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Photoshop Smudge Paint (special Brush)


So what’s up, everybody? My name is I’m strongest and today today is yet another amazing day. This is the day where I show you how to get this magic. Brush I using virtual all my videos and all my smudge paintings. Today I found her. I realized she was my first love. You know so. This is the video where I actually show you how to get it. So if it’s your first time off coming to this channel, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. I mean, smash it and if if you’ve been to this channel before, don’t forget to leave a like, don’t. Forget to leave a comment. Even if you’re just coming for the first time, you can still leave a comment. So without further ado, lets before we dive right into this. Okay, let’s dive right into this. [MUSIC] Okay, so I’m basically on Youtube. It’s eventually all my video descriptions. I get it a lot, I’m strong! How do we get this? So the first thing I want to do is type. I’m strong with SAS on on Youtube, So it takes me to my home page and I’ll show you how it’s virtually all my videos now. A lot of people keep asking me, I’m strong! I tell them in my video description. I say visually in all my videos, but they’re like what video description. What’s the no, so I what I do is this? I want to show you how to get it now. This is what I want to do on the click on this chat. The booze man has to be one of my best, so I’m going to click on it and scroll all the way down now. This is the, um video. Just it was a lot, you know? Having him. Die was like love. Though so what I want to do is this. This is the video This is called the title for those are just coming on Facebook on Youtube. Sorry, and over here. It’s called the video description in memory of a hero on and off the camera. Chat, Guzman. So I want to click on show more now. These are the things in the video description. Now I said, as usual, the link to download the custom brush. Is this so I’m going to click on this now? This takes you to my Google drive. Well, I’m actually setting up my website where you can download this and make it easier, but for now, this is the easiest way to actually download this brush and have something really nice done, so I’m going to click on download, and when I click on download because this is actually in my Google drive. I uploaded it on my Google Drive for you to see it now. This is the smudge brush abr. Now this is nice, just 3 KB, and it does a lot. It does what a 59 gig brush would not do. It’s really, really nice, so I’m going to click on show in folder. It’s going to take you to my folder in my drive in my C drive. And this is the smash special brush dot abr. Some people keep asking me they want to. Um, probably unzip it with winrar. Okay, so I’m going to open with Winrar. Winrar can open it because it’s a different. It’s it’s a different. It’s not a zipped program, right, It’s not a zipped program, so it will tell you that you can’t open it, and then you’re going to notice. This archive is either or not or damaged, so we’re just going to do something very, very, very simple. You know what it is, we’re going to double. Click it, so I’m going to click it double. Click it and it’s going to take me automatically to Photoshop now. This is Photoshop, so I’m going to show you that it has added, and it adds in the last two brushes of you, you just get it in last recent brushes, and that’s by scrolling all the way down. Okay, Photoshop is a little freezing. I think it wants to get data, so I’m going to scroll all the way down and show you that the two brushes are added now. These two brushes are going to be now. These are the two brushes this this. And then the dots you have. This are the dots. Um, like these are like extra additives now. This is like a hair brush and this is a smoothing brush. So I’m going to pick this one. I’m going to pick this one. Use the credit bracket to increase the size or reduce the size. And, and then maybe paint over this hair and something. Now you notice this? This is becoming smoother. If you can work on the hair like this, and we have this much effect on the hair, and it’s just at 20 and Im. Having this nice result, it tells you this brush is super super super super nice. So you have further questions like what about what happens. When if I get to do this? If I get to download the brush and it doesn’t show my Photoshop. What should I do? What you should do is close your Photoshop and open it again. It’s supposed to show so what what happens. When if I close my Photoshop and open it again and it does not, um, pop up. Okay, turn off your system or restart your system and it’s supposed to work. So what happens? When I I cannot click, click on it. Okay, I’m just going to go back and show you something real fast. [MUSIC] So what happens when I cannot go back? This is a special brush. So what happens when if I if I click on it, It doesn’t go straight to Photoshop, so you can open with and click on Photoshop. Where if you don’t see this thing on Photoshop? We can just go to choose another program and probably search for the program. You want to use it’s that’s how it comes now. More apps then you can scroll down. If there’s no Photoshop up here, you can scroll down and you definitely see Photoshop. There’s no Photoshop. Because that’s where I click on look for another app in PC. There has to be a way out there. I really really have to be without so. This is a special brush. You can see how the brush really looks like it has, um, I don’t know The edges are not smooth, rough edges. That helps you come up with this outstanding result. I was not the one that made it. I don’t know who made it. I don’t know how they made it, but I know it gives you one very nice result so with that being said. I think this is the wrap of the video. I wanted to make this video as short as possible. I wanted to make this one of my shortest videos. Besides, I’m dropping Youtube shots right now and thank you for 2000 subscribers. I have a thousand subscribers now. I’ve got 100 subscribers and it’s a lot, so thank you so much for the support. It really really means a lot to me. I’m going to be releasing a video on backgrounds like this. Um, the face how to use colors, and I think I think I’m going to upload a file That has my background. That has, um, virtually everything. I do. The brush cs6 for those that have, uh, ipad issues with CS6 and a whole lot of them. So it’s going to. It’s definitely going to be for this. Okay, So that being said, I’m gonna meet you in the next video. Don’t forget to stay creative. This is amstrongosa signing out bye.