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Illustrator Vector Poster Design Tutorial


I have an awesome yet. Straight forward vector poster design in today’s Illustrated tutorial as designers, it’s important to have a website to show off our portfolio of work bookmark offers the most straightforward and quickest way to generate an awesome website without even having to write down a single line of code and all completed in a matter of minutes, check out the link in the description below to learn more about bookmark and design your website today. What is up, people? Welcome back to Satori graphics, the home of graphic design content right here on Youtube. You can use any image for your poster design, but make sure it’s a high resolution image. My example here today is not the best resolution, but it will suffice for today’s tutorial. We need a new document in debut illustrator for a vector poster design. Today’s tutorial is really straightforward, but the final outcome is really effective and awesome. I’m going to heading to the more settings option because there are some presets for size I. My poster design is going to be a three. I’m going for a portrait poster design and we want to use CMYK for the color mode as well as 300 PPI resolution. Finally add a three millimeter bleed. If you’re going to print your design, the next step is to bring your image Abell onto the canvas and place in position and don’t worry if parts of your image bleed over the edge of the canvas because we’re going to tidy that up next. When you’ve made sure the image is properly on your canvas, press M for the rectangle tool and carefully – a rectangle, exactly around the canvas edge you can zoom in, so you’re able to adjust the size of the rectangle to meet the edge of the canvas. Exactly you can press shift annex together on your keyboard to flick the fill over to a stroke on the rectangle. This will allow you to see more of the canvas edge properly now select both the rectangle and the image and in rights or control, click and choose clipping mask. If you would have seen my video previously last week, you should all know about clipping masks now. Image is neatly Cut out on your canvas and then finally just lock it down in place, so it’s not going to move around throughout today’s vector poster design tutorial we’re now going to add the effects onto the poster, so follow along and learn the few techniques needed for the final Awesome poster design outcome press. P for the pen tool and carefully draw in a section like so flick the stroke of your shape over to a fill and then select the color, the shape you make and the color is entirely up to you for you very impose a designer. So once you have your color, locate the transparency window here or in the drop down menu above under the window section and then change the blend mode to something like overlay or soft lights. What you choose will depend on your design and the image that you’re using so experiment with blend modes and see what works best for your vector poster. My poster is going to be composed of three triangles. Two of them are gonna have a blend mode added, but one of my triangles is just gonna be white with no blend mode. This will allow me to add some text later onto the poster, and I do have some more effects to show you at the very end too. So here’s the third and the final triangle and I’m going for a kind of green color on this one. I feel the bright greens and Purples are trending in 2018 much like back in the 80s now to really set off the pace of design in this traitor, we’re going to add a subtle but nice shadow, so locate the pen tool and enjoy a shape out like so make sure to follow the shape’s edge and again add a fill, but this time, with the gradient taking the direct selection tool will allow you to edit the anchor points of the shape as I’m doing here simply by nudging the arrow keys on my keyboard, We’re going to head into the gradient window. Now now you want to make both sides of the gradient. Cmyk values of 0 0 and 0 and 100 however, one of the sides of the gradients needs to have a zero percent opacity, finally take the gradient tool in the toolbar and make sure the gradient is coming from the shape’s edge evenly. You can go back into the gradient window and change the style and the effect of your gradient at any time for your poster design. So as you can see here, my poster design. I’ve added some typography. You’re going to want to take some time to experiment with your typography layouts and have some fun with it. For the next effect in today’s poster design tutorial, it would be a good idea to lock all of your design layers down press. P for the pen tool and enter a straight line on your poster Design by holding down shift, increase the stroke weight of the line and then add the specific stroke style here to round off the end of the line, we can head into the stroke window here and click the round cap option. We now need to hold down the alt/option key and click and drag to duplicate the line now. Press, command or control. D to repeat this duplication process. Finally, you can change the blend mode. If the lines seem too bright or prominent on your poster design, there is today’s illustrator vector poster design tutorial. Now you can use these techniques to make your very own awesome poster design if you want to increase your skills as a designer, subscribe to. Tudor graphics for weekly graphic design content, and if you did like today’s tutorial like and share on social media, If you want help on my channel, I’m gonna be back tomorrow And every single day this week Monday to Friday with more content so until next time design your future today, peace.