Pattern Brush Illustrator | How To Create Pattern Brushes With Corners In Illustrator

Ashley Cameron

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How To Create Pattern Brushes With Corners In Illustrator


Welcome back and one of the last videos. I showed you how to create a rope pattern. Brush in this video. I’m going to be showing you more specifically. How to create the corner tile. I’ve already done a little bit of practice just to help so this go quickly, but for instance. This is the corner that I’ve done for this black rope and what I’m going to be creating in this video. Is this outline rope? So this was the piece? I pulled into the pattern brush area and another reason. It’s a good idea to keep the working objects is at a time like this. I do want you to make sure that your smart guides are turned on by going to view Smart guides or the shortcuts here, command U or control. You gonna go ahead and create a copy of this command C Command V and I’m gonna double click, and we’re gonna copy by selecting the box, the clipping mask here, so come in to C, click out of this by double-clicking Command V and let’s go ahead and get into Outline Mode Command. Y I’m going to drag my upper box and I’m gonna create a copy of this clipping mask and the shapes copy/paste and we’re gonna rotate this 90 degrees and I’m going to make sure this corner Square is square with both pieces and aligned. Now if we go back to preview mode, I’m gonna go ahead and release the mask of this area by doing a cut. Okay, Command X, and I’m gonna paste it into place command. F just like and keep the box and I’m gonna copy and start creating this corner. You can go back into outline view to make sure these are aligned. I’m going to also release the clipping mask by doing a cut clicking out and doing a command. F to paste in place again. I can check my work. And now we can start deciding what the corner piece is going to look like ungroup and using my scissor tool C. I’m gonna start trimming. This might use the pen tool to connect these using my direct selection tool, hey! I’m going to keep modifying these. You can spend, however, much time. You’d like perfecting your corner. This looks fine for the demo and what I want to do now is make sure our square is to the front so object. Arrange, bring to front. I’m going to create a mask, so command seven or object clipping mask make. I’m going to create a copy option shift, clicking and holding, and now I’m gonna do a copy of this square copy paste in Place Command F, I’m gonna go ahead and lock it. Come in to, and I’m going to expand object, expand, fill and Stroke and in the Pathfinder, I’m gonna merge so now we have just the cleaned up corner shape. I’m gonna unlock object, unlock all, and I need a group now, so I wanted to retain the square piece, so let’s do a command G to group them. Were ready to place this into our corner Tile square, holding down option or your Alt key click and drag the shape into the corner tile. Which is the first block click. OK, and you’ll notice that if I drag the brush out, there’s a slight misalignment because the box of the Rope is right against the shape, whereas this one has some space to it, so I’m going to ungroup this command, shift, G or object Ungroup and I need to go back into Outline View Command Y getting the direct selection tool, pull this rectangle to the same height as our corner piece holding down option. Put this back into the main tiling area. Click, OK, then let’s zoom out and create a box. You’ll see we now have corners. We still need to create the inner corner, applying the brushstroke, so in order to create the inner corner. Which is this tile right here? Let’s create a copy of our corner and this took me some trial testing. Let’s do a rotate 90 and now we’re gonna do object transform, reflect vertical. Okay, and I’m gonna do option and drag it into this fourth tile. You’ll see it’s not rotated correctly, So let’s hit, okay. Rotate it back 90 Hold down option. Drag it back into the fourth tile, and now it’s lined up. I can understand if that was confusing. So now we have our outer and inner corners created, and if you’d like you can also create tile pieces for the end point and the starting point. If this video helped you out, please, like the video and subscribe, thanks for watching.