Is Graphic Design A Dying Career | Is Graphic Design Dead? Can You Still Get A Job As A Graphic Designer?

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Is Graphic Design Dead? Can You Still Get A Job As A Graphic Designer?

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It’s graphic design dead. Hey, gals and guys! Christine Maji here, aka. Design gal. I got this video topic from someone on Instagram, and they simply asked its graphic design debt in this video. I’m gonna give you my personal opinion on this as well as my recommendations for those of you, who want to be graphic designers in this so-called dead industry, so with the explosion of UX UI product design, it’s easy to see why some people are saying graphic design is dead or they’re wondering am. I gonna have a job. Is graphic design Still a thing? Am I in the wrong field and I get those fears. I would be asking myself the same question. However, I’m here to tell you that no graphic design is not dead. A little bit of my background. I am currently a product designer, but before this I spent several years as a graphic and web designer. I went to school for graphic design. It was really my passion for a really long time, and I don’t regret that at all. I actually don’t think there’s ever not going to be a time where we won’t need graphic design in some form as humans a lot of the way we perceive and understand the world and even communicate is through pictures through images before we had written language. We were making cave paintings, right. These are very ingrained things in our mind babies before they can talk. They still dream in pictures. We still have this sort of innate visual communication that we all understand so all that just doesn’t go away. We will always have that sort of need for a visual way to communicate so as someone that worked as a graphic designer. I understand the value and the impact graphic design can have on culture on businesses on building a brand using graphic design as a way to communicate, send a message or to represent a company. All that stuff doesn’t just disappear because now. Ux design is hot. It’s just not true, I think there’s always gonna be a need for corporate identity. So logos package design. We still live in a physical world with physical products. Those products need packages. That’ll always be a thing advertising material. The list goes on the need for these things has not stopped. And I don’t think it will what I think this question is getting at though is. Is this a field that’s gonna have a job for me if I pursue it like working and making a career as a graphic designer. Is that possible these days? Is it a good idea should? I be looking into something else. I get it and I will say this. That graphic design is not as in-demand as UX or product design Ui design, these types of digital product kind of rolls. It’s just not, that’s a fact because of economics and what society values right now Digital product design is hot and they are paying more. There are more jobs in that field, but that doesn’t mean that there are no graphic design jobs or that you can’t make graphic design your career if that’s something that you really want to do so. I was kind of curious. I looked on indeed at a few different big cities and I searched for graphic designer jobs. UX design, jobs, product design jobs and I sort of started to see the pattern, definitely the most jobs around product design. UX design and definitely fewer jobs in graphic design, and they’re not gonna pay as well, but they are there they are needed and you can have one of those jobs. Someone needs to fill them right, might as well be you and you can make graphic design a career still. So if you’re sitting there and you’re thinking, okay. I’m a graphic designer. I want to do graphic design, but I want to adapt and evolve and make myself more marketable, more competitive and the job market since there are fewer roles. Here are some things I would do first of all I would not focus solely on print design, and I know in colleges, especially they kind of tend to teach mostly print design. If you love that, and that’s what you want to do, definitely learn it’s super important a lot of transferable skills, but I would also learn as much you can about digital design, so whether that’s for web for social media graphics for UI design, just even the principles of using graphic design in a digital space will help you a lot, so for example, if you really love making social media graphics like online ads, you can also learn like social media marketing skills, for instance, where kind of those two coupled together can make you a really strong candidate for a certain role. I would also look into visual design roles. A lot of the work is very similar to what you would do as a graphic designer, so things like the branding. The design system. The typography, like everything that goes behind the visual look and feel of a certain product or business is handled by a visual designer. You don’t need to know. Ux to be a visual designer. You don’t technically even need to know how to design for Ui. Although it would help visual design is really in charge of usually things like marketing graphics or some light web design and these jobs tend to pay really well and they are in demand as well. So I would look into that if you were curious, so I like to say graphic design not den, but if you want to bolster your resume and make yourself more marketable or have maybe more access to more job postings, look into these other things, Build up your skillset, and you might just find yourself as a very competitive graphic designer. I wish all of you at graphic design hopefuls. The best of luck graphic design is really fun. It’s a really creative job. It’s probably one of the most creative jobs out there. It’s great to see something that you worked on like on a big billboard or in a big advertisement somewhere, It’s just a really cool job to be able to do graphic design and sometimes. I miss it. I’ll admit I like graphic design a lot, so if that’s you, and you want to be a graphic designer? I hope this video helps you. I hope gives you some encouragement. Bottom line. Follow your interests. Follow what you’re good at, and that’s really the most important thing right, so go forth. Graphic designers go for it. Thanks, gals and guys so much for watching. I will see you in the next video.