Photoshop Oil Paint Greyed Out | Oil Paint Filter Greyed Out In Photoshop? Here’s The Fix


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Oil Paint Filter Greyed Out In Photoshop? Here's The Fix


Hello, friends. How are you welcome back to Oda’s Youtube channel in today’s video. I will show you why there is no oil paint filter in your Adobe Photoshop. Why it is grayed out? What are the minimum requirements to access that filter and some other features which depend on your graphic card solely so without any further ado? Let’s get started, okay. We are back in Adobe Photoshop, And if you go to the edit menu and then preferences and click performance, a dialog box will show up. And here you can see. Use graphic processor is checked. This is good, but if it is greyed out, that means either you don’t have latest drivers for your graphic card installed in your system or your graphic card does not support the open GL. The minimum required version can be seen if you type Photoshop system requirements on Google. So let me show you what I mean. So here is the official website and the official requirements to run Adobe Photoshop on Windows And on Mac, we will talk about the windows for now So the minimum system requirements to run for the shop are listed here. I won’t check on these, but see here. It says Opengl Opengl 2.0 minimum capable system, which means your graphic card should support at least Opengl 2.0 so let’s scroll down a little bit and see the graphic processor requirements. It’s on the Adobe website, and I am currently running Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 so it says feature that won’t work without a GPU if your graphic processor is unsupported or its driver is defective, the following Photoshop features won’t work. The first one is perspective Warp 3d then the oil paint render flame picture frame entry, scrubby zoom bird eye view flick panning, smooth brush resizing, and then here are some feature that requires a GPU for acceleration. These are lens blur, artboard camera, raw image, size preserved details, select, focus, blur, gallery, field, blur, ice blur, tilt shift path blur. Spindler, which are open CL accelerated features smart, sharpen noise reduction, which are also opencl, accelerated features and finally select and mask, which is also an opencl accelerated feature. Now, remember, opengl and opencl are two different things. You have to make sure what version of opengl and opencl your graphic card supports you. At least need more than 512 mb of graphic card to run Photoshop with these features, at least so here are some tasty graphic cards from Nvidia and the AMD. So make sure your graphic card falls at least in the same category. I have a graphic card from AMD, which is 7770 so I have the latest driver installed as well. Even though I had the latest drivers, I still had the option of oil paint filter. Grayed out how I fixed that I will tell you that. At the end of this video, so let’s get back to the Photoshop once again, and if you have used graphic processor enabled, that is good, and if not make sure your drivers are up to date and you have enough good external graphic card, then in the advanced settings. There are some option here as well. The first one is use graphic processor to accelerate computation. The second one is the most important one which is use opencl, which lets you access the oil paint filter and some other features and the third one is ntls guides and path. But you are more concerned about the second option, which is use opencl. If this is grayed out for you then, as I said earlier, make sure you have. The latest graphic drivers installed and your graphic card supports Opencl and Opengl 2.0 At least now. Let me quickly show you how you can check. If your graphic card supports this feature for that, you can also Google about your graphic card. For example I had. I have this graphic card. AMD radeon hd triple seven zero. Then I googled its specs and I came to this page. Which is the C net website and in the general area. If I scroll down here, and if I press Ctrl F and type open GL, and as you can see here, This supports Opengl 4.2 and Directx 11.1 That means I am okay with the opengl. Now, let’s switch to another website, which is tech power up by pressing Ctrl F. You can find the opengl here as well and as you can see the Opengl. My graphic card supports is 4.6 while Photoshop requires only Opengl 2.0 at least, and this graphic card supports Opengl 4.6 also, this graphic card supports Opencl version 1.2 So this is how you check. What is the Opengl and Opelcl version? Your graphic card supports. There is also a smart utility for that. The name of this small software is tech power of gpu-z. You can check here. If your graphic card supports Opencl and opengl and which version as well now let me tell you the tip on how you can enable those features. If your oil paint filter in Photoshop is not working If I go to the filter menu and then style eyes, I can see the oil paint filter here. If I didn’t have a good enough graphic card or the latest driver, this option will be grayed out. So let me show you how you can install the drivers for that. You have to press the window plus pause key on your keyboard that will open up the system dialog box. If you are on windows doesn’t matter if it is Windows 7 8 8.1 or Windows 10 Now we will click the device manager here and it will open up another dialog box. Where all of your system Drivers are installed? Now you have to expand this display adapter. Here you can see your graphic card and you have to double Click. Now in the drivers tab, you can go to the update driver and from here, click browse my computer for drivers and enter the location by clicking the browse button where your drivers are downloaded. You don’t have to run the setup from that folder. But instead you have to do this method, so if you already have an AMD or Nvidia graphic card and the drivers for that are already latest and installed, you have to uninstall them first, and then you have to do this manually by using this method, so you know how to uninstall drivers for that you can right, click on this area where there is a small window button, right, click here and the first option is apps and feature. This only works in Windows 10 but if you are on a different version of windows, you may have to go to the control panel to access the programs and features. Then you can find your display drivers and uninstall them from here. So this is how you make the oil paint filter work in Adobe Photoshop. If you like today’s video, make sure you subscribe and share. I will see you in next video.