Photoshop Text Pixelated | Adobe Photoshop Pixelated Text | How To Fix Jagged & Pixelated Text In Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop Pixelated Text | How To Fix Jagged & Pixelated Text In Photoshop


Angelou, Youtube, GSM, smart here and today’s video. And we teaching you how to deal with pixelated text and Photoshop. What are some things that you can do to make it unpick slated and how you can potentially even use a whole other program to resolve this issue as well. Let’s go up next. What’s up, guys? James Madison. Right here. So another branding video for two tours of Jesus. Thanks for stopping by to watch the middle of my videos, really. Appreciate you haven’t been new to the channel new to my videos. I encourage you to subscribe to channel plenty of other tutorials on Photoshop illustrator Premiere, Pro video editing, audio editing, all kinds of cool stuff. So if you’re interested in Adele, be interested in software or learning about different things, go and hit that subscribe button as well as that post notification Bell, so you can stay up to date with all the most recent videos so here we are in. Photoshop, I’m working on a 200 by 200 document here and one of the problems that a lot of creators get a lot of designers might get is pixelation, especially if you’re working on a very small document, anything that’s lower than I would say 400 by 480 That’s lower than that. You’re gonna get some pixelation when you’re working with text, Not my text tool here. I’m going to go and type something here. Well, right, Youtube is cool. That might be too long. It might not be too long. We’re going to go ahead and rotate it and what you’ll see is that we actually get a huge amount of pixelation here now. There are several things that you can do to fix this and several things you can do to deal with this for one. If you have the option to do so always work on a bigger document, we’re using this font right here. Bold 50 points, however, if we create a new document, let’s see if we create a new document. We’re going to file new and even if we work on something like 400 by 400 which is double the size, only still a square, however, and we use that same font, and I say Youtube is cool. Not only can I make this text bigger to see maybe a hundred pixels and as you see, we have a lot less pixelation going on compared to this, and that’s because we have more pixels in our document here and we can work with more space, so if you have the chance to work on a larger document, always work on a larger resolution always work on the document that has more pixels in total. The other thing you can do is if you don’t want to go any larger than 400 by 400 You see that there’s still some pixelation going on some jagged edges here. One thing you can do is make sure when you have your text tool and you have this highlighted. You can change the anti-aliasing and this is at the very top here right now. I have it’s a nun, but there are several options here. One of them is called smooth and what you’ll see Is this smooths out the edges and we take a look at none again. You see, we have these jagged edges. What makes it look kind of pix lid? However, we go to smooth now. It actually smooths it out, and it looks a lot better in larger documents that this works really well in smaller documents. I mean, you can do that. You can change this to smooth and it works a little bit. It helps a tiny amount at the end of the day. It’s still going to be pixelated. The other thing that’s important to keep in mind. Is that what you’re seeing right here is not what everyone else is going to be seeing. And this is your Youtube logo. Perhaps or whatever you’re designing this for. You want to make sure you’re viewing this at a hundred percent? Zoom right now at the top here, you see? We’re viewing is at 400% if you go ahead and hit control Alt 0 or command option 0 on the Mac, you’re going to see how it looks like at a hundred percent zoom, and this is how the image will actually look like. If you have it on Youtube, These are the actual size of the image, and you’ll see Pixelation isn’t really a big deal, so sometimes it may just look like a big deal, but in reality, it isn’t a big deal if you’re too zoomed in or – zoomed out Now there is one other option that you can do. I recommend you to do, especially if you’re working with smaller things. Or if you want to make sure there’s no pixelation whatsoever. I highly recommend you to work and illustrator, Because the difference is that Photoshop works with pixels, but illustrator works with vectors right now. Here I have a 200 by 200 document, The same sized document that this is right here. If we zoom in like that, this is basically how we’re zoomed in illustrator here, a lot of pixelation here. However, if we use that same font, the same size as you can see. Well, this isn’t the same font. Let’s go ahead and change that to the same font, though, and we’re using bold and we’re using size 50 if I were to do the exact same thing. Now, look how clean that is, and that’s because an illustrator we are working with vectors instead of pixels. So whenever you’re working with small whenever you’re working with small resolution, if you’re working on a design that requires zero pixelation, you don’t want to have to worry about that, or you’re confined to a small area, you can always create this an illustrator, and you can even export from illustrator. How do if you want to continue your work in? Photoshop, and you’re not very familiar with illustrator, but you want to still have this text, lets. Go ahead and erase this at the end here. Say, you still want to get this crisp text here, but you don’t want to work in Illustrator because you don’t know how to work with illustrator. Well, that’s okay, because you can go ahead and go up to file here once you have your text, go to save as and we’re just going to save it to our desktop here. That’s fine, we’ll save it as untitled, and that’s fine. Everything here is fine and what we can then do is go back over to Photoshop. We can delete that, and we can go to our desktop. Get that illustrator file and just drag it into Photoshop here. Press, OK, and as you can see, it’s a lot less pixelation. They’re still going to be some pixelation. However, it’s a lot less than it would have been. If you create your text in here, That’s how you want to deal with pixelation in Photoshop, if you can always work on the highest resolution and the highest size document that you possibly can work on otherwise, you might want to choose a different font. You might want to make sure that you have smoothing set to on up here because smoothing can really help, And if all else fails, try to work an illustrator or try to at least get some text in illustrator and import it into Photoshop. If you don’t know how to work a truss trader, those are the those are the best tips that I have to you for resolving pixelation on text. Hopefully this is helpful to you. It’s definitely a concept that I really don’t understand when I first started design and start creating things in Photoshop or so. Hopefully you found that helpful. Any questions are common. Suggestions feedback. Go and leave a comment down below. I began there answering your questions as usual. If you liked the video, go ahead and leave a like, also make sure you subscribe to a channel because there were plenty of other tutorials, just like this one on the channel, and in case you want to check out my most recent video? Click the annotation here. 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