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The Discord Photoshop Hunger Games 3


Welcome gamers to. Photoshop Battle Royale, a competition where a hundred people will compete to do awful changes to random pictures from the Internet with a price pool of $500 featuring your host quackety and the judges. The entire twitch chat were also proud to announce that this competition has been sponsored by by mob wallet and by the Earbud. Company Rake on today’s contestants will Photoshop images, depending on what I ask them to do. So if I give them this picture of Karen and ask them to turn into a car. That’s what we’re gonna do. They have ten minutes to do. This and the competition begins. I am here sitting with my homie. Freddie Benson. If you want to join, this is how it’s gonna work out. We have two images, mr. Obama or naked, crazy frog? Now what I’m thinking of doing with Mr. Obama is make it so that he’s in a very intense situation. You guys have ten minutes to put Obama in an intense situation. Something that’s got him sweating through something that’s gotten like, Oh, my God, competition thoughts now, okay, So what should Obama be doing in the situation chat? Oh, dude! Obama could be working at the pizzeria shop. So he’s already sad, which is gonna make him a look a little worried. I have a great idea. What if he’s in a car and furrie’s are running really fast behind him. It would be a pretty scary situation if I do say so myself. I even feel bad at this point. I hope he’s okay. This is this is gonna be a very scary situation for him. Maybe you should make him a little more sad. Chad, I actually kind of feel bad. He’s not having a good time. Holy show, that’s scary. The time is up! You guys have 30 seconds to start submitting your. The time is up, lets. Go check out these submissions chat. But before we get into that and get a rate con for sponsoring this video. Hey, guys, have you ever wanted an artist to directly? Sing into your ears. Forget about it. It will never happen. You don’t know you exist, but you can replicate the feeling with rake on earphones. Yes, sir, recon’s are that will cover just about any of your audio needs. Hey, hey, look! I’m worried! Once right, now, freak on scum. In just about a huge range of colors and patterns, they are very, very comfortable and they can just fit anyone because becoming this little csgo type deep piece that is small, practical and can charge your rake on earbuds four times in a single charge. The greatest thing about the Recon earbuds is that these start about half the price of just about any other premium wireless earbud in the market, which is awesome, the new model. I’m wearing right now. Is the everyday e25 ray cons. They have about six hours of play time, more base and best of all. I can’t hear from the outside, and that’s exactly the way I wanted. You can use my link. Buy Rake onco’m slash quackety for 50% off on your oil, and I want to thank Ray Khan once again for sponsoring this video. And I hope you guys enjoy the rest of it. That’s a rollercoaster wise, a plane about to crash into them. Chat pass or no pass. Do they make it through to the next round, yes? Obama is on tinder and he got matched with James Charles while Michelle is watching in the background. Would Obama be in trouble there? I think that isn’t in test situation. He could match with me. Let’s be real for a second chance. That’s a yes from chat, okay. The do you guys mean the [ __? ] is a manager! Michelle Obama doesn’t strike me as a Karen. What, please I just want to jack off? Please okay well. I don’t! I don’t know what that what that means. You chat saying now? You guys are ruthless! I love my son. This just hurts me, man. Every time a picture of me is involved. You guys say yes, it’s me or her. Obama, that’s, uh, I would be an overview, but let’s hear from chat. Let’s hear chats voting. Yes, this is not good, no, dude! I would never get in between Obama and his girl. Dude, stamp. Oh, bot, what the [ __ ] is going on? Shut up [ __ ] let me. Oh, shut up [ __ ] let me play flappy bird cat says yes. Okay, the Michelle behind the slaughter. You’re making it through, You’re making it through, we’re all. Oh, my god! Oh, leaf ads. It’s got only pads on his right and oh, dude, holy, he’s working at Freddy’s. Okay, you guys make it to next round, lets. Show it a call and talk to it. Are you guys feeling this competition? Good in your life. Okay, that’s a question. I’m not gonna answer chat gangster pigeon Shane Dawson, on the least. And we have really fat monkey dude combined Shane in the monkey image and the funniest way possible. You guys have ten minutes to do so in the timer. Run snout, oh! I have a great idea. What if we make it so that Mr. Monkey man is like this absolute? Chad, well, Shane Dawson is on a leash. Holy pitch! I’m not even joking well. I’m so dizzy right now. Hey, let’s get this over with listen. I think Mr. Pimp here has several Shane Dawson’s. Take a break, you know what I get out? I got a break, Shane Dawson in half. All right, lets. Just go ahead and take a look at the last images, eggless? Yo, what the physicists are there, pimpin? They’re at a mall and he’s scary. Oh, he’s publicly displaying. BDSM at the mall. Sofia really is displaying a hairy key of BDSM. Here that that’s just amazing. You know what, let’s leave it like this for now? I’m not thinking straight we’re context At this point in time, I was running on three energy drinks and no food at all that day, so I felt like I was gonna die. But the competition continued a separate day and here’s how that one. Hey, everyone, welcome to very last round of Photoshop, Hunger Games and listen. What happened, lat? I died last time. I had a stroke. I died so tonight. We are finishing this game up, all right, so we’re gonna go ahead and talk to the contestants here. This is really poor. Guys winner gets so much money, it’s insane! [MUSIC] Since it’s around, I want everyone to be, you know, comfortable with. I’m gonna be open to suggestions as to what we should do with this picture and the picture. Is this man right here? He looks so good. My god, it’s a free round. I’m gonna let you to whatever you want to this image in the 15 minutes. Start now, all right. I’ll talk to you guys soon. What we have here is a beautiful display of a man rocking the full home-like. Alright, so what we’re gonna do first is we’re going to select this entire guy. You know what everything else gone? Oh, that this is so sad. Rock the Dwayne Johnson has no legs were. Just we’re just gonna give him what he deserves. And that’s a pair of tires, so that’s. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna grab off his tires? Oh, you know what, let’s give? Rock the Dwayne Johnson, somebody’s. Oh, dude! I have an idea these to rock the Dwayne. Johnson’s happen to be very charitable people. Holy it! I found the perfect image. This stair fell on him. That’s so oh, my god, is he dead? Oh, guess what it doesn’t have one leg. So I guess they can kind of relate to his situation. So I’m gonna put both the rock the Dwayne’s and I’m gonna make him into this small little ally. They’re about to help this man. Do whatever it is. He needs help in doing wait. What if they’re like the wheelchair gang? Holy, that would be so badass. So they’re going around beating people’s ass and their wheelchair boys because they got wheels this chairs. You know what I lied? These guys weren’t charitable at all. They just finished kicking some guy’s ass and some random ass alley. Dude, oh, [ __ ]! Maybe he can have his bat like this. Oh, my God, that it. Oh, my God, what if they took one of his legs through the leg stealers? This man’s leg is gonna be strapped to his back, so he’s like carrying it like a backpack. Oh, my god, this pork man. They literally took his other leg. We gotta add to the realism of it. If they did a job like this, there’s no way didn’t get messy. You know what I’m saying? Oh, [ __ ]! It looks too real, man. All right, so let’s head back to the discord server. I’m gonna be a distractor to all of you right now. Have 20 seconds left 20 seconds are up, Ladies and gentlemen, stop what you’re doing and submit your pictures, so this is. I wouldn’t explain this real quick. Dr. Dwayne Johnson and his Buddy Rock – Dwayne Johnson -. They are very bad men. They took his [ __. ] okay. What the [ __ ] is this? Johnson was conceding on Dwayne Johnson with you at a strip club. Are you kidding me? Is this a joke to you? This grandma material. Are you kidding me? Why’s a woman having a heart attack on the floor? All right, ghost boy, What the [ __ ]? Is this there’s too many words. I don’t know how to write this much in my life we don’t do. This is a blatant disrespect to me and everyone around us. I’m just gonna go ahead and ask you right now to apologize to everyone in this call. Joey and the rock together forever. These this is, what did you do? What the [ __ ] where’s? His eyeballs plucked it out, honey. What is this that’s amazing, all right. Explain this funny. Little cat died that your mic is scarier than the cat itself. That is really a really scary cat. I don’t your boyfriend and she sees someone else. Why are all these involving me getting heated on? I’m gonna talk it with the judges. All right, judges, listen. These are very embarrassing pictures. I’m gonna give you my personal opinion. The first one that goes through Dark Souls. Wayne Johnson, yeah. I think that one’s pretty good next one. I think that eggless yoke had a little bit more of thought, put into it. I really like the Obamacare behind this long problems. My favorite, the last person who makes it through is. Angie, I like the little face. She did with rock -. Dwayne Johnson. Are you guys seeing that the Louis’s Merc? That’s incredible, all right. Thank You, judges. I’ll be back with you soon. All right, have decided. Who are the people make it to next round Eggless yoke, ghost boy, honey and Angie, all right. Listen up this picture of me. I wanted to look more intimidating. I already am pretty intimidating, but this picture does not do me justice. Can you guys make me look as intimidating as possible? 15 Minutes start now. Good luck, fellas, so what? I think is to look more intimidating. You have to be taller. Oh, my God, what if I just have a lot of knees? This is like the [ __ ] matrix dude, guys, you know, when you’re about to have a school fight and then the kid’s Mom just comes over, and she’s like why the [ __ ]. Are you bothering my son? This is that kind of situation. I’m gonna have my mother protect me because she’s very intimidating. What if she’s scaring me like in a kangaroo pouch hole? Oh, that is beautiful! Ottoman, listen to be honest. I think we’re threatening enough. So, yeah, you know what we’re in a hostage situation, Middle of the streets. All right, perfect, not going down without a fight. Oh, my god, it’s me and my children. You’re gonna put a man on the bag. Didn’t diesel over here. It’s just peak and dude, He’s assessing the situation. We are in an active shootout. Oh, my god, this is so scary, guys. Oh, my god, what ended in the times up the pipes up? I’m gonna ask you guys to go ahead and submit your entries. All right, let’s see those. Oh, my god! Herbert, the pretty what the foods go. What the hell is this? It looks like. I just snorted three lines of heroin. What the [ __ ] is going on? I asked for one specific rule. Make me intimidating. So why the [ __ ] am I more scared of? Obama and his big-as’s shotgun. I knew I wanted. Apologize to everyone in this call. Freddy, film this so you can put it up. Why the [ __ ] does he? Why is he yelling like that? Oh, my god, are we? Are we doing a drive-by? That is honorable, honey. Whoa, oh, my god, what’s going on? Why are we raiding this guy’s? You and your squad or pulling up on him And it’s on and also on Facebook. I’m scared of myself. What can I say? I look terrifying. Dude, look at me. I’m just, you know what apologize. Apologize to everyone in this call. I’m scared you, you scared me. I’m sorry and pecs and muscles. You look, but it’s just the picture. I didn’t do anything to your head, all right, so you’re saying that’s my natural hair, right, that’s just ugly. You know what you might as well just call me a pathetic piece of [ __ ] while you’re at it. Fine, you’re a pathetic piece of [ __ ] that’s awful! Alright, we’re going to talk to the judges. Listen, guys, what’s your favorite? I like the Club Penguin one club David Wat that one goes to the next round. Angie could have done a little more in my opinion who loses? Angie ur, ghost boy. I like that ghost boy. You included Pitbull TV. Thank You, judges, gentlemen. Three of you make it to the very next and last round eggless. You make it to the next round, Honey. You make it to the next round. Angie and ghost boy. How have you both been doing? One of you is leaving tonight. Okay, all right. The truth of it is tonight. You leave empty-handed to the next round and next round is the last round. You guys are going to make use of the following assets sexy. Gordon Ramsay. Sexy, Curvy my bed. You guys have a total of 15 minutes, right easy. So this is what I’m gonna do. Kirby is going to be Gordon. Ramsay’s gym instruction. Gordon Ramsay has a great body. He’s sexy, dude. He’s got that Masterchef Genetics on him, But Kirby wants Gordon to be better. Where should they be, training gym their gym? Bros. I had a gym bro once it. Was this nice elderly couple So anyways? Clearly, the motivation for Gordon Ramsay isn’t enough, and Mr. Kirby here sees that, so he’s just gonna death threat. Gordon Ramsay. Dude, he’s gonna say you [ __ ] so we’re gonna get a gun too hot. Jesus, dude, this dude’s gonna die. What the [ __ ] am I doing? What is this? What am I doing? He’s no gym teacher threatening his [ __ ] student. Dude, holy, what if he did it with a bunch of student? Not just one, dude, but many of them holy. Oh, dude, they’re all so scared, and you know what, dude, dude? Some people, they don’t go to the gym to gym. You know, instead, they go to do nasty. Yeah, and that’s what these two are doing here. This guy is way too happy to be a gym instructor, so he’s not actually a gym instructor. He’s a recruiter or the National Kirby Terror group. That’s right, Kirby’s a terrible person. So you know what, let’s just go ahead and add a big [ __ ] explosion out of nowhere. I think explosions are something out of this world they really are. They really are explosions. To exist. You know who invented explosions this guy called? Albert Einstein and Albert Einstein was like, okay. I’m gonna create that because I think it’s funny And now, Albert, you’re responsible for much suffering is what no one has canceled. Albert, Oh, but but I decided to be five foot eight and try and get two into clubs. And suddenly I’m a pathetic piece of [ __ ] and I should be cancelled, right, you know, I might as well. Just kill everyone in this scene, dude, because it is ridiculous. I gave people a picture me and all I got was suffering. Does it matter with me, man? But moot sees khaki pants. Oh, my god! I can’t believe they’re wearing khaki pants, dude. In the middle of October. Come on, man, with us. My love–my wearing khaki pants. What the Daniel Craig? I can’t take it anymore up. Look at going crazy ever. Since my grandfather said right before he passed, he was like man. I think I’m done with this. He is teaching them the gym tactics. I think I’m actually done. I hope they’re finished hello. I was gonna clean my room. Guys, just remember to take your relax. Really don’t feel any pressure at all in a holy [ __ ]. You guys have 10 seconds left. All right. Everyone has submitted lets. Take a look at these potty. What the [ __ ] is this? Why is everyone eating on my bed? What’s going on an eggless? Yoke, you follow sexy, curvy toes, wine factory. This is how the fighters wide. When you make wine people like, stomp on grapes. We’re gonna decide us with the judges, all right, whoo! This one’s a hard choice. What do you think is the best option here? I really like bunnies. One, it’s incredible the way they integrated, just everything. I like. Ghosts, boys on how that goes, voice is good. It’s good. Yeah, but I feel like these past ones. Honey has been doing a better job. Yeah, you know so. I think just because of that. Maybe she deserves to take the win. Yeah, yeah. I agree it’s not all right, thank you. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Oh, ladies, when the first person in first place is no other than can I get some drum rolls and final Photoshop longer games [Music] all right, the person in second place and the second place winner with $100 Honey, what are you gonna do with the $500 I’m gonna, I’m gonna get something well. Fellas, that’s is the end of the competition today. Thank you, guys for participating and. I’ll see you guys very soon. Goodbye [Music] you [Music]!