Jake Paul Photoshop | Jake Paul Gets Dabbed On (a Lesson For Jake Paulers)

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Jake Paul Gets Dabbed On (a Lesson For Jake Paulers)


Do you. Jake [Music] just a little ditty. I wrote for you. I hope you enjoy it. You don’t know why? [MUSIC] the world or hate see? Now we’ve been blinded by you heal and your faith. [MUSIC] You tear arrived the decent people in your life. You act like a pompous card for personal gain. And when you go up in flames for the whole watch. Huber, sorry that your parents never tried to help you learn how to be you, man. That has a brain and as incense. Your fart boy. Because your social brain is hard, but have you. [music] About humility won’t. You try it out for me. Oh, humility. Stop, duck. Singh post Malone. You free humility. Won’t you try it out for me? Oh, you naughty! [MUSIC] stop toxin close. Milan, you free [Music]! Listen, I know you’re surprised and it came as a surprise to me too. That nobody on the entire. Internet was making any videos exposing Jake Paul for who he really is. I mean, here’s this guy pulling Seven-figure subscriber numbers every single month and he’s just flying under the radar being an [ __ ] to everybody in order to make entertaining vlog content and nobody’s talking about it, so I started talking with Nigel and we spit balled for a little while, and then we came up with the idea. Leon, why don’t you make a song about Jake in a very melancholy minor chord fashion to really evoke maximum emotional impact from your viewers and that’s exactly what I did. Now I’m not gonna go as far as to say that I’m a hero, but there’s no possible way that Jake Paul can continue having a lucrative successful career online after this video uploads. I mean, you take one look at this and you can. I mean, this man is gonna crumble into dust. That’s just the kind of power I have on the Internet. Leon Lush, the musical fuck-boy destroyer. Okay, guy’s, memes aside. Jake Paul gets more subscribers in ten minutes that I’ve had in 10 years. So if you’re a Jake, Paul, er, and you’re not particularly fond of this song or this video. Feel free to jump down on the comments. Call me a fat, jealous [ __ ]! Please destroy me! Fuhrer, Jake, Paul, er. Take my [ __ ] life with your comment. [MUSIC] I know there’s been a trillion videos made about Jake Paul. So in fear of sounding like an echo chamber. I’m not gonna spend too much time talking about them. I am just gonna show a few quick clips of some of his most recent one or two vlogs because every time he uploads a vlog, There’s just more and more reason to see why this guy’s kind of a douchebag now. I have no problem with vloggers. I don’t even care about his music. How bad it is, just his lifestyle in general is whatever, but it’s it’s when you start jeopardizing the the well-being of other people and you start just terrorizing normal people doing their normal jobs talking about, you know, minimum wage workers. He’s just going around like a wrecking ball, being an absolute douchebag to people in public and everything that he does. He’s just like this [ __ ] ego brained just has no perception of what it’s like to be a respectful, decent human being in society. And, you know, Jake Pollards would call that Savage. You know, dab on those [ __ ] haters. I call it being a [. __ ] loser, That’s just that that’s just how I was raised. Is it the camera? It’s the camera that makes you think that. I was filming! I really don’t want to make this. I’m gonna have to go to management. They’re gonna have to contact my brother. You know what, you know what? [MUSIC] No. That guy was pissed areas being addictive security. You saw my speed, though, right, you saw you saw my speed, though, right, you saw pissing off retail workers? Fantastic, hi. I’m sorry, sir. Could you actually stop being a complete immature? [ __ ] just so you have content for your daily Vlogs. Do you mind just not terrorizing normal, everyday people that have to work retail normal [ __ ] hard-working jobs just to put food on the table. Just so you can have some [ __ ] content for your vlogs. Please leave us The [ __ ] alone. This is so little like inside of the beads. Do you lift, yeah? It doesn’t! Look like you left. That’s not even a joke. There’s no punchline. It’s not funny at all. He just goes up to random people and acts like a [ __ ] [ __ ]! I don’t just and it is lit every single day, but make sure you guys are smiling. Make sure your debit on tomato’s bra and make sure you are working hard without any further ado unless flipping. Do that, okay, that’s all. I can take that. Listen, if you’re a Jake, Paul er. I don’t really care who you’re a fan of anybody For that matter. You can like whoever you want on the Internet, But with Jake Paul, amassing such a huge following in such a short amount of time And all of these young impressionable kids looking to him for inspiration and humor and how to live. Just just have a just check your ego, All right, it is not cool, It doesn’t make you cool to go around with a camera and act like a [ __ ] [ __ ] to normal people in your everyday life, just so you can get some views in some Youtube. Subs, that makes you look like a [. __ ] loser now! I know it might not feel like that because of what you’re seeing online right now in this new generation of fuck-boy youtubers. I just want you to see it in my eyes as I tell it to you that you do not have to be a pompous [ __ ] to people in public with a vlog camera in order to do we’ll online, just know that there’s other ways to be successful. This is the path that he’s chosen. I don’t think young kids should be looking at him for inspiration and how to live their life because it’s just gonna breed a new generation of [ __ ] so that’s gonna do it for today’s video. If you enjoyed the song at the beginning, be sure to slap a like on this [ __ ]! Leave me a comment. Let me know what you think about. Jake ball in the comments. And if you’re a Jake parlor, make sure to hit those comments and dab on this [ __ ] hater right here! Just get alright. I see a Lincoln by Olmert. [ __ ] God Church [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]! I just had a mini stroke from watching two of his vlogs to this vlogs gave me an aneurysm. Anyways, here comes, the comes. Some of our computers do do.