Photoshop Combine Shapes | How To Merge Different Shapes In Photoshop To Make A New Single Shape Layer

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How To Merge Different Shapes In Photoshop To Make A New Single Shape Layer


And so, in this video, we learn how to use multiple shape layers and merge them together to create a new single shape layer. So what’s the benefit of using it? The benefit is suppose we are going to create. If you like, have a requirement for this type of icon or this type of icon or maybe even even of this type of icon in your design and like, let’s create this burger. I can, so this is a fancy-looking burger I could, but if you create multiple designs like this, maybe like this, alright, and then just press ctrl J to duplicate the layer and then again ctrl J to duplicate the layer. Traditionally, this this one’s the burger I can that was reuse, so it’s all up on the design. If you want to use a different one, you can use it and you can learn one more thing in this video that if you have liked this design and you want equal distribution among the different layers, what you have to do is just select all the three layers in the layers panel and then click over here. This distributes the three layers equally. Now suppose we want to create the center one a little bit wider than the other two. You maybe look more like a burger. All right, now you can see that in the shape in the layer’s panel in the layers section over here, all the three shape layers are different. So what happens is suppose, except certain point of find the background is supposed to be white. Okay, and I want all the three layers to have one single color, But currently what I’m supposed to do is Ill. Just click on the this particular area over here and choose a color. I’ve made this black one and I have to repeat this process for all the three. I can also change the color by pressing the shape layer tool in the new and then choosing the fill color from away. Okay, so this had three three objects, but we wanted all of them to have a single color. So for that what I could what I occur I could have done earlier was just select all the three layers, right. Click them and choose merge shapes. What this does is this just creates, um, one shape layer. Okay, and you know what, but when you change the fill color, you will see that all three layers are changing the colors together. Now, what happens is sometimes you might need to change the any of the aspects of any one particular rectangle over here. So what you will have to do is you’ll just have to select this tool. The path selection tool you can also press a to select it now. What happens is since all the three layers have three different paths, so you can select one any one path and you can alter any of its parameters from this properties bar like if you wanted this one to be like this much, and this one also like to be this much over all the all the three layers have merged together, so all of this is in one layer, but you can also work on these layers. Individually, This keeps your layers panel more sophisticated in systematic and easy to use one more option for using this sort of merging of shapes is to cut something out of any shape. Suppose we have a sphere over here, this color and this used orange color, and we fought to remove this. Pentagon out of it. So for someone if they don’t know how to use this tool, what they what they would be probably doing is then just match the front shape player’s color to the background and it would look it would appear like it is subtracted from the orange layer, but when we just take off the background layer, we can see that the both of two layers are present over, so for such case what we can do is we can the select both the tuners go to the layer’s panel and here we have to find combine shapes, okay, so the first option that we had learned was unite shape now. This is subtract front shape. Okay, so what we want? This suggest probably its name. Is that if you subtract the front shape from the bat shape? This is what what is going to happen, okay. I’ll just click it. Now what has happened is it has taken the fill color of the front shape, but the shape is now the subtract of the background shape from the front shape. Okay, so if I turn off my background layer over here, you can see the shape. Is this let me just change the color of the shape, so you can see it better, okay, So even in this shape, we can alter the Pentagon shape any at any point of line. It is selected like this to the part tool and we can move it. We can alter any of its properties, so this is the beauty of shape, layers and Photoshop keep learning. This was a really small and useful tip for designers all over the world we keep on posting more videos on tips and UI UX design. It’s like we’ll be creating a complete set of videos for the this apps. Ui design flow from signing to the complete user interaction forces, so stay tuned, be subscribed to the channel. And don’t forget to like and share the video. If you have learned. Or if you want someone else to learn from this video, thank you.