Make Clipping Mask Illustrator | Clipping Mask Illustrator Tutorial For Text And Shapes

Cary Hawkins

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Clipping Mask Illustrator Tutorial For Text And Shapes


How to use clipping masks for text and shapes in Adobe Illustrator? Hey, guys, Carrie Hawkins. Here, with another Vector Madecom tutorial and in today’s Adobe Illustrator Tutorial, we’re gonna be talking about how to use clipping masks with editable text and other shapes in order to create some really interesting looking graphics. So let’s jump on in now. The first method of using a clipping mask in Illustrator that I want to show you is using text now. What’s really cool about this? Is that you can you can edit the text and still use things like gradients or textures or pictures or whatever. It’s really, really cool, So I just typed up gold. I’m using Gotham Ultra. You just want something nice and thick. I’ve got my kerning set to optical, and my tracking is negative 100 so as you can see, it would normally be a little bit more spread out, but I want to get these things really tight together. I think it looks better when you’re doing these this kind of work. Then the next thing you want to do is grab the rectangle tool. Hotkey M and I’m gonna just make a box around gold, that’s bigger. You want to grab a gold color? So let’s just do gold for this one. Since we’re gonna be doing another gold image underneath and you can come over to gradients and metals, and that should pop up this window and this first one here is gold. That’s what it should look like now. I like to add gold at an angle just to make it a little more interesting, and I usually drag these bits in and create a few extra bits here of color just to give it a little bit more interest. Something something like this like you see here. Yeah, that looks really cool. So then we’ll just move this to the back. I’m going to hit control shift and left bracket to send it back now. Here’s how this works. If you try to like, color your text with a gradient like this, nothing happens, it’s just going to look like that, so what you have to do? Is you have to select it and then come over to? Pathfinder hit the hamburger icon and click make compound shape. Now you won’t be able to tell that anything’s happened. It’s gonna look the same, however, when I grab both of these and right click, I say, make clipping mask boom. And what’s really awesome about this is if you hit T and go to your text tool, you can still change the text or even the font. If you want to right if you say oh. I really don’t like I don’t like it being that one. I’d prefer it to be a different font, lets. Just try babies real quick, but anyway. I really like the way this looks. I think it looks really sharp, so let’s go ahead and bring that down here. And what’s cool is when you move it around. It brings the background with it too. So you don’t have to worry about grabbing both there. They’re sort of grouped this way. The next thing I want to talk about is just using a clipping mask on an image very simple. Just go over to your pen tool and then zoom in on the image like so [Music] and then I’ll finish it out just by clicking this. You’ll see you’ve got that circle on the bottom, right, lets you know that you’ve completed the shape and then just color it in with something, so you can see it. Make sure it looks right. Yeah, it looks great, so let’s grab both the image above in the or the vector shape above and the image below right, click and hit make a clipping mask. And now if we just kind of come over here and drag it into our artwork there you go looks pretty sweet, the next example. I’m going to show you is really kind of a combination of two or more clipping masks and we’ll do the text, but then we’ll throw in just a pen tool clipping mask on top to make it look like one really cool looking clipping mask. That’s still editable. So what I’m gonna do is type in run and I’m gonna get a nice, fat tall font. I like press gothic for this one. It’s gonna be great, so I’m gonna blow it up real big. I’m gonna make it a little, let’s see. I want his hand. I’m gonna hit shift X to switch from, fill the stroke and I’m going to just bump this up a little bit more, just a little bit bigger. I think about right here somewhere. Yeah, I like that. That’s gonna look really cool. Okay, so I’m gonna go ahead and copy the background image Because I’m gonna use it again and I’m gonna lock this with ctrl -, okay. I’m gonna lock the black. I don’t want the background. Just want these two selected, but first I’ve got to go to Pathfinder. Click make compound shape. Do that again now. Select both right. Click, make clipping mask. Super cool looks great, right well. Now what we’re gonna do is paste the image on the front, and I’m going to do a little bit of transparency. I’m dropping this down to about Sixty is good. I think that looks nice and I’m going to. I’m gonna lock it for now. So again, Ctrl – just to lock that, and I’m gonna go ahead and lock this one too. I don’t! I don’t want anything selectable really now. I’m gonna grab my pen tool. I want to have some of the in-between, so I want the runner to like sort of extend through the words, but I don’t want all of him. Actually, he’s like the leg. That’s closest and the arm that’s closest to me or closest to the camera. I want to be full, but the one in the background, I want it to be cut-up because I think it’ll just look really cool, so let’s just see how it turns out. Basically, you just got to come down here and start with anything That protrudes out. I’m gonna just start here and you know that the area that’s lighter is the area that we’re already gonna see because of the text, so it’s these darker areas that I faded over here and transparency that we need to create the shapes for we don’t have to create the entire shape, So I’m just gonna do this again with the pen tool and I will probably speed this way up [Music] [Music] [Music] Okay, so now! I’ve made my shapes and I’m going to select all of these by holding shift and clicking on each one and then just come back over here to Pathfinder. Make compound shape. I’m gonna back out a little bit and I’m gonna hit Ctrl Alt. I’m to to unlock, so I’ve got my layer here. That is 60% opacity. I want to bump that back up to 100 and I want to select my compound path that I just made right. Click and hit make clipping mask and this is the final product. Let me know what you thought of that tutorial in the comments down below, Go ahead and smash that like button and check out some of my other tutorials, and I will see you in the next video.