Photoshop Dem | Arcgis + Dem (modelo Digital De Terreno) + Photoshop / Modelo 3d

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Arcgis + Dem (modelo Digital De Terreno) + Photoshop / Modelo 3d


Good people this time. We are going to learn how to make maps in 2d and also in 3d with the help of geographic elements, but also with the help of a program that perhaps is not used much to generate Cartography, but that. It can also help us to prepare maps so aesthetics is quite useful but to generate the Cartography. It is quite simple, You need a digital model of the terrain or a den and that we can get on different Web pages or different reviewers who are in true internet. We will also need the program. Which I am telling you about is Photoshop, and we are going to need an extension and that later I am going to show it to. You ready is called 3 We are going to start the video. Let’s make it short so as not to lengthen this video so much then. As I told you, we are going to need a good digital model of the terrain choose in this case this. This is the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, True and part of the Serranía Del Perijá in Colombia. Not being more in this case. I go to save this mind PNG. We can also do it with an image downloaded from Atlas or any reviewer that allows them get hurt with any den. You guys have any model ideas of land? I am going to use in this case. This page is true that it also allows me to generate some order then. I am going to save in this case and here. I am saving my image and I’m going to open it in Photoshop. This is the one in which I am going to use true. This is the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and this is part of the Serranía del Perijá, then the extension. We need what we are going to use is for gas. I will try to leave them in the distribution of the video. So free so that you can have it. Then I bought it because it seems to me A quite useful tool to generate Cartography, and in terms of aesthetics, it is quite useful when making maps aesthetically visible, pretty pretty so to speak. So this is the extension we need is called 3d Gener editor. How are you seeing 33 the map generator, the rain. That’s the name of it ready. I’m going to try to leave the file in the description link so that you can have it, and then with this extension before showing you how to do so we can generate this type of maps. See these kinds of maps just by giving a few two or three pips with nothing more than do just have the then we can make that kind of maps. This kind of maps in third dimension see that they look quite striking and this is just one click. I haven’t even used beautify tools. The map is this 3d model. We can make this type of maps with curves of level and we can make this type of maps. Also, then there are countless variety of maps that we can make with this, and we will then proceed with the extension to generate a model in third dimension for this little good that. I have brought here for this exercise. Then this extension should be highlighted both the Photoshop program, like this three extension of Matener Héitor require enough resources in the computer. So in this case. I am using a computer that does not have a graphics card. Therefore, you will take a long time for me to do the process and that I am already preparing the cut the video and put it back with the result, so as not to take so long, the video, then after having the one here already entered is nothing more than giving file open and add the one of certain more than that and we give it OK, And there is one of this from LA Guajira, the case. I’m going to use this from the Sierra. We give you here to create new terrain certain we will use this option the second to create a new map, a new model in third dimension and all the productions come out, the first thing we are going to to do is to select here in this bar. The height level at which? I want my 3d models to come out if we put it in 5 they come out very ordinary, very exaggerated. If we put it, we get too deficient. The height then. I almost always use three or four. In this case, we are going to use four, see that. I’m just going to give a foot or two, and I’m going to be a model in third dimension. And voila, then see, I just opened my extension. Modify here from 3 to 4 and I will give my 3d model to come out to the right. I am going to give it here. In this button and there, it begins to be the process is nothing more than making those clicks ready and there it will begin to do everything. The process then here. I am going to cut the video moment because it takes a bit. My computer doesn’t have as many graphics card memory resources. I’m going to cut the video for a moment so that we can see the result. See, then this was the result of just giving two clicks. This is quite a 3d model. Well, enough good. It is not perfect but well. The height resembles the water. The vegetation, of course. This is not simply so this is simply the two simplest clicks one can make and here with the extension. We can add some kind of texture manually or we can add some texture ourselves and we are going to do. Add an auto texture so that our model looks more decent, then as well as this model, we can create any type of model 3D or any 2D map, like I showed them previously. Temperature maps there. The texture is applied. We give it to save, and and he automatically places that texture on our model 3d then. It is quite easy to do this type of modeling. These are more hard for presentations for an exhibition, maybe for a banner and maps that require Cartography that suddenly requires rigorous precision when measuring an object some distances that are more illustrative. Then we can use this type of tool. They are very good. They are not as expensive as I tell you. Around 100 thousand 110 thousand pesos is worth the plugin the extension so see here. We have an extension if we we wish we can place as a river, any other type of texture that we would like to see that a city texture and we just click here and we can add that texture in any part of our way. We can add a little bit there. All of a sudden of subdivision like the one we have here and we add here, then a little parceling and soon on this side, we can add another type of subdivision here, both in the middle, a little, let’s go and that’s it, and we have a bit of parceling, and so on, we can choose any type of tool that we want. We give him save, and he automatically applies those changes because to our model, we can generate depth in the water we can create rivers, we can create mountains manually. Not only the model creates it automatically. We can also based on a simple to a simple screenshot from Google, Earth or a digital terrain model. We can create our own 3D models that is quite important because those people who do not suddenly handle a digital model of the terrain, we know that it saves height attributes. We can also do this with a screenshot from Google. The results may not be the same themselves because Google captures on some occasion do not handle the data of height, unlike the Dita terrain model. That is why I always visited. I use the digital model, then see that the textures that you apply no longer appear here the case that we want to represent a city one subdivision, even a swamp area or something like that. If we want represent snow up here, we can also do it. This extension gives us many tools many. We can make a background any background that they are is any boy. We want to add to try all the icons that we want to add a cloud. Perhaps we can add the cloud to capture. We have. It appears to us in large to make it visible and then we can add it manually to our 3d model, just like the sun, just like any other element or icon that we want to add. Let’s do the small example we add. The cloud has passed. Remember that my computer does not have so many resources. Therefore, it gets a little slow and mutations. See, there is the cloud we can select the cloud in the layers. How about Hannover and voila? And we can transform it and move it where we want so we can do with any element that we have do with any icon. [APPLAUSE] We can’t move to where we are. We would like here is the cloud. Maybe if we can place the sun, we can also add the sun. We can add some landmarks anything else we want. We can add the no problem. Remember that the computers we use for? This must having a graphics card at least so that it is not like that is as slow as it is seen in the video, and I did it to show you how it works this this extension. How can we use them? See, then there is the sun and any other icon that we want. What are they all we can even care about many more and add many other things more. We’ll create the maps in two dimensions as shown above or models of these that we can use in presentations on billboards or other types of maps that we want to make see there are those maps where we can avoid. It also does not mean so this is the final output simply that is two clicks that I did, and it is generated automatically. We can do many modifications. Remove compass rose put. It add a legend, all that all the things many of the things we do on the quiz, we can do it here, but let’s say that the plus it has is the aesthetic that it looks a bit more striking, more beautiful. We went from making the traditional maps in Aragon cookies in any other software, His for make maps, suddenly a little more aesthetic and more eye-catching, for example, this map. The theme here is that ours is a topographic map, Then to this legend, we can modify it modify. The values ​​that are here of this highlights. The scale everything can be modified then. It is very good very well this tool. I recommend it and I would try to leave them in the link so that they can download it then. This has been everything then. I hope you liked it and it will serve you a lot until the next.