Make A Spiral In Illustrator | The Secret To A Linear Spiral In Illustrator


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The Secret To A Linear Spiral In Illustrator


[MUSIC] Hey, guys, you’re watching Danske the place to be to develop your creative skills and in this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create a linear spiral all in Adobe Illustrator, So without further ado, lets. Jump into it so you can see. I’m now in Illustrator, and I’ve got a new document. A thousand pixels wide and a thousand pixels high. Firstly, I’m going to do is go up to view and down to snap to pixel. I’m gonna switch this off. I don’t want it! Snapping to the pixel and the point illustrator sometimes can get a little bit confused, so I’m going to turn that off and just leave a snap to point selected boom. There we go and you can see. I’m up in the corner now. Hello, look at me. So there we go and the first thing. I’m going to do is actually just go and demonstrate the spiral tool. So if I hover over the line tool left, click and hold, we can see the spiral tool and we can click and drag and draw a lovely, pretty spiral. There we go and we can left-click on the artboard and we get various options, which is all fine, but something you’ll notice with a spiral tool is that it gets larger towards the edge or smaller as you go towards the center, So the difference here is that a linear spiral, It’s going to have a consistent width all the way throughout, so no matter how big your spiral gets, It will always stay the same width between the lines, so what we’re going to use for this is we’re gonna go back to the spiral option up here, left-click and hold again and go down to the polar grid tool now. This is something that I don’t actually use very often, but if I click and drag, it creates something like this. Well, actually, no, it doesn’t. Normally, it creates something a little bit more like this just so. I don’t confuse anyone. It will normally look a bit like that by default. So what we’re gonna do again is just left-click on the artboard and it brings up this dialog box. Lots of options here, and we’re gonna set the concentric dividers to well any number. Really, you can have 10 20 30 These are the rings around the edge, so the number of rings that you’re going to want to have, so if you want a more complex living a spiral just. Inc, The number If you’d like fewer lines and something a bit more simple. Drop that number down radial dividers as you saw, were the ones that go from or towards the center, so we’ll set that to zero. So these are the only two options We’ve changed Concentric dividers and radial dividers click. OK, and we get something like this, and I’m just gonna scale that up holding shift, just so it doesn’t turn distort out of shape, and, of course, we’re gonna have to pop that roughly in the center. So there we go, We’ve got some concentric circles. That’s that’s a great start. What we’re going to do next is grab the direct selection tool and just drag over the top half. Now only the top half. We don’t want to catch these anchor points here at that midpoint in them, so make sure you don’t select those just the top half with the direct selection tool and then go up to edit down to cut and what cut does is essentially it will copy that selection to the clipboard and then delete it, so we’ve deleted it. It’s now on our clipboard, and if we just switch back to the main selection tool and just click anywhere on the workspace to deselect the current selection, we can then go to edit and paste in place and it will paste that back in which is fantastic, then we can just grab the zoom tool zoom in, and I like to go super close and then with the main selection tool, we can drag this to the right and I’m going to hold shift is if I don’t hold shift, you can see it moves up and down holding shift will keep it perfectly in the line and you can see it snaps in place, so we’re just going to shuffle everything along one. And if I got to view, you can see. I’ve got smart Guides turned on and snap to point turned on, so it just makes it so much easier, snapping things together in Illustrator, so you should get something that looks like that. So for the next part, what we’re going to do is drag over everything to select it and go up to object down to Ungroup. You may need to do this a couple of times. Just keep doing it until you can no longer ungroup. So now everything is ungroup these all individual lines and we can move them around and mess everything up, so let’s undo that So now that these are all individually selectable objects, what we can do is go in, grab the main selection tool and I’m just going to click and delete every other line so misalign and I’m holding shift by the way so holding shift and clicking allows me to select multiple objects at once. Select this one misalign select missus one. Select this one, so you can see where? I’m going with this. I’m just going to select every other line whilst keeping shift held, and if I hit delete or backspace on the keyboard, you can see what I’m trying to do, so I’m just removing every other line until we get something. Looks like this, so I’ve done the first half. Now It’s just a case of going through and doing the same again, So click, hold shift, Click, click and every time. I’m just missing a lines can make your eyes go a little bit funny. If you’ve got a very complicated spiral, I’m gonna try not to mess this up. And then we’re always selected. Delete or backspace on the keyboard, and voila, we have deleted them and we are left with our linear spiral and we could grab the direct selection tool and select this anchor point here and hit delete, hit this one here hit, delete if we wanted to make our spiral shorter at a later date, and there we go, that’s essentially what it looks like, and we can now drag over everything and go to object down to path and select join and it will link up all of those different lines. There’s different anchor points that will connect them all so we can move this around now as one complete shape and the best thing about this is because of the way we’ve created it. You can see that this still has a stroke so we can click on this and we can actually add a color if we wanted so. I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna pick a color random, and we can adjust properties like stroke weight. We can click on the stroke option here, or if you don’t see this if you are on older version of illustrator, just go up to window down to stroke and you’ll see this pop up here. And then we can get a few more options by clicking on the menu icon, so you’ve got lots of stroke properties. This is all still fully editable. We can round off the cap. We can add dashed lines. You can go absolutely bananas here, so let’s just thicken that up. So that’s one of the advantages of still keeping everything as strokes or outlines because you just get that extra degree of flexibility and there we go. That’s how to create a linear spiral or in Adobe Illustrator. So if you’ve got any questions or comments, please do drop them down below and as always like this video, If you enjoyed it, take care and I’ll see you. Next time [Music] I’m predictable [Music]!