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How To Make A Resume Website To Get An Awesome Job (in 2020)

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There’s something not a lot of job. Seekers are doing that is huge and the job market is becoming so competitive. And if you’re watching this video when it got out, you know that we’re living in tough times for people looking for jobs, but there are still people striving. Why because these people do things differently. Take the example of Nina, who caught the attention of our B&B CEO and got a job there. How just because of her resume website and in this video? I’ll show you exactly how you can do the same to get your dream job, so lets. Jump on the computer and start this video, so I would put different time stamps here. If you want to jump right in the part where I show you exactly how you can create a resume website, but before doing technical, why does having a resume website help you get a job? And among many reasons you can read online like it helps your personal branding, You establish your online presence you can customize it as you wish compared to a Linkedin profile. I think the most powerful reason why you should have a resume website is that you can show off your value instead of just saying it on my resume or on your Linkedin profile, so if you’re in a creative field like media marketing or a design, you can show off your portfolio or past examples of your work pretty easily, so, for example, if your resume says that you ran tons of marketing campaigns that increase sales of your product by 55% well, you can showcase your whole marketing strategy with graphs illustrations and reports on your website, but wait, what if you set into something non creative like business, law or arts? I personally believe that. Even these people, including myself, can benefit from having a personal website, many skills like presentation skills. Excel and others can be shown pretty easily visually. If we go back to Nina’s website, she decided to analyze urban bees, business and showcase how her skills and experience could benefit Airbnb and that’s. What got her, the job? So creating a website just for one company is the perfect solution because it is highly personalized to this business, But let’s say you just want to get started and create a general website just to showcase your value as an individual, so I thought about it and I thought about like creating a website for myself like right now, but I know many of you guys watching. This video are still in university or just graduated and don’t have a lot of experience so I will create a resume website right now as if I just graduated, and if we don’t know each other, my name is Matty Caffey and I studied management information systems at Mcgill University in Montreal, Canada and I graduated two years ago. Now the only question remaining is, how can you create a resume website? Do you need to code? Do you need to watch hours of tutorials online to get started? We’ll, know, thanks to our video sponsor wakes whether you’re a student or a professional if you’re looking to create any website and in our case, a resume website, which has you covered with their hundreds of templates drag and drop options making a website, has become something anyone could do and no need to be an expert. I’m I’m not an expert or waste your time Watching. Like hours of tutorial. The platform is super user friendly and has more options that you can imagine now a short notice before starting. This is not a video about how to make you resume. It’s really about how to craft a different sections that showcase your value to employers. So if you need help on what to write on your resume or how to write your resume? I have a complete guide down below in the description that you can download for free to help you out, so let’s start so after creating your account and confirming your email, you can start building your website, which has tons of pre-made templates that you can use for various purposes, but what I did is go in the portfolio CV section where I found this template that I liked very much, so let’s start with our header, which has many sections that they call strips, so the first strip is our header and to change the background, You simply click on that change strip background where you can choose different colors if you’re into that. I personally prefer a photo so that people landing on my page. See me right away, which helps my personal brand and then don’t forget your tagline, simply write what describes you the most while adding relevant keywords just like your Linkedin headline, I’ll add a social media account so that people can reach me easily, which gives you many options whether it’s your Instagram. If you have a portfolio or professional content, they’re same for Facebook or Youtube, but at that time when I graduated, I didn’t have Primal career, so I will simply put my Linkedin link. Now let’s add a summary to our resume website to showcase our value, especially for the job that you want so personally. I wanted to become a consultant so based on my relevant research on Google on how to become a consultant. And what skills do you need to become a consultant? I chose three skills that I already had back Then. So that was travel experience, presentation skills and entrepreneurship to add a new section, simply click on the plus button and under container you can choose any new section, so I chose a simple white one to create whatever I want and have creative freedom. So now my favorite part about Wix, the grid section instead of wasting your time, creating your own tables and settings, you can just drag and drop premade tables, just like this one, and obviously you can change the colors, the font at the layout and it’s a hundred percent customizable, so I’m adding pictures as you see and proofs of my work again to show HR managers rather than just writing it again show, don’t tell, and that’s the advantage of having a personal website rather than a Linkedin profile showing pictures showing proof of your work is so much powerful than just saying it out loud, for example in my presentation skills section. I even attached one of the presentations that I made. Well, it’s not a real one because I didn’t have the time to remove confidential data, but you get the idea, so let’s move on to our education section so there you can add any relevant awards that you had or your GPA. If it’s like super good, you can even add relevant links about your awards, for example. I know many of you have. Case Competition experience so and that’s something that is well documented on websites on your University’s website, Sukie. You can always add links to that for myself. I didn’t have any of that, so I will be super simple, including my degree and my international exchange program. So again I’m using another premade grid that saved me so much time and simply remove this section. I didn’t need as adjust the colors now. My favorite section experience. I just love this section because the pamphlet I’m using has a nice animation and shows a mountain representing like if I’m climbing the mountain, meaning I’m getting more and more experience throughout the year and you see with Wix. You can get creative and put whatever image you want in the background, just make sure it is non copyrighted, and then you can add shapes and other elements to make it super personal next. Is this section that I think you can add the most images, videos or links, and that is the extra curriculars and your projects so add pictures of you working volunteering? Maybe your site, the hobbies that you that you have take advantage of this space because this is where you can actually prove what you’re saying. Let’s add another grid and add it again. So this skill section is more relevant for people having technical skills Because let’s face it. Microsoft Word isn’t really a skill. So if you have any, make sure you include them, so thanks to this template again. I have a nice animated bars to show my level of skills And finally I will add an interest section. This is the only section where you can type bonds with your reader without even talking to them and so by sharing your passion or what drives you, you tell a lot about you and your personality. And who knows maybe the? HR manager is also a Real Madrid fan like myself so that would be a conversation subject. We would have if they call me for an interview. Last section is the call to action. What do you want, people reading your site to do? In many cases, you would want them to contact you, so you have to tell them, which gives you a range of options of pre-made contact grids, so just choose one that you can customize as you wish. I added another Linkedin button, as well as a forum that will send all emails to my private inbox and that’s it religious talk me like an hour and a half to make that website and for the value that this website will give you, it’s totally worth it, so thanks again to. Wix for sponsoring this video. If you’re interested in making your own website, then click on that first link in the description. If you enjoyed this video, then subscribe to primal career. Just click the web below this video. Tell me, do you have a personal website if so, then put a link in the description? I’d like to see it and maybe get inspiration for other people. And if you don’t have one well, why are you waiting for? I’ll talk to you soon, ciao.