Illustrator Preferences | 8 Illustrator Preference Settings You Need To Know – Adobe Illustrator Preferences Settings

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8 Illustrator Preference Settings You Need To Know - Adobe Illustrator Preferences Settings


In today’s video, I’ve got a list of ways you can adjust your preferences in Adobe Illustrator to really benefit your graphic design workflow. So stay tuned here is a toh graphics, or what is that people welcome back to? Sartori graphics, the home of graphic design content right here on Youtube. Now this is something many people overlook when using your debut illustrator, and that’s the Preferences windows and all of the options. They’re available to you as a graphic designer. I’m going to show you my top ways on how to adjust and edits them for your graphic design workflow when working in a debut illustrator, the first illustrator preference setting that you need to know is one. I’ve only been utilizing for a short while myself. However, we first need to access the Preferences settings in Illustrator, which you can press command or control K to open them up in the type section in the settings. There’s a setting that allows you to control the amount of fonts that you’re actually recently used to show up in the type window, and also what size you can see the previews to be. I like mine quite loud, so I can clearly see the fonts that I’m looking at. You can press command or control T to open up the type window, and then as you can see here at the very top with a section of recently used fonts that I have used. This helps a lot for your graphic design workflow as I often revert back to the same collection of fonts on my projects. The next illustrator setting is going to help with saving time. You can also access the Preferences here. In the general section, there is an option where you can turn on or turn off the isolate function. This function is crucial for working on busy designs as many different components. It allows you to double click a specific object within a selected group and then edits that object independently of everything else. The next illustrator preference at Iing is a big one for me and again in the general settings at the very top, you can actually edit the size of a single nudge function. So basically, when you press the arrow keys on your keyboard to move an object, you can change how far it moves. So maybe you’ll find that every time you load an object. It moves too far along your screen. You can come into the preference settings and change it to be smaller If I stood in the General section, you’ll find the two settings that are very important to know about the scale corners and scale stroke setting. There’s gonna be times where you need these turn off and other times when you need them to be turned on. I find I need them on most of the time, However, I can edit a live corners to make the corners rounded, but when I scale down the shape, the stroke and the corners are going to stay relative to the size of the object, But if I then turn these settings off the stroke and the collar size is going to remain the same. Well, if the shape becomes smaller, so be aware of these settings when you’re working on designs, especially with strokes and corners. This is a new setting with illustrator CC where you can change the size of your anchor points. I like to make them fairly large, so they’re easier to see and click on. But also you can turn on the multiple handle view an option. This allows you to see other handles on the veldt object. When you have one set of handle selected, this can benefit you when working on the shape of a vector object, seeing where the handles are directed and located. It’s always best to see as much of your vector path as possible when working illustrator, or at least that’s what I found anyway. The next illustrator preference settings that you need to know is one. I’ve mentioned many times before, but it’s one of the most important settings you can be using in Adobe Illustrator, so go into the smart guide section and play around your settings here, but this is what I’m currently using. When you’re working on graphic design projects, you’re gonna have Magenta. Smart guys appear when the objects are lined up or at certain distances up higher. This is super helpful, and I always have them turned on in the performance section, the preference window that are setting. I showed you in a previous video, and that is the fact that you can change. How many undo moves you have? So when you make a mistake in your graphic design workflow, you can press command or control. Z to move back. Step this setting R allow you to have 50 100 or 200 and deer moves so finally today in the user interface section of the illustrator preference settings, you can adjust the color of your workspace. I personally like to keep it very dark. In general and this is because as designers were stirring screens for long periods. And you want to take care of your eyes. If you have a glaring white screen staring at you all day, you’re probably going to do some damage sooner or later, so be mindful of that everyone. So there is today’s video on how to adjust your preferences in Adobe Illustrator to improve your graphic design workflow. Let me know what you guys So. Today’s video down in the comment section below, and of course, drop a like and share my content on social media. If you do find it useful. Subscribe to Satori graphics. We haven’t done already for for graphic design uploads per week Unless you’re talking about last week when I only played it three times, that’s because I was way too busy, and if you have subscribed, go ahead and hit the bell icon, so you turn on your notifications and you always reminder when I actually upload a video here at Youtubecom but until next time guys, there’s on your future today, peace.