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Illustrator Tutorial | Import Autocad With Layers


So this guy wants pin to Taskbar. So now we have this like orange lady. I’m gonna show you two ways, so let’s just try and open so auto in traditional, and then here autocad intro. See how it actually sees the picture of it. So let’s see if it will bring it in. So if I do open, you get this. I just tried to open my CAD File in Illustrator, and it doesn’t work. Says the file Autocad intro is an unknown format cannot be open. So some people see this, and they go, okay. You can’t do that, so then they go back to illustrator. I mean, AutoCAD. They print a PDF and then bring the PDF. What, you can do a better way to do. It is just go to your AutoCAD. And when you’re here, do a save. As instead of saving it as Autocad, 2018 save it back to 2007 or 2004 you could try 2010 but I know 2007 at least so the only thing I’m changing is that and hit save, so it exists When I place it, I say yes now. Let’s just try and do the exact same thing coping that same file open and say now we don’t get the air. It can read it, so it’s not that illustrator can’t read a CAD file. It’s the illustrator. It cannot read a 20-18 version. Autocad files. There’s a lot more new stuff in it that they haven’t worked out yet. I’m sure eventually you’ll be able to import it with no problem, but this way you can do so. If we do original size, it will make it whatever size it was. We can tell it to bring scale to fit artboard scale to fit a certain scale by a certain percentage. So if I wanted to here to make it scaled, I could do that. I can bring in my model space or I could tell it to bring in my layout. Instead, so you know how we had laid that out and 11 by 17 We could try that original size, let’s see. I never never do this, but let’s try it this one. Please never check this option because the whole point of this workflow is that it allows you to keep your layers, So I see some people are like you can’t do this. What if it doesn’t work? I bring it in. I have one layer and then you check this one, and you see that how they have checked merge layers, so whenever you can can fit if it’s gonna help you, you want to keep your layers. We went through all that work already in AutoCAD, to separate it out. Why would we want to lose the layers? Just open it in Illustrator and remake the layers in Illustrator. It doesn’t really help to work that way, but if you do this, it helps you preserve them, so let’s say okay, and then it’s done something crazy, so let’s see. How big is my artboard? And just show my ruler’s real quick. Put this in inches so yeah. I didn’t really do what I wanted it to do. So let’s just close that, and then I’m gonna do the same thing file open and then let’s open it to scale to fit artboard and we can just grab the model space. Make sure you don’t scale. Don’t select merge and then it brings it in like that here. I have the artboard tool selected. Normally your like this notice up here at the top. If you click the artboard tool, it changes and we can click that and go to horizontal. So this looks good. That looks like what? I want to see so it started off, and if you notice it actually kept the colors from AutoCAD. So if we look here for my layers, I have all my AutoCAD layers, so that’s gonna make my work in Illustrator so much easier because I can actually work the way I was in Autocad. Another way. You can try and do this is lets. Just make a new file. I’m just gonna say, okay. Whatever size this is. I guess it makes you forces you to pick some tabloid. Tabloid is 11 by 17 If you change the points here you’ll see so we could do this, lets. Just try! Now let’s make this landscape. I see this a lot people place, So let’s place that illustrate that. Cadfael, let’s put it here. So if I click one time and look. It looks great, right, Does that keep your layers? No, so if I open this up, I have a group and when you open up the group, we have every single option, so OK, thanks. I’m gonna put this over. We do have something better than my black and white drawing notice that we have colors. I’m in the group now. If you double, click it just like a lot of modeling software. When you double click likes ketchup on more using that earlier, you click on to it. We can see here. It’s a yellow right, and it’s got this weird line weight. If you look here, sometimes you’ll get file and it doesn’t have layers, but they actually have lion weight. I noticed this with like the cities drawing. Sometimes they give you like planning drawings and stuff and they’re Pdfs, and if you can open the PDF in Illustrator and it’s still vector, that’s super helpful because you can go in there and select like, let’s say they have all their buildings, one color. The trick is you need either. The line weight or the line color to be the same across the ones You want to select. Because once I do this, I can pick one of them. Let’s say that yellow one you go select same. You can do filling stroke stroke color. In this sense, you can do stroke weight, so let’s do color. So now it’s grabbed all the objects that had that color and what? I can do under my layers. I can make a new layer might not let me in isolation mode. What is this so here? Let’s get out of this mode. I don’t want these all to be grouped, so I’m gonna right. Click and tell that Poong group, so that should let me do this now, so I’m gonna pick the yellow select same stroke color, and now I can make a new layer. I notice to the right. I have this little guy. It’s like a blue square that’s telling you, you have objects selected, and since it’s on layer one, that means they’re on this layer If you grab that and drag it up now. I’ve moved those objects to the other layer. So if I turn off layer one, I can see all these objects, so another cool thing with this side of the layer is if you click on a layer, it doesn’t really do much besides highlight that layer. So now you’re drawing on that layer If I click here, I can grab that. I can grab this one. I could do this to pick all of them. You can also just click that little bubble. So if I click that bubble, it will select all objects on that layer, so you can see how if you didn’t have the layers preserved, you could spend some time now recreating them as long as you have something that’s unique about the line weight. If you get it in there, it’s like all of them are exactly the same color, exactly the same line weight, exactly the same fill. Then you’ll have a hard time because you got to manually Pick the ones and move into layers. Or if you’re smart, you would save your. CAD back to 2007 and then just bring it in. And all that work is done for you like you don’t have to do anything as long as you do file open and not file place, That’s the trick.