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Fixing Dynamic Link


Hello, and welcome to video revealed. I’m Colin Smith. Let’s talk about how to fix Dynamic Link. You’re watching this because you’ve created something either. In After Effects or from Premiere Pro and the communication between the two applications isn’t working, let’s understand. First, what dynamic link is Dynamic Link is a separate version of. After Effects running in the background, it feeds individual frames to Premiere Pro. The benefit of dynamic link is it allows you to keep your after effects animation completely open and editable and live inside. Premiere Pro Premiere Pro doesn’t know anything about the animation capabilities of After Effects, that’s. Why Dynamic Link is that middle ground to allow the communication to flow from After Effects to Premiere Pro? It’s also useful that you can quit after effects. You don’t even have to have it running to allow a composition in the timeline to playback the first thing that you have to understand is that when Adobe creates Dynamic Link and it creates a version of Premiere Pro and a version of After Effects, they all have to be compatible, so if you’ve installed different versions of the applications at different times, and you’re getting a dialog box that says something’s wrong. It’s because you’ve gone behind the back of Premiere Pro and After Effects, and you’re just messing everything up. You have to install the exact compatible versions, the easiest way to do that is to install the latest version of Creative Cloud that takes care of most of the problems You can’t just arbitrarily grab any old version and the reason is. Premiere Pro is communicating to a certain version of dynamic link. Which, as I told you is a version of After Effects without a user interface, It’s called a headless version, so it’s a headless version of After Effects, it has to be the exact same version of the After Effects, the full program itself, so I want to create a dynamic link of this video right here, so I’m going to you. Hold the Alt key on Windows option key on Mac and Unlink this and then also hold option and Alt and drag it up and I’m going to send this to after-effects. This is useful because there’s no way to undo replace with after-effect’s comp, and if you wanted to go back later and throw away the After Effects comp and go back to your clip, if you don’t make a copy and put it on another track, then you have to go and find your clip and place it back in, so if you’ve chopped in and out points and stuck that in here, then you’re in trouble, so I always duplicate that right-click and choose replace with After Effects composition and this should give you an indication right here of what’s going on, you have to save the. After Effects Project, So I’ll call this Wonderwoman title and save that and over on the left hand side, We’ve got our comp and we’ve got the same clip and we’re going to create something in here. I want to jump back to Premiere Pro and show you. That is the linked comp right there. If you right-click on that and choose reveal in Finder on the Mac or Explorer on Windows, it’s going to show us that clip right there. That is essential the After Effects comp, although it’s in the timeline is actually linked to a file somewhere. You delete that file? You broke in dynamic link. That project has to be read by dynamic link. Before you can see it in the time. Don’t delete that that. After Effects project, all right, so let’s go back to After Effects, and I’ll create some things here. I’m just going to drag in a preset that I added just to get rid of my background. I’m going to import a few assets that I need for this. I’ll drag in that logo. I’m going to change the scale and while I’m doing all of this, If we go back to Premiere Pro, we can see it starting to show up now. The one reason you can still see the background is the clip below is still enabled. If I disabled that clip, then you’ll see missing background, so that’s one of the things you’ve got to be careful of if we’ve got that transparency back there. Okay, so I drop that in. Now, Let’s grab my stormy clouds and I’ll drop that down on the bottom and scale that I’m going to turn that layer into 3d and set a position. Keyframe move ahead. Move that up and move it down. So it’s coming right at the screen. I’ll turn on motion blur for that so that as it moves, you see that it blurs out of view. And now when I come back there, we go so now. I’ve got my dynamic link working back and forth, And as I showed you back over here. That’s the link that’s there. So if it’s broken, let’s imagine that you save this. You worked on it. It was great and then you open it later and something is broken. Well, you can go behind the back of Premiere Pro and just re import that and replace that comp in the timeline. So let’s try that I might be able to relink this. So if I make that offline. If you see that happening, right, click and choose link media, and you’ll get our link media dialog box and locate that one and there’s the title click. OK, and it should link back up. If that doesn’t work. I’ll make this offline again. If that’s completely broken, then re-import that now you have a choice of just deleting that, or you could leave that in there if I delete that, it’s going to remove it from the timeline here, so let’s not do that instead. Let’s re import that back in for that, we can just choose to import this. There’s our title, so I’m going all the way back to the other. After Effects comp, It’s going to ask me which comp I want. I’ll go all the way back to that. After Effects project, open it, pick the comp that I want. It shows up so there. It is all the effects working fine and what you can do is if you hold. If you select the clip the problem comp, hold alt on windows option on Mac and drag it over. It’s going to replace that out and keep everything the same. So if you’ve cut that up, it’s going to take all of the things that you’ve done on the timeline to that after-effect’s comp and just replace it, so option Alt drag it in the last tip to this is not so much a fixed dynamic link as just a great way to work, this is an! After Effects comp. So it’s always going to take all of this time to to playback and just be a slow comp. So if you want to make this faster, right, click on there and choose, render and replace, and you have a choice of rendering a new clip based on the sequence individual clips or any preset that you’ve made. I’m just going to leave it as the sequence settings. I’m going to leave mine as Dnxhd and I’m leaving it next to the original media. Click OK, and it’s rendering this out as if I was rendering out the After Effects comp itself, and now you’ll see it’s not red on my timeline anymore, and it plays back in real time. No problem, boom, there we go if you ever want to make an edit to this so right-click on it and choose restore unrendered, it now links it back to the dynamic link comp, so any changes. I make in after-effects are going to show up in Premiere Pro. So there you go those that that’s for the folks out there, having problems with fixing dynamically. Honestly, I have never had the problems that some people have have mentioned to me that they’re having with dynamic link and usually that’s because I’m just using the latest version of Premiere Pro and After Effects installing them both, so they’re both compatible. But if you ever do get anything broken, just re-import that comm. It amazes me that some people think that what happened was was something that you can’t recreate yourself that when you right-click and choose replaces. Click with that now. After Effects comp, Why can’t you do that yourself? Just re import that comp and replace it. It’s just a convenience that Adobe made for right-clicking to make that happen. Nothing special, just drop in the comp and fix that or locate it. And relink it and you should be okay. Alright, if you’re new to video reveal, then you found this informant. Take a moment. Subscribe you want to support us more. Join us over on patreon for as little as one dollar a month. We love our folks over at patreon. They’ve supported us for years. Now and we appreciate it. We also have a new donation button for. Pay Pal directly on the front of the channel. Thanks to everyone for all of your support. We really do appreciate it. If you’ve got suggestions for new tutorials, let us know, and hopefully it will become a new tutorial till next time. I’m calling smithing. It’s my job to keep you working correctly and looking [Music].