray like this. Not dark black eye. I don’t like to use dark, very dark black inside for any designs. I don’t use dot plugs. I recommend that not to goes dark black, but use this dark green or dark, not black. Actually, it’s dark gray. Somewhat like this will look good, so I’m not going to align text much, so follow me to do is now select the icon for this, so I’m going to create three icons. So first are they create the magnifying glass? I guess come here and push L to pet the ellipse tool. So once you have taken the ellipse tool press and hold shift and shift and alt o make that a circle, so the color. I will set back to white and let me switch this by pressing this so that I am getting a stroke increase the stroke width. Let me scale it down now. All I need to do is the rectangle, take a left angle tool and this feature available only in illustrator CC versions. I hope this feature is available. Come here and as you can see, just a small circle over here, Just keep that the skips that and bring it down so that it will create a circle. Let me create. Let me switch this again and let me change its size. I need to make it smaller again this so hopefully. I have created over agna. Fine laughs. I hope hope you like my magnifying glass. Let me scale it down. Let me get rid of the let me reduce the stroke size. So then our magnifying glass is done now. A house mark. I guess the house mark. I mean the house icon, so come here – to create triangles. All you need to do is come here and select the star tool. Once you’re done just press once so that it is asked the points. How many points you need so select? I mean, just hit three here and press OK? And our triangle is created now for take this triangle by holding shift. Make it small, not so much more, but this follow what I am doing. Let me increase its size and let me click this one and press control C once and Ctrl S to duplicate it on top of that that is, there’s a reason for that to create the house do so set that may set this like this over here once you are done. All you need to do is select both of this and hit this, but now here is called. – front shed on the house is created, so select all these three. I mean, all these this one and this all these two and press ctrl G on the keyboard to group it so that it is grouped. So once you need, you can create one shape and move the other one with that. So you won’t get messed up, that’s. What a group is to ungroup i’t. All you need to do is right-click and right. Click and press ungroup. So let me grow both of these for a while. Ctrl G and finally, the profile icon, which is called. Yeah, profile icon is left to create the profile icon You need to do is create a rounded rectangle tool. Now now select the rectangle and just follow what I am doing. All you need to do is attach both of these, which is unite, which is called unite. Come to the wall finder options. Select both of these. So you have merged both of that together now. What you need to do is select a circle. I earlier taught you how to create circles, right. Let me reduce its size. Update the follow what? I’m doing and again – front and again a and again a scowl. Let me increase your side. Put that up as you can see now. I have created a profile icon in illustrator. Let me select both of this and let me group this. I hope you got what I did right now. So select both of. I mean, three of this. Keep it here! Let me reduce the size of these to a bit smaller. Yeah, looks good now. All you need to do is select shadows as you can see. This poster doesn’t look more bit. It does not this does not actually looks more better until you include the shadow shadows or the important parts. I will teach you how to create shadows. There are many ways to create shadows in Illustrator. I will teach you two ways so select a path You need to go to effects and stylize as you can choose as you can see, you can create drop shadows, that’s one way, but don’t do that. The other way is that select the ex-gay to select a scar. I mean, may create a scar and come to the gradient options, select this black and white come here to the type press radial and switch this reverse gradient. Now all you need to do is go to the appearance options. Sorry about that, not appearance. It’s called loyalty. Now come to the appearance auctions as you can see, this says opacity. Click that one and come here and put that to multiply. What’s going on, not changing? Yeah, as you can see, it’s down here. Come here and read fit this one under the fill option, not the stroke. This is the stroke! The failed! Come here and select this and put that the multiply as you can see. Now we have greater shadows. All you need to do is select this. Just follow what? I’m going to gray shadows. Let me get up on the gradient option. Now select this and set our pathway to 250 percentage. The shutout looks great. Now, let me come here as you can see now this spot. This is the part that you are gonna use the layer’s panel a lot. I guess select this rotate it. Keep that here, so just follow our time. Do it’s mean make it? Where more smaller select this? I mean, all of these three, this, a white shape, the logo and the text, both of these three. And all you need to do is to use a keyboard shortcut, remember? This dish is so much important. Ctrl shift and scale bucket screen the scrub bracket 3 on your right side, so control shift and scroll the cookie on your right-hand side once they are done. This shadow is already looks good and it’s done now. All you need to do is select. You need to duplicate this shadow that. I applied over here now to do that. Select this cross press Alt hover over 8 as you can see. The mouse cursor changes this drag. Drop it somewhere else so that it will get duplicated so again. Let’s change its sides. Let me rotate that again. Set it like this. Increase this like this. I hope you’re getting this just for our time being. You will exactly get a lot. I am doing so once. You’re done all you need to do is select this shape. The poster, all of these three and again ctrl shift and the scrubber cut key. Which is on your right side. Hit that done so again, you need to create a duplicate the shadow, and you need to apply it over here. I think now I need to increase it. Opacity a bit more to make it more darker, so select this come to the gradient options selective slider, the opposite here. Increase that so once you’re done. All you need to do is okay. So now all you need to do. Is these small three triangles? You need to put that up high. I mean, on top of everything to do that. You need to create. You need to select all of these icons, Plus these three triangles. So let me select a triangle as many. Sunglass, the house, the profile icon and these three small triangles. Now you need to put that you need to put all of these on top of everything you can go to the Pathfinder options. You can drag drop on top of everything or use the keyboard shortcut, which is control shift and rest. Albuquerque on the right side. So everything will come on top of everything as you can see. These things changed because you put that on top of everything. So you need to mess with that a bit in the bot finder options. So let me find out the shadow, the shadow piece, which is called Cit’s shadow. This is this! This is that shadow. I need to put this shadow on top of these three triangles and these three, these three on top of everything that means the keyboard shortcut keyboard. Shortcut, ctrl shift and tab, right, right. Grab the back key. So this one is left. Find out that where that shadow is. This one put that on top of this, which is called this and all of this ratio at all of these three. Put this fear on top of everything as you can see. They are already finished, right all. I need to do is include more text over here and let me. Oh, let me duplicate this triangle. I mean, this I can’t. Oh, my God, my tongue is slipping! Sorry about that guy’s so. I took 30 minutes. 30 minutes is over from now. Sorry about that for pulling this tutorial a lot. All you need to do is select that. I mean, to select so called the color that I’m going to give to. This circle is select eyedropper tool by hitting I on the keyboard and all of these three colors that you’re going to select. I’m going to duplicate these and put this on top power select. All of these three hit ctrl shift and right scrubber cut key so that it is on top of everything. Allowing this icons to the center also make sure these are much smaller. I’m not going to spend so much time to align it exactly, so arrange it like this. Select this eyedropper tool by clicking this and the third circle eyedropper tool and this color. Select that color. As now. You can see they see that this. This green color is matching with this background picture, so it’s not so nice, so we need to create our gradient again, so select this rectangle, select that rectangle and just follow what I’m doing, make create a rectangle like this. So once you’re done, select a gradient option, Select this black and white. All you are going to do. All you need to do is come to this angle and plus minus 90 degrees. Yes, now all you need to do is double. Click this gradient. I mean, that slider set that the black select this and set the opacity to black. So let me keep that away a bit and let me shake all of these this one. This is this is. Andy’s and lets me group that by hitting ctrl G and let me put that on top of everything. So press control shift, right, scrubber cut key. So now it is on top of everything now. You can move this as how you wanted it to do and select this triangle put that on top of everything. Now select this gradient, select this slider and reduce it, reduce its opacity, or you can set that to white double. Click over here. Set that to white. It’s all up to use all of cubes. All you wish so as long as it looks good, you can change stuff or you can sorry about that, or you can select some random colors. I think this blue is fairly good. A crane, actually, something opposite of green, not yellow. For now, we’ll keep the fluid says. I let me increase that also not so much So now I have almost done. One thing is left the shadow to the poster down here. So once you are done with that, everything’s perfect, so let me create or select all of these. You need to group it. Just group it now. The pasta is grouped so you can move it freely as you want without messing up. So now what you have what you need to do is select the shadows to this poster. Shadows are not that required. But lets me show you how to make it. Because if you need to make mock-up of posters that will be so much helpful. Now come to the gradient options, select black and white, Take this gradient tool over here and just follow what? I’m doing follow what I’m doing. I need to change. It’s blending mode, so the appearance come to the appearance, the fill, come here chain back to multiply again. Now all you need to do is again. Go back to the the gradient options and reduce this so once. You are done with that, so wait a minute, you need to move around. Saturn it once you’re done with that. All you need to do is select that and go to effects, and I think blur. Gaussian blur preview 829 to disperse. Okay yet now! You need to make sure that this shadow is under the post so to do that. Open the layer’s option put that on top of the post. You can see the shadow is graded and it looks great but bad. Actually, it looks really great. This will be helpful for Mock-up designs of yours. So now let me do placate this shadow by hitting Ctrl C or Ctrl s or, you know, or just right, click, go to transform and reflect select this vertical and just press copy, so it will take a copy of that to the to the other side. I think I’m done with the shadows and everything. Yeah, we are the. D Doriel is almost over the final thing I need to do is that I need to change this color. The logo’s color. Because it’s totally an ungroup it again. It’s totally different form. It took the dot. Clay looks crap. Yeah, that’s it, guys. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial a bit, so please make to it. Make sure to subscribe my tummy’s sleeping right now. I all talked a lot. Make sure to subscribe, leave comment. If you have any doubt like my video and the subscription subscription is so much important, just subscribe for me. And the upcoming videos are going to be a very mobile than these sometimes. I will be doing some Photoshop tutorials, So thanks a lot guys for watching, See you take care [Music]!