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3 Ways To Print An Image On Multiple Pages


Hi, and welcome back to Scotty’s Tech dot info. I’m Scotty with Michaels cletu’s way the heck back. In August of 2009 I posted an article on my website about how to print an image on multiple pages. In other words. You take an image a photo, you print it on. You know, two by two three by three sixteen pages. Whatever you want, uh, that article was by far the most popular article I ever published on my website. Apparently, a lot of people were wanting to know how to do it. I had a couple comments on that article recently and it made me think because Microsoft recently announced that the paint application that comes with windows, which is what most people would use to print an image on multiple pages. As I described in my article, this paint application is going to undergo an overhaul. Now I’m guessing, based on the fact that it’s Microsoft that means that the new version of paint will no longer allow you to print an image on multiple pages. I don’t know for sure yet, but I’m guessing after all, it’s Microsoft. So the question is, uh. How are we going to print images on multiple pages in the future? So I’m going to first of all. I’m going to show you the trick in Microsoft paint, and then I’m going to show you two other options that will allow you to print an image on multiple pages with applications. You already have, okay, So the first way that you can print an image on multiple pages is to use Microsoft paint, so what we’re going to do is click, start and type paint. Run the paint app. And there you go, I’m going to open a file. I have here where my pictures! Nice, handsome doggie and okay, there you go. That’s the image. I want to print on multiple pages, so all I’m going to do is go up here to file, and I go to print and then page setup and you’ll see here. There’s this gray square with an X through it. That shows that the image of the handsome doggy here is going to be printed on a single piece of paper. I’m using a4 size. You may use letter, pick the proper paper size and then just come down here in scaling and say fit to. Let’s say two by two pages and as you can see. The gray box over here changed to show that he’s actually going to be printed on four pages. Instead of one you click OK, and then you come back up to file print and you pick your color printer and you click print and you’re off and run now. The second technique is surprisingly enough using Adobe Acrobat, the Adobe Acrobat Reader, DC. I believe is the latest version you can download that for free. I’ll put a link in the description and what you’re going to do for that. Is you’re going to find your image again here? And you’re going to open it, Which will open it in the windows. 10 photos app. You then click the print button and you’re not going to actually print it. You’re going to do Microsoft print to PDF, And of course you can. You can pick your your proper paper size. Whatever you want, blah, blah, blah. And then you just come down here and say print now what you’re going to do? We’ll put him in the same pictures folder and we’re going to give him name sebastianpdf. Save it and now you can close the photos app and here you see, you have a PDF, so we’re just going to double Click and open that PDF in acrobat, and now what you’re going to do is click the print button and select poster and as you can see if I print it at a hundred percent, it’s going to be on two different pages, So you just play with the scale here you can say well. 200 percent hit the tab key or click over here. Okay, that’s six pages, so let me change it to maybe 190 percent. Click over here again. No, let’s say 170 because I want four pages there you go, so you just play around a little bit with the the the tile scale here until you get it the proper size you want on the number of pages you want, and when you’re done, you change to your actual color printer first, otherwise you’ll print another four page PDF, and then you just click the print button now. I recommend using either paint or Adobe Acrobat reader to print on multiple pages, but if both of those options doesn’t work, there’s a third option and surprisingly enough that third option is Microsoft Excel. Yes, excel. Go figure, so we’re going to come in here. We’re going to run excel. I have a very old excel 2010 but no matter and then we’re going to come up here to the insert tab and we’re going to say, insert a picture and I’m going to pick my my photo of the doggie again and just click insert. And there you go. You have an image of a handsome doggie in excel. Now you’re going to click file print and okay as you can see, let’s select our color printer and right. We want to select the proper paper size. Okay, now as you can see, it’s kind of weird. It’s kind of cutting him off. I could, uh, change it to landscape orientation. Okay, that’s better, but it’s only on one page. So what you want to do Here is click page setup and you can try to use fit2 down here. Usually it does, uh, some silly things. The better thing to do is click page setup and just use the zoom here like we can say 200 percent. Okay, and then you can see that’s going to be nine pages okay now. We don’t want that so so we’ll say 150 as you can see. Yeah, that’s there you go. Now it’ll print on four pages as you can see, it doesn’t do quite the same job that Microsoft paint and acrobat do so. This one is a little bit iffy, but you can do it with Microsoft. Excel, so there you go. If you can’t use Microsoft paint to print an image on multiple pages, you can also use acrobat and even Microsoft Excel. Who knew And when you’re done, you just print and you’ll have a lovely, lovely image, just like that one for more techy tips. See Scotty’s Tech dot info. Thanks for watching. See you next time you.