Join Tool Illustrator | Illustrator Join Tool – Basic Guide To The Join And Trim Tutorial

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Illustrator Join Tool - Basic Guide To The Join And Trim Tutorial


How to use the join tool in Illustrator? I’m using the CC 220 you could use 219 cetera. You can find the join tool, just go up to the tools, their shape tool and just below join tool without selected. You can join as well as trim. Some pass open pass. I’m just gonna show a variety. The join tool is not perfect. I don’t think it’s one of those tools. It seems to work when it seems have a mind to work. So you’ve got two standard pass there go to the join to make certain they’re both selected. If you go along the bottom now that doesn’t join personally. I think it should, but it doesn’t you go to the top ones where it’s close, it will join, but it will join as a point right at the far top. So that’s one example again you can go select the line tool and great another now. This is search show, an example of the trimming effect, so again make some both are selected. Go to the join tool. And if you go across the top something, that’s it if you go across the bottom will be the same. It will just chop the bits where the lines are shortest seems to be the approach that they’ve used. So if you go across there, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. It just suddenly decides yes. I will trim that for you, so you’ve got your design there, and that’s just using the join or a trim tool. You just see, just remove that top part. The joins all does seem nevermind. It’s own so now what I’m going to do. I’m just gonna quickly demonstrate. Just move it down a bit. Just change your position slightly. See now. You got the ones the top a longer than the ones at the bottom and again. Go to join til. Well, you can do then. If you go across the top, it doesn’t do anything. Go across the bottom. It does something the lease or trims the bottom part, just leaving the longer lines and they’re joined together as a sync single path. Do you make something like with a curve tool? Coverture tool, you can really make some very unusual designs and you can try and trim with that and again it has a mind of its own. How it will trim it. Sometimes it will work. Sometimes it won’t anyway, just grating some more lines there and you can see at this point. You’ve just got that gap between the two A and it will create a point sharp. When now it doesn’t join in a sense that straight, it’s a real pity. There’s no preference. I would love to see a preference there where you can just say join the shortest distance possible preference there. Isn’t that feature not? I’m aware of anyway. Maybe someone in the comments will put a comment saying yes. There is, that’d be really great if they can correct me on that. So you’ve got design here and you got. I haven’t finished, See the hole. The square just go from that point to the other point and then just use a join tool and it will just create the complete square rhombus. You want to call it? It will also reflect if you’ve got various with profiles as well. That will be used as well now. I’m just going to quickly crate with the curvature tool, So I create quick curve there. Now it doesn’t work out that the curve for you so will not curve it nicely for you. Because tool will at this point. Just create a straight line straight to that point so completely closes that path for you, which is nice, you can, of course, then you have to manipulate that part of the part if you wish to modify and make it more curved. I’m going to show you now. A game of the curvature tool, two separate curved lines [Music] Ill. Just go around there. All right, nice curve there and you can join that as well again. It will not make a great curve for you so going with both selected. That’s the key thing. Just go over there and just draw between the two, and you see, is a slight kink in that, so it’s not a lovely curve again. You have to manipulate it further. You can do similar with just using the standard pen tool, but you can use these with brushes as we’ll see if you draw something with, like brushes multiple, that will be taken over it, also, if you apply styles as well that will be also reflected, so that will change as well so. I’m just gonna draw some lines using the pen tool. It’s it’s very similar to the line tool, Of course at the start. So you’ve got that design there they’re going, It will not join the shortest distance. It will make a sharp point. No won’t join me. See the bottom points? This is to go on to the next point. You can use the pen tool. And, of course you can do. You can actually just. I’m just gonna quickly show you change the angle. You change angle to extreme what will happen. It will not join it, even though you think all right, why not there’s obviously clearly something in the joint. All that says nope. I am! Not gonna join that together. So if you go across that one, you not gonna do. It might do it next week. I don’t know, it does seem to have a mind of its own. A cut-off point, maybe 45 degrees 30 degrees. I’m not certain perhaps someone could put some comments saying. Yes, it’s 30 degrees. That would be great. The join tool does have its issues. I think now this is a classic case. Where sometimes it will work and sometimes it doesn’t in pre runs of this tutorial. I tried it and it wouldn’t. Join the past! I’m just creating two paths slightly separated, and then I’m applying the join tool this time it does join the pass. If I create four lines, you think at this point, I will be able to join them all together. Use the join tool just to draw over and join all the lines together. Perhaps it may work this time it doesn’t. You can just go across it and it will not work. All the lines are still separate, even if you go and select just two of the lines and that’s the key thing of to select them, it will ignore it. It will not join those lines, It’s very strange. I would recommend you try the joint all use it in join and trim of your pass. Sometimes just may find it doesn’t work. You can try to join till nothing. Please put a bug report into Adobe Hope. You found this tutorial of interest. Please subscribe to the graphic. Extras, channel, always any new tutorials, all the time about Photoshop Illustrator fancy photo designer and many others, please out a comment or two always appreciated. Thank you much for that, also a dislike or like thank you much.