Illustrator Warp Text | How To Warp Text In Illustrator


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How To Warp Text In Illustrator


[MUSIC] Hello there, you’re watching down, ski the place to be to develop your creative skills and grow as a designer in this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create a text warp effect in Adobe Illustrator, so I’ve created a new document, 900 pixels wide and 900 pixels high and I’m going to select type tool left. Click on the artboard and I’m going to type some text for this tutorial. My text is Netflix. Does that look kind of familiar? So I’m going to set the character panel at the top and we can adjust the font and the font weight. So for this tutorial, I’m going to be using Univer’s 67 condensed bulb and you can adjust any other options until you’re happy and we’ll just scale this text up holding shift and there we go position that in the middle. Now, the next step is to go ahead and warp text itself, so let’s select the text and get the object down to envelope distort and select make with warp and you’ll see this dialog box pop up and it’s selected the default style of arc now at the moment it is set to bend horizontally and we can adjust that, so you’ll see it curves up if we add plus 100 to even to the absolute extreme, and you can go minus 100 and it basically bends the other way kind of like opposites, and you can change this to a vertical. Bend as well and you’ll see it creates an entirely different effect, and you just drag it the other way, so you can go to something very extreme or very subtle. It depends what you’re trying to create. You can also distort this horizontally and vertically that you can see. It goes one way and it goes the other way, and we can also adjust these vertical distortions, so we can really skew this text out of shape and you can really get quite creative and create some awesome effects, and while there are many styles. I’m not going to go through all of these. That’s part of the fans. We definitely want to check. It’s out on your own and just explore, get crazy and creative that there’s lots there to choose from, and all of them can be customized with the horizontal or vertical. Bend and the distortion effects as well. So let’s set this all back to zero. So that applies no effect to our text and for this tutorial we’re going to create quite a hopefully recognizable logo, so let’s select art lower and got the preview box selected. Make sure the horizontal is selected if we select vertical, it does something a little bit different, and we don’t really want that, so we’ll go with horizontal. Where’s the Bend? And we’ll start increasing this now at the moment, it is drooping down. That’s not quite what we want, so let’s drag this the other way. Okay, that’s a little bit more like it, but we’re going to go for something very subtle, so I think about minus 10 It’s a nice, subtle curve. Now, when you’re happy, you can click OK? And it will apply your envelope effect in the appearance panel so it will be listed. So if you go into outline mode, that’s command or control. Y on the keyboard, you’ll be able to see the envelope shape itself, and this text is still actually editable, so we can double Click this to go in, and we can edit our text so we could add. Let’s say an S and then our text will be edited and you can change the font and all the other properties as we did in the beginning. You can come out by going here. This is just exit isolation mode and you’ll come back to the main document. You can also select the text and toggle here between edit envelope and edit contents, so that’s another way to go in and edit the text and then, um, you want to go back and edit the envelope? Just click up here and again. You’ve got all these options along the top, so the style, the horizontal or vertical. Bend that you can adjust here with the slider, and then you’ll be horizontal and vertical Distortion, and it’s like on here. You get some additional envelope options, but you can have fun with and play around with so what we can do to be able to change the color of our text. We need to be able to edit the content itself, so we can double click that, or we can go up here, edit content, and you’ll see that now we have a black fill color and with the text selected, we can double click a Swatch select preview and global and adjust the color as we like. I’m not going to change it too much and click OK, and then we can come back to edit envelope and we’ve then got these options where we can go and adjust our warp even further. If we like now once you’re happy. I’m going to do, I’m going to drag this up here and then hold alt and shift and drag down to create a copy. So once you’re happy with your warp and you’re totally finished. Get the object now to expand and leave object and fill selected and click. OK, and now if you go to outline mode, remember that’s command or control why it’s not showing us an envelope distorts effect anymore, but we have our finalized text now. This is always a good thing to do because if you are doing any kind of warping effects on text and for example, you are exporting something of an. Svg, scalable vector graphics for a developer if they were to then use that and it had text effects applied within the SVG file. It may not render correctly and there may be some issues and that’s just one of many many issues that when you finish the design or logo that uses a warp or some live editable text. It’s always a good idea in my opinion to expand your text and just have it. So this is exactly how it is and when you select it. In the appearance panel, there’s nothing listed. There’s no effects or anything applied that we’ve got our text. What I’m going to do. Actually, I’m just going to create another copy holding alt and shift, and I’m just going to skew this a little bit, and normally I wouldn’t say skew text, but we can do this a little bit. Hopefully still get away with it. So if we hold down the. Alt key and we’ll just drag in from the right. Remember, holding alt scales towards the center, so it’s going to apply this effect on besides, and we can just do that a little bit more, so you can see that the effect we’re trying to create, and you can adjust this totally happy and then well, then scale that up and just select this icon at the top, make sure we’re aligning to the artboard and then align this both horizontally and vertically and there we go. We’ve created a text warp effect in Adobe Illustrator, as always. Guys, please feel free to leave any questions or comments below like this video. If you enjoyed it, take care and I’ll see you next time you.