Pantone Colors In Photoshop | How To Use Pantone Colors In Photoshop Elements 2021 2020 2019 2018 15 Tutorial

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How To Use Pantone Colors In Photoshop Elements 2021 2020 2019 2018 15 Tutorial


Hi. I’m George, and I’ll be showing you How to use Pantone colors inside of Photoshop Elements now. If you liked this video, make sure you hit that like button. Don’t forget to click on share as well and also subscribe. Will you subscribe also click on that. Bill icon, a couple of times that way you’ll get notifications of my new videos, and if you want to learn everything about how to use. Photoshop Elements take a look at my complete training course, And there’s a link for that right down there at the top of the description. OK, let’s get to it. The Pantone color system is one that is used frequently if not almost all the time in printing. Now, the reason for that is that Pantone has come up with standardized colors and they have numbers for those colors. And then you can get color swatches so you can find an exact color match and also printers can get the actual ink, mixing recipes to exactly match that color in their print presses, so it’s a very, very useful system and is used all the time in professional printing. The trouble inside of Photoshop Elements is that you don’t have any way to easily select Pantone colors. Now, if I bring up the color picker over here, there we go. I know that this blue here is going to be inside this range somewhere. I can kind of get close just by eyeballing it and I can probably get pretty close to that just by doing a little bit of quick choosing here, but then I’m trained as a graphic artist, so I have a lot of experience on doing that. That’s probably pretty close, but it’s not exact, and if you need to have the exact number here or this exact color will need to have some way of changing or a color down here, using the RGB values or the hexadecimal values or the hue saturation brightness level of values. So you need these numbers in here to do that now. If I was working over on the Adobe Photoshop program, it more expensive, more advanced program. You can actually change your display here to show Pantone swatches. Then you just choose your Swatch and your also to go real easy to do, because, of course, that’s the professional program designed for professional graphic artist and photographer, but El-amins isn’t designed that way, so we need to be able to convert this and not this swatch here with the actual number for this over into our RGB values or our hexadecimal value Right down here. Luckily, there’s an easy way to do this. And Pantone has supplied that to us. Let me just bring up the Pantone website. Real fast here here. We go easy to find. It’s at Pantone. Calm right there, Pantone. This is the actual company that supplies. This color does all this great stuff for us. This color matching stuff now. If you scroll down to the very bottom of this page past all this advertising, of course, all the stuff that they sell, they’ll go to the very, very bottom of the page right down here where it says color tools and then in here, there’s find a Pantone color. Just go ahead and click on that, and it’ll bring up a nice big Pantone color Swatch in here. Give it a second to load in there it. Is you know here you can find your actual? Pantone colors now. If you just want to find a color that you like, just look through here and find when there’s a big, long list here of colors as you can see this fun one that you like and you can see right down. There, there’s the number for that Now. That’s nice if you’re just looking for a Pantone number, But how do we find an exact number that we may have been given in a project? You bring back up that? Photoshop Elements, file And then let’s find the actual color for that pretty easy here. I have the number on that Swatch and just get this out of the way there we go, so I’ll zoom in on that number and it’s 18 – 4 5 3 8 Okay, let’s go ahead. Bring back up. The Pantone paid and then type the number over hero says filter and that’s 1 8 – 4 5 3 8 Now we’re not seeing anything yet over here, and that’s because there are several different color sets that Pantone has available right now. I’m looking at the formula guide coded. This is the most standard one is for glossy paper. This is for matte paper and those are what are normally used. But this isn’t one of those colors in here. So what, you find it it just to work your way down now. This is in the Pantone matching system for graphics up here, so it’s not showing. Here’s won’t be showing in any of these. Let’s go down to the next section and that’s right down here. Fashion, home and interiors lets. Try this one here. I’ll do the top one on that section. Let that think and there we go. There’s that Swatch right there. So we found our Swatch color. Now just click on the Swatch and that then brings up a new page with just information about that particular Swatch right there and for us. The important stuff over here is the color values. This is an RGB value of 0 120 and 167 or a hexadecimal HTML of 0 0 7 8 a 7 Now you can use either of these two numbers if you want to either change the. RGB values or just more easily done here with the hex HTML. Vitam you select it this way. There we go all right, click and copy. We can not just paste that right into the color picker over in Photoshop Elements. Let’s bring back up the color picker over here and then right down here where it has a little pound sign right there. Just change that to that other number. I’ll just do a right click and paste. There’s that exact number choose, okay, and that is the exact color. Now now it may not look exactly the same here on screen. That’s because on this one. I just took this swatch here. I use the eyedropper tool right there. I copied it with the eyedropper tool and then pasted it in down here, so it may not be the exact right color. This, though, is the exact right color because it now matches the hexadecimal. Now the A is in lowercase here. It’s uppercase over on the Pantone page doesn’t make any difference the same thing, so we have that set. Now all we need to do is just take the paint bucket and make sure that. I’m on that right layer. I’ll click into there just a slight shift on that and there we go this color now exactly matches that Pantone Swatch let’s go back to fit screen, so that’s how you do it. That’s how you can easily take a Pantone number of Pantone color if you’re given one and then get the exact matching color to use inside of Photoshop Elements again real easy two-part process, It’s all done through the color picker right over here and either using the RGB values or the hexadecimal values right down here, That’s the easiest one and then using that hand tone website to find the exact matching color. I’m gonna show you that again. One last time, okay, here. We also go back to the home page for Pantone right there. There’s your home page again. It’s just at Pantone. Com scroll clear to the bottom, right there. Find a Pantone color. Click on that this takes you into that. Pantone page right here and up here. It says filter just type in your number and then the one that we had was 18 4 5 3 8 and do a search for that. If you don’t see anything in here, then check one of the different color systems. This is our graphic, so I’ll scroll down and check the next one. Fashion home top choice will work out. Just fine for us usually. Then see your swatch there. It is click on that and then right, there are the values that you need and the easy one is the hex. HTML value right there. Just copy and paste there. We go copy and paste that right into the color picker right down there, and there we go. You’re now using Pantone colors right inside of Photoshop Elements, okay. If you liked this video, make sure you hit that. Like button. Also click on share and subscribe and to learn a whole lot more about how to use. Photoshop Elements take a look at my complete training course. And again that’s right down there in the description. OK, and I’ll see you next time.