Illustrator Stroke | Illustrator Stroke Techniques You Might Not Know!

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Illustrator Stroke Techniques You Might Not Know!


In today’s video, I’m sharing three tips or tricks that relate to strokes in the illustrator. I’m pretty sure you’re going to at least learn something new about strokes when working in straighter with today tutorial as a graphic designer, it’s crucially, important to have a space on the Internet to showcase your portfolio of work boot mark offers a straightforward and an easy to use website solution. We don’t even need to type out a single line of code. Check out, bookmark link down in description box below and design your website today. So with the first stroke tip, you have a simple square with a simple stroke. You know, pretty basic stuff. We can edit the stroke weights and also the color within the color palettes. However, there is one aspect of Illustrator that is so powerful when it comes to strokes that you need to learn. And then you need to use this in your workflow and that function is the appearance panel now spoken about it before, but to really show you the rule power of the appearance panel in terms of strokes. I’ve made a second square right here. So firstly, we can drag and move strokes behind or in front of the main fill. This is something you cannot normally do. Without the appearance power, you can then also increase the stroke weight here, which is handy and convenient and you can even change the opacity of the stroke in this menu, as well as well as having access to other options, too now, remember? I have two more tips coming. But the next powerful aspect for the first tip is at the appearance panel. You can actually add as many strokes as you want to. In one design object, you can rearrange their order and change their weight in a color and everything else. I just spoke about the other awesome feature. Here is that you can add a fax to your strokes alone from the appearance panel, so let’s go ahead and add a Gaussian blur to our new blue stroke since the first tip and let’s move on to the second illustrator stroke tip effect. So here’s a legal design. I recently made for a clients and they 100% one to the chest relate to the theme and also. I made some custom Lego type for the Lego as well. The stroke tip here involves the two chess pieces. I wanted to make a cut outline, so one piece appeared in front of the other. And so you think you’d simply just add a white stroke right well? No, because the logo itself will then have a white stroke on any color background and to demonstrate this. Let’s take these two circles if I ever lay them and then add a stroke to one of the circles. It looks good on the illustrator, our board, but it wouldn’t work as a logo on a background, so one work around here is to first elect all of the objects and then expand them and once they’ve been expanded, you can then go ahead and use the divide function in the Pathfinder panel, This is going to essentially split every single vector component into an individual shape. So you can then remove the stroke sections that you don’t want. This is one way to work around this workflow, and, of course, there are many different ways to do things in a demonstrator. The last tip today is to do with strokes in Illustrator and Alice to do with being aware of the scale stroke effect, options, press command or control K to bring up the illustrator preferences right here, you’re going to find the scale strick effect settings if they’re activated, whatever the scale of your shape or your design asset, the stroke is going to remain the same weight, So in my case here, this last 80 points, but if I go back into the settings and I turn off the scale stroke setting option, the shapes going to be scaled up or down in proportion. The stroke weight is changing. According to the size of the shape itself, the message something designers sometimes forgets, so it’s a friendly reminder in today’s video. I hope you learned something today in the shoe of a sweet tutorial about strengths in Illustrator, and if you want to keep learning essential skills about graphic design, graphic design, theory and similars more make sure to subscribe to my channel for weekly graphic design, content, liking sharing videos on social media. And I’ve harassed until next time. Design your future today, peace.