Panoramiche Photoshop | Creare Foto Panoramiche Con Il Photomerge Di Photoshop Cc 2020 (tutorial Ita)

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Creare Foto Panoramiche Con Il Photomerge Di Photoshop Cc 2020 (tutorial Ita)


Hi, everyone today. Let’s see how to create a panoramic photo in Photoshop for create a panoramic photo. Starting from several shots, we just go inside file, automat and search photomerge will open a window with different options that allow you to combine multiple photographs and multiple shots and thus create a single image. You can choose directly from our computer. The list of images by pressing in the browser or you can use the files that are already open within the program. In my case, I will use this option, so I will go to close the import window. The basic photos and only then will. I add them to the photomerge and this because having taken in Rome, I prefer that the files are opened first in camera raw in order to make basic changes on lights and colors and only after creating the overview In this case, I have already made the changes as you can see. We have already made a video on the camera raw that you can then go and see once the colors of the various shots in so that they join together better. This is the first this is the next. I will go directly to open in Photoshop the shots. Now that all the photos we have taken and reworked are open. We can go to file again. Automat, photomerge. We tell him to open files and here. They are automatically inserted in the correct order, especially if we have a consequential numbering to this point, we can ask the program to follow different paths. The default one, which selected the automatic option then will be the program, based on how the photo was taken to choose the most appropriate assembly because there there are several ways to put them together goes simply because depending on the number of shots that we make then the difference between one shot and another E, Especially depending on the deformation of the lens. The program will have to create overlaps trying to eliminate all distortions problems that may exist like now, There is also a large presence of people objects such as vehicles that are in one photos, but not in another because they are in motion and we could not take the photo in a moment. Let’s say free from objects that move. All these factors are processed by the program is, however we can by of a rule from follow, for example, See Krapina perspective, then it will give precedence just the perspective or spherical. This is very interesting because when you need to create certain types of images, especially those 362 360 degrees. We have to choose spherical because it is a particular standard method, which is used to precisely create 360-degree panoramas and so on. So let’s say that the best thing is to test them directly. We can try anyway. If we don’t know which one to choose that automatic, then there are further options below as, for example, giving permission for the program to fill automatically empty areas. Should they be present when joining the various ones photo, correct geometric distortions and any effect vignette, then the black around the sides of the photo that could be there and that then it would make the collage of these photos visible. Let’s just try to stitch the images together using analysis automatic. Then click OK and wait for the software to do the operation. The software has finished calculating and automatically created the our collage. We can see something interesting. First of all, It actually created not a single image, but a set of layers already cut out by taking the pieces from the various photos. This means that we have in any case the possibility of deactivating the single clips that have been taken and make any changes to the individual layer if necessary. The other thing we notice is that there is some kind of empty frame. This is due to the fact first of all that the photos were taken freehand and then the panoramic was not taken. Let’s say in a precise way, always with the same height between one photo and the next, so this certainly created the generating these scraps these edges. But this is also due to the fact that the method that the software used for putting the collage together generated some distortion on the sides and therefore space has been created as a result. Empty in this photo. In particular, we see that no particular junctions are seen, because in fact, I had already modified in starting the lights colors of the photos just to make the more uniform possible. The fact remains that if there were of the lines or agglomerates for these diaries of color that evident in the the fact that there was a clipping, we can always go to correct them using Photoshop tools, so the first thing to do is definitely see if the final clipping, we may like it or not or if necessary, do it again the operation, because precisely the way in which the photos were joined. Could we don’t like it? So it might be useful to try a different method here in my case by simply using a crop, we are going to delete the parts so to speak in advance, and we have the final result that in mine case is absolutely acceptable as there are precisely no clippings, visible or other elements. We can then improve the photo, but with some tweaks. If we want to make changes a this panorama globally, we can do in several ways or use if we are used to using them of the regulation layers and therefore we’re limited to using these types of adjustments, we see why will be applied to all underlying Dyers or we can simply decide if we need to make individual changes to merge yesterday and a single image, then with the right button, we can simply say emerge layers. Then a single image will be created Like you see a single layer. Even the preview is more precise because we saw small ones so to speak of the small cracks, which in reality were the various clippings that the program carried out, which have now disappeared completely from now on. This is the only picture, so we can actually make any kind of modification and it will be applied to the whole image, so be it at the level of colors of lights or if we wanted, for example to eliminate some unwanted object, such as this lamp post, take more Amalgamated the sky and so on to give you an example if I just open it again Whole of filters, the camera raw, any effect will come applied to the whole image. So for example, I could go and change the lights, the color temperature and so on. So when we are satisfied, we can save the image without any problem if we do not like the final effect, or we want to make different versions. We just need to go back to the photomerge outlet. We add the open files, and you see that it tells us precisely which files must be saved. First, make the merge and in this case now, but was referring obviously to the overview that is still open in the program. Then him it considered it as to be inserted, but it automatically excluded it because we didn’t save it if it was still in the list you can remove by selecting it and pressing the walls, so in this case we could, for example, say, activate, for example, the geometric distortion correction, which should remove distortion effects which, however, in this particular photo are not very evident, E see the result with this new processing or change method for the union of these photos, for example, while keeping the perspective as much possible faithful. Let’s just test to see the differences here. You see that in this case, for example? The choice of the method has led a result that is inadequate precisely to an overview as it has created, Actually the method we have chosen more distortions than the previous than what the software deemed best for this sequence of photo. Therefore, it is very important to do some tests and especially compared to how the photo was taken. The best it would design the photo. Well, if you have a chance to do it in a manner precise so that all the various shots are consistent with each other and have above all the right number of shots, then the right distance between one framing and the other so that the program has enough information to crop and merge all the various questore photos in a nutshell. How do you pan using Photoshop? Let me know in the comments. If you liked the video and we will as usual, see the next video.