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Hello, everybody, it’s Julian or flow graphics here and thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for a hundred thousand subscribers pretty crazy. I think I started Youtube around. Maybe four years five years almost five years ago. Probably, and, yeah, it was just you know me making. Call of Duty banners and little logos and thanks to my friends, and it sort of slowly morphed into this into me teaching and showcasing what I can do to the world and it’s pretty special. It’s pretty awesome. I’m really proud of well. How awesome all of you are! I’m really proud of just creating such a great community of people, because, yeah, it feels really cool to have all support and just such creative, just interesting people watching my videos, so that’s really cool and, yeah, it just feels awesome to be able to have this little platform and have all of your some people watching it watching me on this platform so as sort of highly requested as tradition. This is my hundred thousand graphics back, so let’s get straight into it. It’s a lot more than meets the eye and I’ll give a disclaimer before I start showing you. Everything is everything this was 100% made by me. A hundred percent. Ninety nine percent of everything in this was made just in. Photoshop, no external brushes, nothing, so it’s also a little bit of a showcase. It’s showing you like what is possible in Photoshop, you can do a bunch of weird and crazy cool-looking things in Photoshop without using anything other than Photoshop, no brushes or textures or filters are just simply just using the tools inside Photoshop. So I’ll go through and show what there is. It is around a gig. It’s it’s basically almost exactly a gig the PAC, so it’s a big file, but it had to be big to fit in everything so yep, and the download link is in below, so let’s go through it, so it’s a few different folders and the folder sort of vary in what they have, so let’s start off number one, which is paint effects, which is a bunch of cool paint effects, so everything in this pack of sort of elements that you can click and drag and take out and put into your banners or your graphic designs. Whatever you’re doing, this is also 4k This this canvas size is 4k so it’s huge, so you’ve got tons of resolution and everything’s really high-resolution so you should be able to use it pretty much everything so. I’ll go through here. We’ve got some cool sort of paint effects that I made which you can use for a bunch of stuff. You could use a sort of posters or Youtube banners or anything, and you can really easily sort of edit these like you could change the hue and the saturation and you can warp them and do all sorts of things, so there’s some of the paint things next. We have fire relatively easy to create fire in Photoshop. If you didn’t know that, so this is obviously sort of a stylized fire. I guess you could say so. I just created some sort of weird looking fire effects that you could use for a bunch of different things. It’s not like realistic looking. It’s just sort of stylized looking. I guess you could say next. We’ll go to abstract shapes, so this is sort of a collection of all these abstract shapes that look pretty cool, all sort of different in their own ways. And so you could just use these for whatever. I don’t really know what else to say. They’re just a whole bunch of abstract shapes. You could just really really easily make a Youtube banner. With those abstract shapes alone, you can make something pretty cool. So these are some 3d objects. I’m just going to split up into triangles and rings, so just some triangles and then it rings. So yeah, they just look cool. They’re editable and all separate layers and everything so you can use them for a bunch of different things. They just look cool so. I’d like to see how you guys actually use those sort of shapes. Now have some light rays. So these look pretty cool, You can use them a sort of backings or overlays on designs, so this one’s cool sort of swell design. Then we have this crazy psychedelic thing, and then this other crazy psychedelic thing, and then we have a bit more straight, cut, edge, simple and then some just sort of elegant waves and and then some wavy waves. So there the light rays, they look pretty cool like you could do some awesome things you could like duplicate them, and, you know, change the hue and sort of transform around and like you can make a lot of really cool effects like BAM just there. It took two seconds. I just made a really cool effect. So, yeah, you could do a lot of stuff with those light rays. So next, we’ll go to energy rays, which is just some cool energy rate looking things again. You could do a lot of things of these two. You could like duplicate them. Change the colors, do whatever you know. Transform them and and do all sorts of stuff, so it’s a few different ones of these come in different colors and sizes and shapes. Then we have backgrounds, so these are just a bunch of weird-looking abstract backgrounds that I can make that I made, so you could use these backgrounds and like a desire or a poster or Youtube banner, and you can put some text and some other sort of objects in front of it. So this crazy-looking thing, then we have this. The Apostles turned down, so we have this, and then we have this one. This one looks pretty. Trippy, looks pretty cool, and then that and then this, that’s how didn’t even that took me way too long to create. By the way this was, This is essentially just duplicating shapes over and over and over and then putting them everywhere, so that was fun to create, and then we have this thing and then we just have some basic triangles say they’re pretty cool like some of them, obviously, a way cooler than the others like. This is looks really cool. You can do a lot with this so. I’d like to see how you guys can use them next. We have some color grades, so these are just like a split of some photos that I’ve taken, and then I made some color grades that sort of sit on the top, so you can see how the colors actually changed. So this one’s called Poppin. It basically just it’s like a clean and nicer, just sort of more saturated, fills out the blue, a lot more makes orange just pop a lot more, and then we go Deep-sea makes it look a bit more dark, and so it feels a bit more blue, a bit more cooler colors, edgy greens. Yeah, it just sort of makes the Greens a bit more cooler and makes it lighter and, yeah, I’m not gonna explain all of these, but there’s some color that ones I really like that one summer summer vibe and some of our. Ben looks really cool. Misty morning can look pretty cool too. Um, so they’re just some, you know. They’re made up by some different things by some selective colour. Some of them have other things, like, um, saturation brightness gradient maps, all sorts of things, so they’re pretty cool. They could look really cool. If you know, apply them to certain things by dragging one of these backgrounds down here and then turn that off, then you could, you know, apply all these effects to the background like that looks really cool and you can see, like, totally changes all the colors and how it looks so and they don’t just have to be on fire. You can apply those color gradients to all sorts of things. I’m next, we have stock photos. So these all far as I’ve taken that I’ve sort of edited and cut out parts that I thought might be useful for you guys to use, so we have some leaves here. That’s a nice sort of PNG image that you can use some Ivy, so some different sort of pieces of Ivy or leaves that you could put on a scene or whatever some clouds they look cool. These are all from photos. I basically just cut out things from photos that I’ve taken. So I hope you enjoy some butterflies. It was really hard to take photos about a fly. So that was yeah. A lot of effort went into getting those butterflies. A big rock because, um, yeah, you know, rocks are cool. Why not have a big rock? Here’s some water. This what looks really cool. I don’t know why it just it just looks like some really nice water. Fun Fact. This was taken in New Zealand in Wanaka. If you’ve ever been there beautiful place and then we have some sky. There’s a sunset. That’s that’s taken at the Gold Coast and then we have another sunset. That’s taken at Wellington Point in Brisbane. I doubt many of you would know where that is home, and then we have some textures, so you have the bricks, some tiles, some more tiles, some grass and some asphalt, and that’s basically it like it could seem like it’s not very much. It’ll also seem like a lot. I think it seems like a lot. There’s a fair bit in this pack. I’ve tried to make it a bit more quality over quantity, and I basically just sort of listen to what everyone’s enjoyed in the past years of me, making graphics pack and just try to curate and pick some of the special bits. I hope you enjoy everybody. As always, yeah, it’s completely free. Just go down the download link and download it and saw yours. I made everything in this pack so you can use it. However, you want you can use it commercially. You can use it for private. Use whatever. I don’t care just don’t sell it to other people because that is wrong, so I hope you all have an amazing day and once again. Thank you, 400k It’s pretty pretty cool. It’s pretty awesome to say that you have a hundred thousand subscribers on. Youtube, and it wasn’t made that did that. All of you guys did that. All of you guys supported me and have been supporting me for them for the years now. And I really appreciate that it means a lot, so it’s definitely changed my life. I don’t think all of you guys realize just how much Youtube has changed my life in a lot of ways. It definitely means a lot, so have an awesome day, everybody. It’s been Julian or flow graphics. Here, see ya!