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Lucas Peinador

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Clip Studio Vs Photoshop


Hey, what’s up, guys? Lucas, here and welcome back to my channel. So recently I have been starting to look for an alternative for Photoshop here on my computer. I do art every single day for work and for my personal art and like any other person. I don’t like the idea of paying 12 bucks every single month for the rest of my life to do. My job enters clip studio paint, a software that you can buy for your windows or Mac for a fixed price or you can have in your ipad or phone for a fraction of what you pay for Photoshop, so the guys from clip studio paint and I got in contact and they offered me a chance to try clip studio here on my computer and see if maybe it can replace Photoshop as my daily driver for personal art now. I have tried clip studio paint a couple of times before one it was in the ipad, and I recommended it as one of the best painting apps in the ipad for sure by far, it is super powerful in the ipad. Let’s talk now about clip studio paint. And now we are talking. Power cleave studio is a full feature desktop software with anything that a digital artist could need and thanks to some wizardry. Now you can do it all in your ipad, and I also use it a long while before when it was called Manga studio because I wanted to draw my own manga, so I thought Mango Studio is the way to go. The clip studio paint from today doesn’t have anything to do with that Manga studio from years ago. It looks way more like Photoshop. In fact, the first time that I opened here in the computer, I was surprised by how similar it was to the current Photoshop. The interface looks kind of similar and also a lot of the shortcuts and the commands for the keys and things like that function also like Photoshop, which is completely normal because Photoshop is the standard of the industry. So of course, other software’s out, there will imitate it, not everything out. There was the same, so there were a few things like shortcuts that I had to change in order to make it a little bit more friendly to what I’m used to, actually now that I think of it. Most of the shortcuts that I changed in clip studio paint. We’re things that I was already changing in the default Photoshop like having ans for the size of my brush and also shortcuts to creating new layers and flipping the canvas and things like that. So I think that that is actually one of the pros of clip studio paint because you can customize the shortcuts and the interface to whatever you’re more used to. I’m still in the process of getting used to clip studio completely and making the full transition and there are just a couple of things that I’m missing from Photoshop, and those are the liquify that I know that there is a liquify brush kind of that you can use in in clip studio paint, but it is not the same as liquify. So that is a big big con. Maybe it is actually the only big con that I have found in clip studio paint and the other one is that I actually miss using shift to create straight lines on 90 degrees clip studio has a really nice feature, also with shift that allows you to have a preview from where the start of your line and the end of your line are going to be and you can do it. In whatever angle you prefer, so maybe it is actually a better tool is just that I am used to the one in Photoshop about the painting that I decided to do. I was drawing a girl called ARU Rin. I decided to do a photo study because for me. It is the the most risk-free type of drawing that I can do. All the information is already in the photo reference, and I just have to translate from one point to another, so there is no much risk or thinking to do there. There are a lot of things that I loved about clip studio paint and definitely. The brushes are one of the top three. The brushes that I use for this painting are my own. I imported them from Photoshop and procreate. Because I just wanted this familiar feeling in the software, but that doesn’t mean that the default brushes of clip studio are not good. Actually, they are fantastic. There is something and I, I have no idea what it is, But they just feel smoother and nicer than in Photoshop. I don’t know, and I actually have been trying to figure out like what it what it is because I’m just. I don’t want to just tell you they feel nice. Because what type of review is that? But I guess I will have to leave it like that. You will have to try them out and see why they feel nicer than in Photoshop. If there is an actual reason for why I can tell you that I love clip studio. Paint brushes is the color mixing now that this is not something new that in that just happens in clip studio. There are a lot of other softwares out there like Brocrete and Kritan, who knows how many that already have this color mixing type of wet media type of painting, but Photoshop doesn’t have it. You have to switch into a new tool in Photoshop to be able to have this kind of wet media feeling but in clips, so you have these properties right there in your default brushes, It’s just a slider that you have to activate, and suddenly they act like wet media, and I have to say that I love those brushes. They feel so natural and the color mixing happens because well because color mix naturally, and not because you have to forcefully try to go and blend the colors together, but there are a lot of other things that I think make clip studio paint in my opinion, A better software than Photoshop, at least for painting, and those are rulers. It has perspective you can actually import 3d models in here and post characters in 3d in this software, which is just mind-blowing. The software has a gigantic library of user generated content. That that means that if you need a new brush or if you need a new 3d model for whatever you’re doing, you don’t need to go outside and try to find it in another website or whatever inside of clip studio paint. You can go and search for whatever you need, and you can download it right there, and the list of tools goes just on and on and on with this software, but there is maybe one tool that deserves a little bit more attention than the other ones, and that is the feel tool. I know it is not the most amazing tool, the most mind-blowing tool, but if you’re an artist that requires to do a lot of work with line art, then you will benefit from this tool because it has a lot of other controls that allow you to, for example, close gaps. When you don’t feel your line completely, or maybe don’t leave those small white points that that Photoshop leaves whenever you’re using that field tool and there is a small gap between the line art. Well, clip studio. Paint helps you to fill that thing up for you. Now that I think of it with a painting like the one that I did on this software, I under use the capabilities of this software by a lot. I think that clip studio can do everything that Photoshop and any other painting software out there can do minus the liquify. And I really don’t see any cons with it, it’s. A excellent tool can do everything that I ask of it. The transition between Photoshop and this one was easy enough. So if you are also coming from Photoshop, I think that you will not have a problem, and, of course I prefer much more the pay ones, and then your you own the software forever, Unlike with Photoshop, that you have to pay every single month, So of course, that is my biggest pro. I guess I’ll continue using Photoshop at least for my professional work because there is just no other choice, Other people in the studio work with Photoshop. So I have to work with Photoshop, also, but for my personal work. I hope that I can slowly make the transition from Photoshop to clip studio paint, guys. Thank you very much for watching this video till the end. Leave me a like. Leave me a comment. Subscribe if you haven’t, and I’ll see you guys on the next video. [music] bye!