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The Complete Guide To Setting Text In Illustrator Cc


[MUSIC] Hello creative. It’s your graphics girl of graphics girl. Calm as graphic sweep. Eh&s girl with Mel. I and three hours and I’m here to help you design your brand. But first, how would you like a free cheat sheet? I thought so header to graphics. Go back home to get your free illustrator. Cheat sheet. That will show you all the shortcuts in the program. Even learning a few shortcuts will save you so much time and make you look so much more professional. Just click the link below Just that type in illustrator. You’ll use the type tool when you click down your artboard. One time with the type tool, the new version of illustrator puts in Greek text as a placeholder. You can just go ahead and ignore this and begin to type. If you’re on an older version of illustrator, you’ll just get the blinking eye beam in this case. I typed out the road. Typography, which is the art of setting type so with my type tool, still selected. And you can see my eye beam, it’s down there. I could click back to select all of the type or I could click and select just one character right now. This copy is editable, and by that it means that you could change the font the point size, the color really any attribute on the type when you have a tool selected in your toolbar. The options menu at the top gives you other choices like font font family and point size. I’m able to change my font to something. Like century gothic. Your font’s on your machine might differ from mine And with the points. Guys, I can increase it to 72 from the drop down at the top now. 72 points is equivalent to one inch 72 used to be the screen resolution of Max. So now I’m going to select it with the black arrow at the top of my toolbar just to move it over. Now, let’s take a look at our character panel. You can show your character panel in your workspace by coming to a window type character Commander. Ctrl T. So once you have that panel selected, it will either fan out from your workspace or appear to be its own panel. Put that back into my works thing and here. I could change the font just as I did before, and I can scroll through all my different typefaces again. You might have different fonts on your machine than I have. Online, the point size or the size of the type can be selected right here in the drop down to the right directly below the font. You don’t have to be restricted to just these choices. However, you can click in the field and type out a point size. You can also incremental E set the font size up or down, using these up or down arrows, but honestly. I don’t use this to change my point size. I use my shortcut, so I’m going to highlight all my copy here and show you a few shortcuts to decrease the font or point size. I choose command or ctrl shift less than to increase the point size. I do commander control shift greater than can you see than in my character panel? The point size has been increased. So that’s a really fast and handy shortcut that I recommend you. Using above the point size in your character panel is the font family, so a full font family will allow you to have other options, such as bold, bold, italic or condensed. So when you choose the file, you might have some other font styles that you could choose directly below the point size in your character panel is the kerning, so kerning is the space between two individual characters to change the space between these two. You put your cursor down in between two individual letters, and then you do command or ctrl shift, right bracket. The more you head down the right bracket. The further apart, the two letters become next to decrease the space between two letters or decrease The Kern. You could hit a commander control shift left bracket. You could see here. I’m going to stop so you can see that. There is still a space between these two letters, the tea and the why. Well, when you come to your character panel, you’ll see that the kerning has been said to 240 so to reduce or reset this back to zero. I could just select this number and hit zero now. There’s no space other than the normal spacing between the letters in this font yet seen here between the R and the A in topography. There’s a little bit more space that was created like I would say these two letters are fine and say you want to decrease the space between the P and, eh, You could just use your shortcut there or you can manually type in an amount or from the drop-down you could choose one of these. In general, negative numbers, reduce the current and positive numbers increase it where you see this used more often than not as when you have a large like drop cap, and then the next letter after that needs to be tightened up a little bit. I also use this when I’m creating logos so that you’re not just using the font. As given rather tightening it up, you want to tighten up letters so that it increases legibility comprehension of the word logos particularly need to act as one tight unit. So here, kind of like the way the kerning is on this word now, but if you wanted to increase or decrease the space between multiple characters uniformly, you would not use the current here. I’ll reset my current 20 multiple characters would be tracking so to the immediate right of the current. Is the tracking here same thing from the drop-down. You could choose a negative amount, but you do have to have all of the character selected so with all the characters selected from the Drop-down. I could choose a negative amount and say minus 100 now. Super tight, So tracking is the amount of space between multiple characters you can think of this in terms of multiple characters, multiple words or an entire paragraph of sentences, so just like before instead of using the drop-down I could type in the field. Minus 50 or my personal favorite. My keyboard shortcut want to select all of the letters and then its commander control shift, right bracket left bracket the graphics girl. That’s the same shortcut as kerning. Why, yes, it is so short cuts really helps save you a lot of time and the shortcuts that are on my free shortcuts. Cheat sheet are ones that you’ll use over and over again, actually, not only even in just illustrator, but many times across multiple programs. So I encourage you to go ahead and download it if you haven’t already. So that’s our character panel with the font font family point size, kerning and tracking. There’s a few more settings in this panel, but first. I want to show you something really cool that you can do an illustrator regarding type. If I take my type tool in my tool palette here and highlight all of my copy under the type menu. Now you can also see that you have the option of doing your fonts. And it records your recent fonts you used and the point size as well, but it’s right down here called change case that you have the ability to make your copy that you’ve typed out all uppercase, or all lowercase title case and sentence case I love this option and I do it all the time, so if you’ve typed out a word and then you’re like oh. I wish I had the caps lock on when I typed it. You can come to type change case, uh, perky, and when you choose that topography now is all uppercase. C here I can make it all over King time, okay, and then sentence case the trial case you would see if you had two words, you know, now you can see that. I have title case. Every word is capped If I select this, and then I choose sentence case, The word becomes lower case, So I use this function all the time. It’s so convenient next. I’m going to do a different word here. I’ll use the word h2o. This is a recap. I could come up here. Change my font to something else. I’ll do impact and here if I wanted this number Two to be a superscript or subscript. I do have that option right here. Under subscript. But if you’re ever not 100% happy with the placement, then you could choose to manually set the baseline, Be it above or below that baseline if you think in terms of the baseline or where your characters line here. I’ll show my ruler’s. Commander Control are and then pull down a guy from the top by clicking and dragging down now if I select the number two and decrease my font by hitting commander control shift less than now with my baseline, I could make it lower off the baseline So similarly, to its left is super script. How about yall that really worth much more here with the baseline shift? I could increase it even higher above my baseline, And then, of course, reducing the Kern commander control shift left bracket. You can see that you have a lot of flexibility in terms of typesetting in Illustrator, There’s one more term in topography that you should get to know, and that’s letting letting is the space between lines meaning, you know, single spaced double spaced If I click down and select all of these lines. I could come to the paragraph panel to show your paragraph panel. You come to window type paragraph. So with your paragraph panel shown in your workspace, you have the ability to change the alignment of multiple lines such as left, align censored. You can also see the paragraph alignment in your options menu at the top. Next in your paragraph panel is justification here. You could have the left and the right margins begin and end at the same point for use in a column format for newsletters where you might want a clean space between individual columns known as the gutter here In this justification, the last line is aligned left in this one. The last line is centered. The last line in this one is right aligned. It’s this one here where you could justify all of the lines, meaning the last line is flushed, left and plush, right so to set the paragraph alignment or justification. You need to have more than one line. Next, let’s talk about the space between these lines. Also known as letting here you can keep your selection tool on or highlight the copy with your text, it doesn’t matter, so if I go ahead and highlight all of my lines here on my keyboard, A shortcut to decrease the space between lines is all or option up arrow. You can get so close. They’re on top of one another to increase the space between lines. It’s all four options, the down arrow, and you can just hold any one of these shortcuts. You don’t have to click. Click click. If you want to do this. Manually in the panels, you come back to the character panel and it’s right here to the immediate right of the point. Size is your letting so just like before you could incrementally Do it with the up or down arrow or choose it from the drop-down. Lastly, of course, you can always manually type in an amount so here. My point size is 76 perhaps? I want 78 or two points over my type. Diet is a good rule of thumb, so whether you choose to use shortcuts or the panels or a combination of the two. That’s how you set and modify type in Adobe Illustrator. You can do this, okay, So if you found this video helpful, give it a like, share it with your friends and please subscribe to my channel and don’t forget for free marketing, branding and design resources head over to graphics girl com. That’s graphics with pH deaths. Girl with no. I and three hours and I’m here to help you design your brand [Music].