Place Embedded Photoshop | Smart Objects: Place Embedded And Place Linked, Whats The Difference?

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Smart Objects: Place Embedded And Place Linked, Whats The Difference?


[MUSIC] Hi and welcome to another video. In my Photoshop Essential Skills series, everything you need to know to get you well and truly started on your journey of discovery with Photoshop in this video. We’re going to be exploring the place command. Now, don’t forget if you’re a fan of the printed page. There is a free ebook to accompany the video. Just click on the link in the more section under the video to download it. Okay, let’s dig in now. The police command was the way that Photoshop brought our sex into Photoshop as smart objects in a recent update to Photoshop CC. The place command was split into two. Here they are, we’ve got place embedded and place linked now splitting the place command into two now enables. Photoshop to either embed an asset. If you like the old way or to link to an asset which you can call it the new way now let’s have a look at how that works. Let’s start with a plain document. I’ve got one set up here. It’s just at MB. A document at 300 PPI. Now we’ll call this our base document now. If we have a look at this now, if we just have a look at this, this document, my base file, it’s a Photoshop file and it’s just over 42 megabytes. That’s the size on the disk. Okay, keep that figure in mind. Okay, let’s try the embed option first. I’m gonna go to file and place embedded, and then I’m going to navigate to where me images and it’s this image of a turbine, And if I just hover over, you can see that it’s sixty three point three megabytes, so it’s quite the big file, and if I click on it and then click place, it’ll place it within my base document. If I now a double, click to set that you can see. If you look over on the thumbnail here, you’ll see that there is a smart object little symbol in the corner. Okay, lets that out, so we’re gonna file and save us and I’ll save it to a little folder that I’ve made called place embedded link results and we’ll call they space file, but this is the embedded version and we’ll save it as a tiff save, and then I’ll accept the defaults. Just click, OK, right. We have a look at that file. Now we’ll see that the base file in this fall, there is 42 megabytes. The base file embedded the one we’ve just saved. He’s a nearly a whacking ass planned on Kura’s hundred and seventy nine megabytes that is HUGE because the whole of this file of the the turbine is embedded with the previews and everything in there in the TIFF file. Okay, let’s just move that out of the way and we’ll get rid of that turbine, and then we’ll try the other way. We’ll, golfer, file and place linked and again we’ll navigate to the same images file and the same turbine and I’ll click place and it’s again brought it in, but and if I double, click on that that accepts it, and if you now look that the turbine layer, you’ll see it’s got a little link icon, not a smart object icon, so this is now linked to the original file. This is just a rasterized version, so we can see it, but it isn’t an editable one. OK, let’s save that out. We’ll go to file and save as well place it in the place embedded link results folder, but this one is called linked and we’ll save that out as well and click. OK, now let’s go and have a look and see where we are. Now we see as base file is 42 point 2 megabytes. Our linked version is a hundred and fourteen megabytes and our embedded version. Cuz it’s got everything embedded in. It is a hundred an eighty megabytes quite a difference. I think you’ll agree now. The benefits of the linked file approach is that it will create a vast Iridium’s file size. Therefore, Photoshop should perform more efficiently as it was in much less memory because the only issue is when you want to distribute the files to someone else. The embedded file will contain the reference file where the link file will not now for the linked file. Photoshop will show a rasterized version of it, but it won’t be available to edit. If you would like the other person to edit the link file, then you can choose to package it up and you can do this from within Photoshop CC. Now, if the package menu item is not available, then it’s probably because you’ve not saved out your composite yet. So if you complete the save on this document, then you can use package now. Just move that out the way and we’ll have a look at this, so we can now go to file and package. This thing gonna ask me to create a folder. I’ve got a folder in here that I just put together called package and I’ll click OK and what it’s doing now is saving out all the links and the reference file as well. So I’ll click OK for it to do with that, and then let’s go and navigate to that package folder, so there it is. That’s my package folder. It’s now got my base file linked folder in it that’s created and it’s got the base file and it’s got all the links in place as well. So if I email this to somebody, they can actually edit not only the document, but the the linked files as well. OK, let’s have a look at a little bit of a practical example. I’ve got four images here and it could be four hundred. Let’s say that I want to watermark them with their little watermark image, so I’ll just use the first one as an example and we’ll go to file and I’ll use place embed and I’ll go and I’ll select the watermark that I want to use, which is a PSD file and I’ll click place now that brings it in quite big. I’ll drop that down to say 2% and then click the link to do it in both axes and then drag that into position and then double click to accept it. So I could save that file out now and its water marked. But if I wanted to change that watermark. This watermark is a copy of the water map that’s embedded in this file. They can see here. We’ve got the smart object link. If I double. Click on that, it’ll bring up the embedded version of that file, So let’s say I want to change it a little bit, lets. Go for some text. We’ll change this to say, let’s change. The color will change it to blue and click. OK, now I’m going to hit the enter key, and now I need to save these changes, but not save as what I need to do is to go to the file menu and save this will now save those changes backing to me original file. So if I go back to me link and embed now, you’ll see that it’s changed that takes to blue now. Let’s have a look at these other files. I’ve got Lincoln by 2 and I’ve got 3 and I’ve got 4 and these are all linked to one version of this file. That is in my folder. But the version in this Lincoln embed one which has changed to blue. This is the copy of that file. That’s actually embedded in this image, so it doesn’t update anything else, but this image. OK, so how can we work cleverer? Well, let me just get rid of that and we’ll do is. I’ll do a file and I’ll place linked, which is what I’ve done to all the others and we’ll put this watermark in and we’ll place it and again we’ll do exactly the same. We’ll, just drop down the size because it’s a bit big. You drag it into the corner and I’ll accept it, but now I’ve got a link icon. So this is linked to one version of this PSD file. That’s on the hard drive, as are all the others, So now all I just have a lot. You see, there’s still all black. So if I now double click the link icon, this brings up that link to the version that’s on the hard drive. So now let’s do the same thing. We’ll change this color to say a nice blue color, and I’ll accept that, and then we’ll save file and save again. I’m saving back to a smart object and save. And now if I go back to me, link and embed one. Oops, it’s updating all the smart objects. I’ll just take a second to do it. I’d do them all if I now Go back to me. Link and embed one you’ll see. I’ve now got the blue text. I’m Reelin can head back to. I’ve got blue text link and embed three blue text link and embed four blue text because each of these files has been linked to one file. So if I change that file, I change it on them all and I can change it from any one. Any one of the links I click from any of the images will change everything. Well, that’s it for this video and do hope you liked it. If you did. Please give me a thumbs up or leave me a comment under the video or share it with a friend or two. Don’t forget to check out the more area under the video for any links to any download files or free ebooks and please click the subscribe on. So when I upload a new video, You are the first to know. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye for now!