Photoshop Touch Screen Windows 10 | Photoshop Cc 2021 Setup Guide For Windows 10 Tablets With Stylus And Tablet Pro Plus Top 5 Hotkeys

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Photoshop Cc 2021 Setup Guide For Windows 10 Tablets With Stylus And Tablet Pro Plus Top 5 Hotkeys


[music] hi! This is justice with tablet pro and welcome to the install and setup guide for Photoshop 2021 In this guide. I’m going to be using the r520 two button stylus. This is designed for artists, so it has lower jitter than the surface stylus does and has two buttons on the side, which means erasing is really fast. I’m also going to be doing the tutorial on tablet pro and we may be using the pen tool from tablet pro as well. All right, lets! Go ahead and get started. I’m going to show you a couple tips and tricks that I do to get this working really nicely first. One is I have the Taskbar set to hide when I’m in tablet mode, which means that I get this beautiful, expansive UI inside of Photoshop. When I press the F key, so you can see here. I’ve got this really nice. Ui, it’s just canvas and the hotkeys that I specifically use, so I’m a big fan of this setup and it’s really quick and easy to switch back and forth in tablet mode faster than going into the Taskbar settings. All right, so we’re going to go ahead and I’m going to demo how this works in tablet pro and talk about the Hotkeys. I’m using so here I’m going to resize. I’m going to pull my brush, tip My pen tip away from the screen when I’m resizing, so you can see, I can go down and up really quickly. Let’s adjust the opacity by swiping up. Let’s go a little bit further and back down to 100 all right, We’re going to change color. This is shift alt, and this is a really nice way to go through gradients of a color. Okay, we’re going to do color pick. You’re going to tap. Photoshop doesn’t support simultaneous pen and touch, so we’re going to tap Alt and then use the pen within one second in order to color. Pick the pen tool. We also have a hover color picker, so we’re going to use Tilde Tilde is going to turn our current brush into an eraser and we’re keeping the texture of the brush, which I really like that is a toggle. So you have to turn that on and off here. Tapping Alt is going to give us the color picker. Tap the button over here and then start using the pen. Within one second, you cannot do them at the same time because Photoshop uses an old touch API until they update that this is how it works inside of Photoshop, Same thing for brush resizing. We need to make sure that we pull the pen tip away from the screen to adjust that size up and down here you can see, I’m moving between opacity, or possibly density with this specific brush and tapping nine twice is going to give us 99 opacity or density. Okay, so I have a couple keyboard shortcuts set up here. Um, uh. This is my personal brush pack which I’m very fond of so you can see how lovely the blending experience is, all right. Space is the same thing you’re going to drag. You’re going to tap space and then you’re going to move the pen on the screen within one second in order to activate that. Okay, keyboard shortcuts, I have layers, add a new layer. This is Keypress osd just displaying those shortcuts, So let’s hide that. And then I have my recent swatches and let’s make sure that we have a brush selected and picking from a brush selection palette. Okay, so you guys get the idea There’s a lot of functionality here Alt shift M is this brings up a bit alt shift. M is multiply alt shift. N is normal and alt shift S is screen. This is a brush specific mode as opposed to layer modes, really nice to be able to go back and forth between these and then blend, So I’m a big fan of this process and again It’s a beautiful Ui completely open. Let’s go ahead and switch out of tablet mode and switch out a full screen mode. Okay here! We have the pen tool in Photoshop Alt plus left. Click hover is what I use for color picking because I don’t actually have to put the pen tip down. Let’s actually use a brush. So this is removing one of these steps in the color picking process, Uh, which makes it twice as fast as there’s two steps and usually a drag involved. Uh, so that’s how I use Photoshop. Let’s go ahead and go into how I have this set up, so we’re going to go to edit keyboard shortcuts and the shortcuts for application menu should be should be selected. Window we’re going to scroll down until we see 3d actions adjustments brushes. I have set to f3 which is press this button right here on the artist pad, and then, um, I usually have swatches in there. Although the swatches I have set up are ugly, okay, and then you just press this brush palette button. The other shortcuts? I have set up are right over here. In this ellipsis, you’re going to put your pen tip right over here and drag outwards and release. This is going to give you the customize toolbar window. These are different palettes of shortcuts, So I will cycle through these brush tool. I erase pencil and color replacement tool from here because I don’t use those, and then I have a K set to smudge tool. You just tap right here. Press this button on the artist pad. And it’ll input K. I believe you need to remove that from frame tool as well because it’ll conflict or it’ll cycle between those two things. All right, we’re going to go ahead and exit out of here and now. I think everything should work the way that I have it set up. I’m not sure if there’s any other, really big tips here, you may want to go into the control panel and let’s go ahead and do that. I’m gonna go right here and hardware and sound pen and touch and right here you can uncheck use the pen button as right. Click equivalent if you want that or for artists, this is a big one press and hold uncheck enable press and hold for right clicking. This will keep that little circle from popping up when you hold and you’re trying to do a small, detailed work, all right. I think that’s it. Thank you guys so much for watching this special guide for tablet pro Photoshop 2021 on and I’m using a surface Pro 7 Also. So if you guys like this guide, please give it a thumbs up and again subscribe. Thank you for watching until next time. Stay creative and have a wonderful day.