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How To Turn In Photoshop Assignments In Google Drive


Okay, everybody, so what I want to do is. I want to take a couple of moments here, and I want to show you how the proper way that I want. You guys to save your files moving forward for those of you. That have already submitted your assignment number one in Photoshop, and you can go into sapphire, and you can see that I’ve I’ve given you credit. You’re good to go for now, but for those of you that haven’t. I want you guys to now submit everything through Google Drive. We’ve run into a situation where we have are having a lot of technical difficulties with the Z Drive and I’m spending hours trying to find files that in many cases, they’re not exactly there, so let me just run you guys through a couple of really simple steps that you can use in order to make this work really well for you guys in for me, so I’m browsing in Safari right now this I actually created a an account that if you guys look here on my classes, so I am now a student. If you look in all of your classes, there is now a brand new student in your class called Ms. Tech Ed Student. That’s me and it’s so that I can demo for you guys from a student viewpoint. What things are going to look like right, so in seventh grade, you can see that. I’ve joined my first period group. I haven’t joined second or third period yet. I’m using those as as examples down the road If I go in and I click this and I go to class work and I go to assignments here. You can see that these are assignments that are available. The first one was just basically getting into Photoshop accessing it. The second one is. Is this guy right here? Which is the layer’s assignment? I have a lot of you that haven’t done it yet, all right, so if I click Adobe Photoshop layers and go to view details now. I’m looking at this exactly like you guys are all right, so I can’t show that from my teacher view. I can’t show this part right here. So how you’re going to handle it hand? It in is with this part right here, all right, now before. I get into all that. I want to show you where to save it and how I want you guys to save it. So you guys are accessing Photoshop from the remote desktop? Right here, alright? I’ve had you save it in the Z. Drive in the past. And so if you if you want to save this to your Google. Drive now! I’ll show you you can just open up what you already have, and we went to file save as you can turn this off, so this doesn’t show up again. We want to save to the computer as opposed to the Adobe Cloud. But I can’t turn this off so that I have it. Show up for subsequent demos, So I’m just click. Save on your computer and down here. You’re gonna see that I have the the Z. Drive, alright, so saving in the Z. Drive is an option for me. I could save here if you’ve saved there in the past. That’s fine, but from now on, I want you guys to save in the Google. Drive file stream, all right, and that just backing up a step here. If you’re like. Well, it’s not showing up here. What do I do well? I’m just gonna hit cancel, and if you go back to here that launch pad class link com. I showed you guys a couple videos ago. How you could link it to your Google. Drive, so here’s where the my apps are and you. Click this. It gets you to Photoshop. Well, down here is my files. And if I click my files, you’re gonna see that. Google Drive is showing up for me. If it’s not for you, you can click manage services right here, and you can see that my. Google Drive is connected. I don’t want to disconnect it. I can connect my onedrive if I want to. I’m not going to, but if I click that in about five seconds, it’s connected. This is how you link it to your computer. What we have discovered is? You may have if if you do this and you already have. Photoshop open like I do right here. It may not take you may have to go out. Actually, go out there and restart your computer, but after you’ve done that it should show up there now, right, so let’s save it and let’s hand it in if I go to file if I go to save as I save on my computer and the place that I want to save, it is my Google. Drive file stream. So if I go ahead and click that it opens up this right here, my. Drive, go ahead and double, click that and double click classroom. So you may have a number of different classes that you are enrolled in, so go ahead and double. Click that. And you can see that the three that. I told you that I joined there. They are my sixth-grade group. My seventh grade group, my eighth grade group. Photoshop is seventh grade, So I’m gonna double click that, and so now I am showing it the path that I wanted to save in on the computer in the Google Drive file stream in the my drive in the classroom and in my seventh grade class in period one, and I’m gonna save this this as Adobe Photoshop layers and what you guys ought to do is put your first and last name in here somewhere, Alright? So first, the last name, Adobe Photoshop layers. Alright, click. Save and this is gonna pop up. Just say, OK, alright, So now you’ve got it, remember? I’m in my student account right here. So if I go back to my Google classes, this is the Adobe Photoshop layers assignment that I’m in and I want to hand it in. I need you guys to do this if you don’t do this. I have to mark it as not finished. It’s just taking me too long to find all them. So this way, you know, it’s a little bump in the road at first, but as we move through, this is gonna go a lot better, so if I do add or create from Google Drive And you guys go out there. It should pop up right here. It should literally pop up right here. As one of your recents. If it doesn’t just go to my drive, you can go into classroom and it’s in here. That 7th grade class. There it is so just click it, say add. It’s attaching it right now to it and all you’ve got to do is click. Turn in, they’ll ask you. Are you sure you want to turn it in? Turn it in all right now. You can totally tell that it’s turned in and says it’s turned in late. I’m not worried about that right now. We’re just trying to get through this, so if it’s late. I’m good with it. Um, what I can tell you is? What just popped up on my phone? Is that first last name? Adobe Photoshop student called Ms Tech. Ed just submitted their. So I’m getting links to these and you can see that just popped up right here, too. That somebody handed that in. So I messed tech ed student. Now my teacher account is down here, So if I go into here and I look if I go back to seventh grade, and then I go to class work and I go into that layer’s assignment right here, and I see who turned it in. Let me hit refresh just in case. Let’s see who turned it in there. It is, there’s! Ms. Tech ed student right here. He turned it in late. That’s me, shame on me if I go ahead and I click this, It will actually open that file in here and I can view it and I can then come back in to my teacher page right here. Where is it there it is? I can turn it back. I can make a comment and I will if it shows up here. I’m gonna say nice job and post it. And if I can also return it back to you. I believe, yeah, so I can return it and tell you if there’s something wrong and the other thing that I can do is thank God. I want to do this Sorry, So if I just go back in a classroom and my people, sorry into here, you can see that I can see the people that have turned it in, alright? I’m actually in the wrong class you have to. I apologize for this. Let me go back to your classwork. Layers turned in there. We go so all those are turned in, and I’m pretty excited about that. This should make things a lot easier. Please do me a favor. I’m gonna add this as a new assignment. So if you have not turned your assignments in that way, please try it this way. It will be for this one and for all subsequent ones after this as well, all right. Thank you, have a good day.