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Descreen Filters Comparison


Hi, I’m making this video to compare the different screening methods that people using and to see how each one compared to the other in terms of quality and the five methods. I’m going to I’m going to compare. Is the first one is the absence the screen that is from the stuff that I mean that the absence talk are software, and then the second one is the Silver Feherty screen. The third one is the immediate future from Photoshop full phone is also a Photoshop plug-in called the set body. Scream the fifth one. I mean, the last one is the its called pattern suppressor and is a Photoshop actions, and and here I already I already Victor’s version of scan and also with the with the absent the absence and silver fast scans already so in here. I have the original here. I have the absent and that’s more fast. Let’s check on the original this domain. So this is the original scan as you can see yes or it the screening, and then in here, this is, what is the absent Captain, The result or the absentee screen right that this one is the super fast they don’t know policy. All right, so and to see my setting my scanning setting here as you can see, it is on the silver fast, alright? This is because because the scan is so time-consuming. So I just skipped as doodle’s a half time. Alright, so then next up is. I’m gonna do the the median the median filter. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna hide the silver fast and absences are layer, and I’m gonna duplicate the original, and I got a name. It median and apply a filter filter noise medium. One so people do is take a look over two or three. Five is too much to to. I just go to alright. So this is a mini filter and I’m gonna compare autumn later, Okay, Next one is Safari screen, so go back. I’m gonna hide a meeting again. Go back to Virginia and duplicate it, and then go to the filter to sell our Ts green and with this filter is just does everything automatically, so I just click OK, and we name it to set the bar. Right next. Up is parent’s suppressor for this sum for this action, the ocean of action. I need to, I need to make a copy of the provisional because the action is good. The action is gotta find all the layers automatically so. I don’t want that, so I’m gonna I’m gonna do is. I’m gonna make a new copy of provisional one and then do the whole thing and then copy back. I mean, I mean, just just Jack it back into this original, so I’m gonna hi all of this all these layers and then accept the original and then just copy. Get a new piece back in here and here in my action Action window are really happy. The parent suppressor install it, and then he has all the options or the body yet option. This is for grayscale. This is for the color. I’m gonna use it for the color one. Yes, the step one is normal or aggressive. I don’t know which one, so whatever is normal, lets. Go continue! You got two orders steps. Okay, continue. What is well? Let me just, you know, item something wrong. Yeah, let me just just hide it. Yeah, yeah, it has a better. Where is it okay so? I’m gonna do is Im. Gonna you see all this lies here? I’m gonna I’m gonna paint with white to raise all those black lines. Where’s? My push appears so the center. I can anymore parties and just to avoid all these stars star shape. Because is where all the magic goes. The bigger as you can see when this is. This is very tedious. Okay, they also erase all these thing sent line. Keep all the star shape, then. Here, rush. All right, something like that. Um, yeah. I think then that is about it. I’m just pink or the unis over this circle thing As the is a details, so I want to review details. It’s that feeling that’s about it. The next step is to click on this apply suppression and then just run a script again. Continue no, so there’s. The results lets. Check it out, yeah? I’ll check later and then just trim it or you just trim it. Alright, completes. So this is the final. This is the final product here, and I’m gonna compare later, so I’m gonna track this layout back to the original one and set them on top. Talk it up a bit different app. I don’t care, yes, but why something’s wrong. We do it again. Hmm, just drag it back here. Yes, no books. Let’s place it on here and that’s about it. So the next step is to align autumn together, so I can better compare them. So as you know, the highlight all the layers. I’m gonna do the auto online thing. Let’s go all online, so they can be a line of on top of each other. All right, there’s no time to compare them. Close this, alright, so start off. He’s a visional, he’s original. I’m go stuff in the top. You sue a fast? How did you know, let’s do a vest, just blurry? Yep, and a blurry, older original. CFS is the oldest water. It just just blurs and shrink, not not not really good. And the next one is the absent absent there. You know, absent! It kind of do the same thing As the assistive refreshes just blurs the next this meeting median, which is completely changes shape. We do all these bodies characters. Just change the shape. This is the worst right next one. This is that file. Is that power there? What you know so far? Did you know looks like so far? The best wait now, usually if our original right next up is the suppressor. What’s the call, paradise oppressor? Paris oppressor! How did you know, parent’s oppressor? Did you know this compared to this comparison of Paris oppressor to the dude Silla fests boss super fast, super blurry, all right, This is it’s the process, but it did. It is not bad, but when you see the edges, see? I just it doesn’t really clean it. You and you just zoom in. Just why here? This is a visual when I do here. You just added some pattern back on to the line. So yes, it’s okay, but but not to it, right so here evidence. So this is a set-off. Stefan, yeah, this pretty much tells the whole story by comparing all the all these five five methods, the one. The one that is doing the best is the. This effort is green. Yeah, yeah. I mean, thanks for watching. I mean, yep. Thank you bye.