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Top 5 Amazing Design Portfolios 2019 😲

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Mind blowing portfolios if you’re a designer or a creative in the industry of making things, you know how important portfolios can be having the right portfolio is just the beginning of your design work, but it can also get you to clients like Coca-cola. Apple and major major corporations for your work. Here’s a video of five of the best portfolios I’ve seen in 2019 just before we get into it. This video is sponsored by hosting. It seems that we’re talking about portfolios in this video. It’s important to have good web hosting for your portfolios for those of you, where milliseconds matter and you need a website that is responsive, reliable and just works hosting. It is the hosting service for you. If you’d like 15% off your web hosting with a free domain included, click the link down below in the description we’re hosting. I have given you a coupon code where you can go and try them out. It’s unreal, so the first portfolio that is blowing my mind. Is this one from panda, yogurt or yogurt? Depending on how you say it the way that I look at these properly is to suggest whether it’s the best one or not, it’s just by looking at the quality of work and the responsiveness of the website itself. So you’ve got here The Coca-cola view? Check this out, it’s unreal. He’s done some animations for TV commercials in here, So we’ve got this Coca-cola animation here, which is unreal, fits really well with the brand. Check that out, you’ve got so many different things in there. This is the kind of work that companies look for. And if you’re from the UK, you’ll have seen the more for animations on TV and this video here just shows you so many of the core animations he’s made and it gives you a bit of creative direction on the left. There are so much work inside of this portfolio so many core and new-age things that I love is got Xbox. One in there and some of the animations in this are unbelievable. The great thing about this portfolio is that it’s very straight to the point with the work, so his homepage is just the work. A lot of you may be thinking. I’m not like Panda Yoga. I can’t just have all the work that I’ve done because I’ve got any work from clients. Well, let me tell you it’s important to know that you can put fake projects out and buy fake projects. I don’t mean just random projects. I mean, personally, you like that? We’re fabricated businesses so businesses that you made up yourself for the design brief to show people that you’ve got the intensity to do it that you’ve got the intentionality and that you really want to actually show clients what you can do. I love this portfolio. Go and check it out. The links to all these portfolios will also be down in the description. The next portfolio is from Paul Hobart and the reason why I like this spot video is still the colour. There is so much color in this portfolio and it’s so inviting to look at. He’s worked for. Companies are orange and logic with all these cool paints, and he uses is very, very tangible texturized paint in his work, which is just so inviting. You can see, here’s. Some of the amazing, inspirational work that he’s done. No, but calm is actually a portfolio where it shows his personality through a very niched form of design, which is through with this paint. Even the ninth projects here that he’s got. You can see all the things that he’s done for Mike With these really cool paint topics here and the way that the work is being presented here is unreal as well. It shows straight to the point of what it is, and it makes me want to keep clicking on different companies that orange. I want to know how he does all these work. It is unreal, so this is one person that is designing using these tangible paint textures, and that’s his portfolio. That’s what he puts on because he’s so NICHD people know who to go for to get that effect. He’s been tracked by companies and people want to work with them for this effect. So don’t think that when you do a portfolio, you need to cover everything, you know. This portfolio here shows that you can have one style one aesthetic and it can work for every company because it’s so unique and so inviting the third portfolio that gave me tingles. Is that wrong? Is that wrong for me to say it gave me tingles it’s. Stephanie, Brooklyn. I can I just say hello. Go is magnificent! I love the style here. I am a logo designer if you don’t know. I love logo types that I have serif types in them. It’s just so spacious and you go here. Scrolls down, and it shows you all her work, which is really nice. The one that I want to click on is here there. Anything that I’m seeing all these portfolio pieces? I thought they’re getting straight to the point online, so it makes you want to click on the work, so all of the work is amazing. The website design itself is really good. It’s got the branding of Stephanie brooklet up there, and it’s got all these amazing minimal, but hand looking vintage designs on here like dig in. You’ve got the build around building menu. It looks unreal and it’s showing you real-life placements as well. I just love this website here. Look at all, there’s so much inspiration, and even when you’re under here. And the other projects very creatively done. Look at this monoline work. It looks so cool with the color placements and everything something that I love to do is just look at portfolios online because it gives me so much inspiration for what I want to do in my work as well. I mean, check out the perspective here of the surftographer. It’s so good, this not only inspires me and probably you, but it actually helps me understand what makes great design. And what makes you stand out as a designer? There’s next one is toy fight and as you can see. The animations are on the screen. Just say it all it’s super bright with an amazing gradient, and it just invites you to this work. It shows the aesthetic of this style and as you move your cursor around on the screen, it’s sort of interacts with it as well, which is pretty cool. Gives you that weird sort of like Parallax. Look, Tie-fighter is an amazing award-winning creative agency specializing in design. Check this out, lets. Look at some of the work. Oh, wow, check out these transitions. This one is unreal. This website if we scroll down. [MUSIC] Whoa, so every time you go over these, It’s just so clean. It’s like taking you into a whole new experience. This is not just a website. This is not just a portfolio, it’s an experience. So what’s happening is showing me as the designer or the client if I was to be looking for a project from toy fight that I’m looking at an experience here, not just the work. I think to be fair. This is probably our favorite website out of the whole portfolio because of what it is doing. It’s showing a lot about the experience, so something that I’ve learnt by researching for my favorite portfolios of 2019 is that it’s no longer just having a website showing amazing work. It’s about how you show that work and it’s about how you show yourself. It’s about giving someone an experience when they come onto your website, They look at your work. They want to know what you’re like and. I think toy fight has got it for me this time. I love this website the last portfolio that I absolutely loved this year was femme fatale. II, the reason why I like it is from the minimalistic standpoint, It’s very Parisian in my mind because of all the colors and just the way it works that the projects are straight there for you. Go down the website and you see a project and it shows you to the next. Also is peaky blinders and again. The same thing with this portfolio with the toy fight. One is the experience when you go onto it. So every page is different, but it’s got the same aesthetic, so the same guides the same way of scrolling through the work in this is insane as well. We’ve also got some of the other projects that they’ve got, so they’ve got a tat express the the Cannabis site experience occupy. Let’s have a look at. Let’s have a look at winged it. Wow, look at the animations. So it’s not just being creative in the sense of having a core website. It’s just showing you the experience of everything and how it works. It’s letting the work do the talking, so there’s anything to take away from this video. Is that the best websites that people look at and the best portfolio sites that? I’ve looked at today, have got to be the ones that don’t just show me the work, but it has great work, but also an amazing experience wouldn’t go through the website. I just want to give a huge shout out to hosting of for sponsoring this video now. If you wanted to make your own portfolio site hosting, it is the best place to host your website hosting. It is WordPress optimized for you and hosting it’s for one of the easiest platforms that you can use to host your website and something that I think it is super important for those people in the creative industry when we’re creating portfolio sites for our work or whether you just need a website to get clients to come in or a blog, it’s super important to have speed hosting. I have both reliability and speed. They are literally built for speed on their platform. If you’d like 15% off your web hosting with a free domain included visit the link down below in the description. Let me know which one you thought was the best portfolio that you saw today down below. If you haven’t already consider subscribe to the channel by pressing that red subscribe button and turning on all notifications by clicking the bell. If you liked the video, press the like burn If you hated the video, press the dislike button twice and I’ll see in the next video have a good season [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music].