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The Flash Lightning In Photoshop


High-tech rubber’s. Welcome back! I know it’s been a month since my last video. So today we are going to make a flash lightning’s effect on Photoshop without making it wait any longer. Let’s go right into it. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] Okay, open your Adobe Photoshop and import the photo first we need to duplicate layer, right, click on this layer and select a pricket layer. I will name it. Motion blur, click. OK, then go to filter blur motion blur, set the angle. I will set it diagonally at minus 19 and for distance or blur level, set it to 55 and click. OK again! Now you see, the image becomes blu-ray. Now click here to add layer, Moss select the brush tool and make sure the foreground color is black. We need to brush the flat section figure in order to remove the blur effect from this layer. After you brush the whole figure, you will get this result, which the flash stays in focus and the background remains blurry, change the background color to white again and brush the figure. Just in case you want to make some part of it blurry again. Now let’s import this lightening pictures. You can download it from building in the description. I choose this one. It’s the running effects lightening drag it into the Photoshop place, enter to place it, then change the blending mode to screen. Now move the Lightning to the place that looks best right, Click on the layer select rasterize layer, so you can edit it freely. Open levels by pressing command L for Mac users or control L. If you use windows slide the center point to the right to reduce the light that comes from the Lightnings click OK to modify the Lightning Shape. Press Command, T or CTRL T. It will allows you to free transform this image right-click on the image and choose the store and try to adjust the light named shape by dragging all these points. I rigged this a little bit to the left. I think you can do better than me. For this type of editing after you’re done, go to filter blur, Gaussian blur, set the radius to 2.2 pixel and click. OK, create a liar. Must try to paint it with black brush if needed now important, a dry lightning picture. I think this one will do repeat all the previous step for the Lightning effects like changing the blending mode to screen and just level and then transform it. I’m gonna make a little adjustment for the first lightning, using free transform, right, click and select warp. I’ll try to make it more realistic. This is a bit tricky. When changing the image perspective, we just need practice to get used to it. It’s more like trial and error here even. I still working on this part to get better now. Import another lightning pictures and repeat all the step before you can change the Lightning color by opening hue/saturation and play with the hue slider also use the curve to add more color. I’m gonna speed this little bit. Since the process is similar, select the motion blur layer and click this brightness or contrast icon. You could reduce the brightness a bit. [MUSIC] right-click on it and choose create clipping mask create new layer. Now I will add the reflection like from the lightening, select the brush tool don’t forget to set the foreground color to blue set a big, precise and plan its running lightning, change the blending mode to overlay and slide the opacity and fill to match your needs. I will slide it a bit to the left. Open hue saturation slightly view and try to match the color [Music] create a new layer. I’ll rename the layer. The first one is overlay. The new one is color Dodge, now paint it following the lightning again and change the blending mode to color dodge, adjust the opacity and fill again. You will notice some soft blue line from the PNG image that we insert. I mean, the Lightning image find a layer and now create a layer mask and paint it with black color brush to remove it. I will make a little adjustment here. Placed lightning and try to paint another blue brush on overlay layer [Music] [Music] now create a new layer again, I will paint the eyes using brush tool with blue color, then change the blending mode to overlay open the hue saturation by pressing command U or I’ll control you adjust the hue slider to match the eye color or to find a color that you want duplicate the layer change the blending mode to color. Dodge, adjust the opacity and fill create new layer press shift + delete to open fill and from the option content, choose 50% gray after the image turns gray now change the blending mode option to soft like I will rename the layer to Dodge and burn. You can do an experiment with touch tool and burn tool if you want to brighten. Some parts, use the Dodge tool and start painting for the opposite. If you want, the image looks darker. Use, burn too. Gonna add another lightning here and some sparks image. All these lightnings and spark can be downloaded from the link in the description and try to place it in the place that you think it looks best. I’m just gonna place it here. Try to use every tool to make the lightning’s blend in. I use curve and levels. Just try to play with it. I duplicate this layer and move it to another place. You can use free transform by pressing command T or ctrl T to rotate it or flip it to make. The lightning looks like surrounding the flash body. Now I will import The sparks image, change the blending mode to screen. I place it near the flash foot. I will add motion blur by going to filter blur, motion blur, use levels and free transform to modify it. Actually, deceptive might be different when you use your own photo, so keep in mind it. You need to find your own. Settings is try to experiment with it. You will get it anyway. Create a new layer and paint it with brush tool using the white color paint it near the sparks make an adjustment on hue/saturation. I’ll try to make it lightning. Gro glows more as you can see. They’re still soft line here, open levels and slide the middle point to the right to make it disappear or the alternative. You can use an eraser tool or maybe allow your mas and paint it with a black color brush tool for the last one. Choose the top layer and click this color balance to edit the color of this picture. These are my settings for the color balance part for mid-tone’s. I slide it a little bit to the red and yellow part in shadows. I slide to the blue a little bit, then for the highlights slide the blue a bit to the right, and it’s done here the before and after well, you can see the difference, yeah? The flash looks better with the effects. So I think that’s all for today. Thank you for watching this video. Leave it a thumbs up If you liked it if you don’t like it. Just close it right away. See you in the next tutorial bye [Music]!