Photoshop Lineart Brushes | My Custom Line Art Brush – Krita Digital Art Tutorial 2019


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My Custom Line Art Brush - Krita Digital Art Tutorial 2019


So so so, so so very many people have been asking me about my line aren’t brush today. We’re doing a video about it. Hey, guys, one bite touched by. Kai, I’m Kai. And today we’re back doing another digital heart tutorial on the channel. Hope you boys. The girls have been enjoying them. We’re doing my my my brush today because I said like I said so. Many people have been asking me what brush I use and I just there’s so many of us. I was like I gotta make a video, but I gotta make a video about it. So we’re making a video about it today. I mentioned it in the past before, but I wanted to have a specific video just on it, so I could just let people do this. So when you open up the program, you usually, you know, you usually have this airbrush. That’s the default. If I’m not mistaken, what we’re gonna do hit this little button up here and we’re gonna go down one two. It might not be down one, but you’re just gonna go down, so you find that the brushes says basic 5 size and that brush is the is the brush that I built my brush off of because I just think it looks really nice, especially for line art, but you can see off the bat. There’s a couple problems with it like this unnatural kind of fade off here. It’s just too thick and whatnot, so lets. Go ahead and fix a couple of these things here. The first thing I want to do is I want to change the diameter because it’s too big right now. It’s too thick, the defaults 40 and it looks like that that’s way too big, so I’m gonna do is. I’m gonna change this to tin to start off with much thinner, still kind of thick, especially for line art, but it’s fine, depending on the style. I don’t you do a, it’ll vary, but we’re making my brush today since you guys always ask me about that, but we’re gonna go ahead and actually bump this up to 15 instead of 10 because I do, I usually do 20 but I’m gonna do 15 today and never to go ahead and through all of these settings here, There’s a couple different things. I need to uncheck so we’re gonna go to flow and uncheck flow because we don’t want any flow. Now we’re also gonna go to size and this little curve determines the fall off of the brush. You can see up there at the top determines the fall off the brush up. I do like this then. It’s gonna fall off like, super quickly when I see when I stop pressing down, it’s gonna be like super quick. If I pull this up, It’ll be a longer wisp tail, which looks much nicer as you could see if I just like stroke that just like, really quickly really fast down. Then it’s it’s much nicer than it was before. Now, if I kind of screw this up and put another dot in here, I click in here and just put another dot. You get some really weird effects like that, which I don’t like so you can fix that by going ahead and just dragging these off of the edge of the side of the campus and theyll. Just get get out of your way, so that’s cool, so I usually leave this somewhere about right here, and then I usually just draw with that because it looks nice. I like to fall out off. That looks really nice and natural well. Go ahead and scroll on down. Make sure nothing else is checked. Make sure nothing is checking on strength here and then down here in flow we’re also gonna undo enable pen settings and then opacity we’re gonna undo pen settings and then in painting mode, we’re gonna make sure that this says wash and not build up. That is the default, though wash. I think if I’m not mistaken, it was just on that just now, and that’s pretty much it. That’s literally all I do for my line up. Brush, that’s it now recently. I’ve actually been taking this top piece and then pulling it down to about right there, and you see the start of this Brush is a little bit more thin. We see this causes a weird problem. If you’re like moving really fast and you and you go like if you press harder in the middle and softer, it gets thicker. Which is kind of strange, so what? I’ve been doing, I’ve been doing something like this, and then just kind of curving it up Just a little bit, just trying to get that to be a little thinner right there. So this is what? I’ve been doing recently and I think it looks pretty nice. It looks softer and the edge looks more round, which is nice which I like, and sometimes I don’t like the fact that this is very thin because it’s kind of difficult to reconnect it as you can see, it’s kind of difficult to just like, follow that line through So what I like to do Is I like to pull this up as well, so it’s not completely sharp. You see up here at the top? It has a little bit more of a thickness edge to it at the at the end of it, so it’s a little easier to get in there and do and do connections and stuff like that. I can tell right now, cuz. I’m, you know, I can’t zoom in right here, but it’s it’s much easier as you can see. I just got that almost perfect, but it’s much easier to get those nice and and and sharp and connected, so that’s pretty much it now, people. I’ve also been asking me how to save brushes because there’s this button that says override brush and save new brush preset. Of course you can want to hit Save new brush preset, cuz you don’t want to overwrite brush basic 5 size because you might want to come in and do another type of brush off of that one again later on plus. I just don’t like overwriting default brushes, So we’re gonna go ahead. Save a new brush preset right there, and I’m just gonna call this if I was gonna save this. I’d call this Kai’s brush. Which is the name of my brush? Actually, I call this Kai’s brush and you can actually load the image that you just drew on the scratch pad, which was like if I one day like that, Then you’ll tell that that’s your brush or you can add. You can load an actual image. Maybe you made a picture that describes. Kai’s brush or something and then. You can just like, do that super easily or you can. You know, you can vote anything clear this and I can just do it again. I can actually like, like right, guys, and that’s lagging behind. All right, Guys, it brush. Oh, that’s terrible! Oh, my handwriting is bad right now, uh? I can’t! I can’t deal with that. All right, all right, no! No, wait a second. Wait a second, all right, That’s a little better, okay, so you could just do something like that, or you can just load the existing one, which is fine, but yeah. I would hit save on this, but I’m not gonna do it, cuz. I’m gonna overwrite my other brush. I’m gonna cancel, but you’d hit save and then now you can go up here and then find your brush. Which mine is right here. It’s called the Chi brush. It’s not called Kai’s brush. I did change that. It’s called the Chi brush and you can see the curve that I have here is a little bit more crazy, so real quick. See if I can under the eraser and a half, here’s a little more crazy because I like a little bit of the waving, so you can see it. Has you can’t really see? Oh, well, there’s a little bit of it. You see that there’s a little bit of a thickness variation here, so some of the parts of it are thicker. Some parts are not a stick, which is white. This is a little this little weird line here, but yeah, like. I said that should not be on. Was that on for? I don’t know there we go. I just fixed my own thing. That should be on here, yeah? I see sometimes I miss things because this brush is a newer one of mine. Yeah, alright, so everything is fine. The diamond on this one is tin, and I didn’t change any of the rest of this stuff. It’s all the same, so I’m gonna go ahead and hit overwrite brush because I want to save those, but yeah, so that’s my brush. This is the brush that I use for my line arts. This is it’s the brush. I used to create a lot of the different art pieces, and I’m probably gonna put on the screen right now and you can see. It’s just really nice to go ahead and just do some some line ironing with, and it’s really easy to get in there with and like I said, since the edge isn’t like non-existent, it’s it’s you can still see. There’s the end of it right there, especially if you like, press harder at the end right there, so it looks really nice. I like it, it’s really smooth and really nice to work with. So I hope you. Boys and girl enjoyed that kind of showcase of my line. Art brush. I will see you in the next one and be doing some more digital art videos very soon. Stay on lookout for those, but but yeah. I’ll see you in the next one. But until then [Music].