Illustrator Repeat Command | Repeat Tranform – Adobe Illustrator Cc Tutorial

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Repeat Tranform - Adobe Illustrator Cc Tutorial


[APPLAUSE] Hello, everyone today. We are going to talk about some essentials. You need to master illustrator. We are going to talk about repeating transformations on objects and how to use it to create new shapes to make sure you got the same workspace that I got. You can go to window workspace and choose the essentials classic with the rectangle tool. We are going to create a basic shape like this. Now that the shape is complete. We are going to copy it by using the repeat transformation tool, right, click on your mouse button. Transform and let’s try to rotate it first. Select the angle of your rotation and select preview to see what you’re going to do. Instead of okay, we’re going to click copy to keep the first shape now that the shape is complete, we’re going to turn it again to create the X like shape you now we are going to move it and copy it by using transformation and a move option, choose the movement, horizontal or vertical movement. You like I do not use the okay button. We are going to copy it to repeat the step. Without using your mouse, you can use control. D which is the shortcut for repeat transformation, you group the row to transform it as one object, select the row and use of vertical movement as well. You to make the move and go down instead of up, you can use – in front of your angle To repeat the steps. We’re going to use control. D now that the first shape is complete, we we move on to some circular rotation First. We’re going to draw a circle which will be used as centre of the rotation, The shape above it will be the shape that we are going to copy. Make sure to align the shapes. The rotation tool can also be found in the two menu before we use it. Make sure that you select the shape that you want to be copied. Now select the rotation tool hold down the Alt key and click in the center of the gravity point in the menu. We can choose the angle. We would like you can also type 360 which is a full circle, of course and divide it by the number of objects you would like to see use copy instead of okay now that the shape has been copied and rotated, We use Ctrl D to repeat it and close the circle just for the practice. We’re going to do this again with a smaller circle. Do not forget to hold the Alt key and click on the center of the gravity point to make the rotation go clockwise. Use the mind as a friend of the angle. Next up is combining shapes with the circle and repeated with using the skill. First we draw a circle and instead of giving it a fill. We’re going to give it A stroke in this example, we’re going to use the shape that we’ve created before set the shape on top of the circle and make sure it’s properly aligned. You select the rotation tool and set the center of the circle as gravity point you set the angle. A use control repeated now we’re going to scale it down and repeat it to create a nice effect open up the transfer menu and select scale. You choose the skill you would like and select copy. Now you can repeat this by using control. D so this is it for today. I hope you have learned something about transforming objects and the repeating of the transformation. If you got any questions regarding creative cloud products, you can ask them in the comments. Do not forget to subscribe If this video was of help to you. Thanks for now, and I hope you stay tuned for the next video.