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Beautiful Books & Cover Love!

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Hello, my loves. Welcome back to another video. I’m Ashley, and today we’re going to be doing some book. Cover love with me showing you some of my most beautiful books. [MUSIC] Surprisingly, I’ve had this video requested a lot. I have never been sure whether it’s something that you guys would want or not, but apparently, so because the last time I asked for suggestions, so many people requested this one, so here we are. I will, of course, tell you about the books as I go through them. We have a big mix of Hardbacks paperback special editions, normal editions. So hopefully there is something that would also attract your eye too. What you are about to realize is that I really love detail and foiling. If you have detailed, foiling, then I’m buying it. There’s definitely a theme with these books, and you’re about to see that throughout this video, But let’s just look at some beautiful book cover. Shall we so the first one that I want to show you is this which is the first and only folio society book that I own. This one was actually gifted to me by Cody over Christmas, and it’s now one of my most treasured possessions because it is beautiful. So this is how to see fairies by C van sandwick and as you can see, it is in a red slip case for protection, which is covered in all of these kind of gold doodles of mice playing a loot and also a little fairy just perched on a branch. Now, when you actually open this and get the book out, this is what it looks like on the actual book cover. We have a kind of raw cloth, look to it and this really beautifully coloured illustration on the front as well. I will do cutaways so that you can see close-ups of everything, but I had only vaguely heard of this book before Cody gifted it to me, but it just seemed to be this little collection of fairy stories. This is actually illustrated by the author too, and the illustrations as well are just incredible. So inside here we have stories called the fairy market how to see fairies, the gnome King’s Treasure Song Pocket guide to the little people afterglow, we folk and the fairies at Christmas and this really is just the most quaint looking thing I’ve ever seen in my life. There are also parts of this book, which do pop out so that you can see an extended illustration inside the calligraphy all the way throughout is just a beautiful touch, and I feel like it matches the tone of the entire book really, really well. I really cannot get over. How stunning this book is. I flick through it all the time because it is just the most precious little thing, And so like I said, queen is the word that I keep using to describe it because this is the exact thing that I think of when I think of English folklore, they are the sort of stories that would surround magical toadstools. And you know, the sort of fairies that would flit around flowers. There’s a lot of small woodland creatures throughout such as birds and mice, even hedgehogs at some point and it really does just. Oh, I love it so much like I said, this is definitely one of my most treasured possessions, and I cannot. Thank Cody enough for gifting this one to me moving on to these incredibly shiny ones, which you can see in the background. These two are both actually also part of my folklore collection, This first one being lemon Arthur, otherwise known as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Sir Thomas Mallory. This one is a leather look. I don’t think it’s actual, real leather, but it is a leather style book. This is the Canterbury classics edition and it is just again. Beautiful, I’m gonna try and not say that throughout this video, because, of course, they are otherwise they wouldn’t be in this video, but this was very much a cover buy for me. I don’t know how plausible it is for me to. Just sit and read this because it’s huge, but as you can see, we do have this leather look design with gold, foiling on it and then the edges have this gilded gold effect, which definitely grabs the eye. Whenever you see it when you open it. The end pages have illustrations on them, which just look almost like they’re chiseled or carved into some kind of clay and similar illustrations are shown all the way throughout the book. The illustrations in this are done by Aubry Beardsley. I can’t find specifically, who did the cover design? I don’t know whether it’s the same illustrator, as who did the rest of the illustrations. But as I said, this is the Canterbury classics edition and surprisingly, this didn’t cost too much. You would expect it to with how fancy it looks. But I added this one to my collection. A few years ago and it’s definitely an appreciated edition because I just love it on a very similar vein. I also have this Treasury of Irish fairy and Folktales, which is very much the same sort of design, which is surprising, actually. Because this is the Barnes noble edition. I think the Canterbury classics are the Uk’s version of Barnes and Noble editions because as you can see very similar in design, but this is probably one of my all-time favorite covers because not only is dark green, my favorite color. But this just has such an intricate Celtic design on it, which I love looking at and just trying to pick apart. I guess, because it’s all woven together so carefully, and I just think it’s such a lovely design to really take in and appreciate inside again. We do have more of a watercolor illustration in this one. The cover illustration was done by Janina smukrivik, the cover design done by David to avanission and the two end paper. Watercolors are done by two different people, so we have a painting called an autumnal evening’s dream done by Richard Doyle, and then the back end papers are a painting called spirit of the night done by John Atkinson Grimshaw. This book has so so many stories relating to Irish folklores, largely fairies, but we do also have witch stories in here as well ghosts. There’s all sorts in this book, and this is very much the sort of book, which I would use as a reference book because again. This is a pretty huge! There are many hundreds of pages in here, at least over 700 so not the sort of books that you would just sit and read, but definitely one that you would spend time appreciating and use as a reference book so again, another one, which I’m very glad to have added to my folklore collection onto some fantasy books one which I absolutely adore and I always have done is kingdom of copper by essay Chakraborty. This one is the second book in the David by trilogy and while I do love the covers of all of them. I picked out this one in particular because of the colour scheme of it. So with it being dark green again, It’s my favorite color. I feel like there aren’t enough. Dark green covers in the world. This one, however, is actually the fairy loot edition, so this is slightly different to the usual cover. It’s a lot darker, so you don’t usually have the gray black color that’s here And this does also have sprayed stenciled edges. They are just green on the top. However, this side, in particular, is this really intricate design that matches the signed end papers. When you open the book, the jacket design of this was done by Michaela alcena. And underneath the dust jacket. We do also have artwork by at I can draw things, which does depict one of the scenes within the book. I absolutely love it and this is actually one of my favorite series so very happy to have such a beautiful edition of it one which definitely could not go. Unmentioned is the collector’s edition of a court of thorns and roses, which again is in a slip case and does have this red ribbon here so that you can pull out the book and underneath we have some incredible, foiling because on the front, we have this depiction of Ferreira with her bow and arrow, and then on the back, we have a wolf silhouette, so when you actually open up the book to its full extent, it does show Freyra pointing her by and arrow at the wolf, which is one of the very first kind of iconic scenes from the series that kickstart’s the plot, so it’s definitely very, very relevant to the story. When you open the book, you do have these gold end papers, and then at the start of every chapter heading, you have this kind of rose design, which is also on the slip case and then on every single page. The rose design continues in the top corners. And I feel like it just really makes it look like a fairy tale, which is very apt, considering it is a beauty and the beast retelling again. This is one of my favorite books, and this one was gifted to me by Zafina from the psychonics and I just again. I adore it. My friends are so good at gifting me things. I really hope that they come out with the rest of the books in these editions Because I would be there in a hobby. One of my all-time favorite covers and this has been one of my favorite covers for a very, very, very long time anytime anybody suggests. Beautiful book, kind of content. I just immediately think of this one. Because this is Cersei by Madeleine Miller. This is what I mean. When I said I like detail and foiling this cover came out and nothing compared the cover design of this was done by David Mann, whereas the end paper illustrations were done by Greg Kulik. So the end paper illustrations show the island that Cersei lives on This is a Greek myth. Retelling cersei is the daughter of the sun. God, Helios. So I feel like this cover is just perfect because all the way through it describes how she has this kind of golden sheen from being the daughter of the literal sun, the cover does actually also continue onto the dust jacket itself, which is incredible. The detail of this, it’s definitely one of those books. I could just stare at for hours because I feel like I always find new details whenever I look at it once again. This is one of my favorite books. So I feel like I am definitely blessed in the cover departments for my favorite books. This one wins in so many ways and I’ve actually done. A makeup look inspired by this book before in which I just covered my face in gold glitter. Basically, but like I said, this is definitely one which always brings to mind immediately whenever I think of a beautiful book cover because this, this is my thing, I love this Another one, which has really intricate, foiling is master of sorrows by Justin T. Cole. This one is a very complicated fantasy book, and I have read. It recently absolutely adored it. I will leave a link to my January wrap-up down below in which I talk about this book because I’ve been talking about this book a lot recently, but the cover itself is just incredible. I did not expect the entire thing to be foiled. I knew that it had this intricate design on it but foiled as well. Oh, my goodness, the cover is designed by Patrick Knowles design and one small detail. I really like is that where the dust jacket bends around the cover. It does actually continue on the inside as well, so it just makes it seem really put together, and I definitely feel like this level of detail, as well as the colour contrast, just really suits the epicness of the story. I guess at the very least, it definitely is one that catches the eye, and the second book is going to have a very similar design, but with a black instead of blue, so it’s going to look very like dark and atmospheric when you have them side by side and I cannot wait one book which gets so many questions every single time people see. It is kingdom of the Wicked by Carrie Maniscalcro, specifically the fairy loot edition because this this, so the actual cover itself is also an alternative covers. This is more of a purple toned version of the original cover, but it is definitely the sprayed edges that catch everybody’s attention because this is probably the most detailed sprayed edges I’ve ever seen in my life. The level of intricacy within this, I didn’t even know was possible with sprayed edges, but it’s so beautiful, and they are probably my favorite sprayed edges I’ve ever seen within my life as well as that underneath, we do also have this foiled illustration of one of the main characters inside Which just I mean. Does this not make you want to read the book? And we do also have artwork underneath the dust jacket created by Morgana zero anagram. The cover design was done by Liam Donnelly and Megan Cowell. This is definitely one of those books where whenever I catch a glimpse of the sprayed edges. I’m just like, oh, all over again. Because it’s just it really is breathtaking. How detailed this is absolutely love it. So then we do also have a few paperbacks, one of which being a pinch of magic by Michelle Harrison. This one is a middle-rate book, and it’s just one of the most magical books. It follows three sisters going on this kind of adventure. It has a witchy story tied in with it and I just adore it. Normally, I don’t like purple and yellow together, but with it being more gold rather than yellow. I think it really works. I love the tiny details of the illustrations are taken directly from the story and put on the cover and just the overall style of these illustrations. I think work really, really well with the actual story. The text map and chapter illustrations were actually done by Michelle Harrison herself, but the cover illustration was done by Melissa Castrillon, the rest of the books in the series do also match and just look beautiful side by side. So this is definitely one which caught my attention and I love the story inside just as much. I think this was my first five star middle grade, if not my only five star middle grade, so definitely one to keep an eye out for if you’re wanting something easy to read another cover, which I love is Doc. Heavy or vicious spirits by cat true. This one is the second book within a series inspired by Japanese mythology. The first book is Wicked Fox, But it’s this cover in particular that I absolutely adore. I just think it looks so modern, and I love the fact that it has a cityscape as a background. But then you have the main characters, but also this animal, just kind of hovering in the background, looking kind of ghostly like the spirits that I presume are within the story. This is definitely an illustration thing. I just adore it. I love the color scheme. The gradient from blue to purple is just beautiful. And I think it does really really suit. The story itself. The jacket art is done by Valentino reminder and the cover design is done by Dana. Lee, I’m not usually a huge fan of blue covers, but this one, this one does it for me. And then the final paperbacks I’m going to mention is actually these really tiny ones, and it is a full series because these are the black thorn and grim books by Juliette Morillier. All of these are just beautiful. If I put them side by side as you can see, they do have this purple and pink color theme to them, but the reason why I love these so much is because they look like classic fantasy colors. They look like watercolor paintings really, really intricate designs of you know, women within nature, the old-fashioned dresses which I wish we could still wear nowadays without looking strange flowers in their hair. It’s just the exact aesthetic that I would very much like to live, and it reminds me of fairy tales once again. The color palettes on all of these are just beautiful. I especially love the second. One with the Pinks and the Greens, pink and Green has always been my favorite color combination, and even though these are quite literally just tiny fantasy books. They just feel really special to me because I love the covers so much. I know they’re not going to be for everybody. I know a lot of readers don’t often like having people on the covers, but this is an exception for me. I am usually one of those people who is also like. No, thank you, but these ones, I’ll make an exception. They really do just look like fairytale paintings, and I want to live in them quite frankly. I love this set so much, it’s just again. Queen is a good word for it. Queen Magical woodland Whimsy is what I would describe these covers as and I love them so with that being said that. Is it for this video now? I did actually have a hell of a lot. More covers, which I could have put within this video because I feel like cover game has been so strong recently and I am very happy about it because just having a beautiful book alongside the story inside is just top tier. We love it, so I want you guys to let me know what some of your favorite covers are. Whether you have a certain vibe that you like going for like. I said I have detail and foiling. As my kind of things I will automatically stray towards. What would yours be for now? Though I will let you get on with your day. So I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did then remember to leave a like and a comment. Let me know that you’re here. If you’re not subscribed already, then please consider doing so down the description box. You’ll find information too, all the books I’ve mentioned all of my social media and other bookish stuff as well. So be sure to check that out if you haven’t already, but for now, I hope you’re having a lovely day and I shall see you next time with a new video bye you.