Polar Grid Tool Illustrator | Polar Grid Tool And Illustrator Repeat 2021 Tutorial


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Polar Grid Tool And Illustrator Repeat 2021 Tutorial


Hi, welcome to the Android buckle video tutorial on illustrator and the new repeat feature. This is in 221 so it doesn’t work. None of this works in earlier versions so 2021 obviously hopefully in the future as well and the polar grid. So you can see powder grid design here and you can use it within the repeat feature. So you can modify this and I’m going to show you a few steps. It’s great now. The polar grid tool. Where is it where you can find it here? Polar grid, normally under the line segment tool so polar grid, there just generate the polar grid and you can modify it as well double click on there and it brings up the grid options. Now you’ve got five and five as default, but you can modify those if you want like 10 or 15 and you also can create variations where you’ve got instead of five. You can use like zero in the value, and I will go through some of those, so what you can do now. Key panel properties. Unfortunately, it’s not a live feature. I would love to see a lot of these things like rectangular grid. This all these things will be wonderful as live features. Sadly, they’re not live objects, so window and properties for the properties. And now I’m just going to change the stroke, so there’s there. I’m going to go with six. Maybe go with stroke, and now it’s probably best to change all these things, various profiles, etc beforehand. Because you might find when you go into the repeat that sometimes you can’t change things so really decide before when you’ve done all this, That’s probably the best way I’m not going to use that, but in this case, but I wanted to show you that you can obviously got lots of options there, but also what you can do. You can also go over here to maybe a live paint bucket. This has got no fill at the moment you could, of course, fill it with something. I mean, you can always just go over here. Click there. Maybe make it full red selected. That will be of course helpful. There like that, however. I don’t want that what I want is just independently. Do those so I’m just going to go Live paint bucket and just hover over there. Maybe Red click. Just click there click. There use the arrows, the left and right arrow to change the color, very quick and easy. Now I’m going to fill it with yellow and just do another one again. Just go there from there. Okay, so you’ve got this? Now what you need to do now is you’ve got to go and expand it. Object and expand just won’t allow it to be worked on in repeat. If you don’t do that, screw that out of the way slightly. And you’ve got your design there. Now you can, of course, resize it. You can do all those sort of things you can change this stroke setting. Go there, make it maybe a bit thinner. However, once you’ve done that, go to object and repeat and radial, you could use grid as well as mirror as well so, radial and you can see your radial design. Now I’m defaulting to 12 You can change it in this properties again, Window and properties always have to quickly show where it is. I know people are often asked to tell me. Where is that? You always mention these things. Where are they? Well, it’s in the window. All these panels you can find generally in the window a bit unusual. I always think they should be maybe called panels, but no, it’s called a window. Whatever the reason so you can change that, and you can also manually change that so you can create some really unusual colorful designs and you can also just move that out of the way you can change a number of instances. Now I’m going to use four four is just easy. You could use 12 15 20. Whatever I’m just gonna use that just makes it easier just to visually see, and then you don’t lose size of this. Sometimes what happens if you’ve got so many, and you’ve got so many lines that sometimes you just can’t see some of these controls to actually manipulate things, but what you can also do. You can double Click just double clicking it. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to respond. It does eventually, and you can go into the design and you can see you can modify design and create some unusual combinations of that design. Sometimes drag it off the other screen. What you can also do. You can go over here to the direct selection tool and you can modify the individual points, so if you want to change it and you can see, you can create some very abstract designs doing this. I’m not obviously not just randomly selecting very just for example to show you that you can manipulate them, and you can manipulate different parts and move things around all that sort of stuff to create all kinds of different designs. However, I’m not going to use that. I want to go with the basic design there, and I mean, we’re in isolation mode at the moment, so you can always come out of that. And, of course you can always rotate and shear and all those sort of things, but also you can apply effects, so if you want to, you can always go to their effect and maybe some of the past ones or maybe distort and transform, maybe go for zigzag and you can see you can create design there. Just change that create some very interesting and unusual designs make it smooth, cancel there as well as maybe go to effect and blur or something goes in blur. So you can just blur it like that now. I’m not going to do that. I just wanted to show you can do it. Also what you can do, so you go over here. Select double, click on there. You can resize and now we’re still we’re in isolation mode. You can do object and invokes, but you can’t. That’s one slightly annoying vision, so if you want to use the distort, you’re going to have to do it before you start the whole thing and you can always go back so what you can do. I’m going to go to just come out of there. So if you suddenly decide, you know what? I really wish I’d walk that before now. I can’t or what you can do, you can always. Unfortunately, this is slightly annoying. You can always go to repeat and release, and then you just get back to the original design with the original design. Now what you can do is object envelope, distort, make with wall. So you can warp it like that or use. One of the other one’s perfect, reasonable flag. Maybe always creates a very unusual one. No one, oh, create your own warp. Of course. Click OK, so you’ve got that design again object and go down to repeat. You won’t be able to use it, so you have to go to object and expand. So you expanded it like that now. You’ve got this slightly distorted design. You can now go to object and repeat and radial. You can get your design there and modify the number of instances and manipulate that design. So it’s just a pity that you can’t. Well, I’m going to remove that now because I’m just going to go back to this one and just show you can double click there. I’m going to make it 10 number of dividers and you can see, you’ve got more intense design there and again you can go over here to the properties and you can change. Maybe make the fill. Maybe go for red. Maybe make a stroke there and click there or maybe make a dashed. If you can do all those sort of things Profiles set a profile there and so on and so on so with that for that design there what you can do object and go down to repeat and radial. And you can see the design there and again what you can do, you can always go to set it. To four just makes it easier to see. So you can see your design and modify that and again if you want to double click, and you go into design and you can then squeeze it, rotate it and you can create some very interesting combinations again. Rotate that design, maybe change some of the points select individual ones. So you can distort those sort of things. If you want to do that, so I’m just going to come out that now. Now also what I want to do just before going to the grid’s, etcetera. I’m just going to double click there. Bring up that and you can do. You can set that to that one there. You can set them to zero. So if you want to, you can just go and create just a very basic design like that, which is just basically a ring design and again go over here to stroke, so you can see it a bit better. You can see the design there and again you can apply. If you want to. You can always go to object. You also go through some of the effects. Maybe 3d create a 3d design from it. You can always do that but object and you could again obviously expand it, and then all those sort of things and warp and expand. However, I’m not going to do that, but I want to go to repeat and radial and you can see the radial there. Move that around and you can, of course, change those and again I’m just going to go before just makes it so much easier double. Click on that, and you can see into the design, and you can resize that you can create some very abstract designs and rotate, and, of course you can still modify this, so you can change the opacity. If you want to change opacity, change the stroke change that and so so on for that as well, so all kinds of different designs rotate it like that. Now just going to come out of that and what you can also do you can, of course use repeat with that so object and go down to repeat and radial so you can see you can create a radial of a radial so you can create some very extreme designs using this feature and again you can maybe don’t want it that one I set it to four, and you can see the design there and you can bring that in there and create some and again It’s all still editable, so double. Click on there and you can see the original design there, which you can then rotate and modify, and that rotate it. It allows you to do it. Sometimes it’s probably best to right. It’s just something there’s one trouble. When you go into this, you actually can’t know there it is, it’s gonna say try and look for the point couldn’t see the point on the screen. We’ve got lots of like reds and lines and things. All suddenly you start looking at thinking, where is the thing and again you can still continue to modify and modify that, so you can go into that one as well and continue to edit that design, so you can see you can create some very interesting and weird and wonderful designs using just the ring design, which you can get via the polar grid main main want to you can always change it now. You can come out the isolation mode. Just come out up top just up here. Come out and you’ve got your design, okay. Next one, I’m going to do a polar grid tool, double click, and I’m going to use instead of that 10 I’m going to use go down there and I’m going to use say. Ah, why not 20. You can see you can get that sort of design and you can ungroup so you can always ungroup that, so you can always turn around and say, you know, object ungroup and get rid of it, so just delete that See that circle around the edge, and you’ve got this line and what you can do, you can just go down here and you’ve got that and again also go to stroke and go to profile, and you can change profile, create all kinds of different designs and recolor. It don’t have to go maybe create multiple copies, and then once you’ve done that, select both of those and go to object and repeat and radial. And you can see the design there again. Reduce that down, so you can see. All kinds of different designs can be created very quick and easy, which you can then rotate that again and if you want to double, click into the design and tweak the individually in the individual parts. So you can just turn around say. Oh, let’s go and change some of that line there you can see, they’re all independent, and they’re all updated, so you can create real kind of mess. However, now I just wanted to show you those six. Now finish, just going to go there again. To the use that one let’s just put it back to the default. Five and five. That’s the easiest thing five and five, just great, very basic grid and then five and there what you can also do. There’s also not just repeat and radial. What you got is object and repeat and grid, and you can see your grid design there and again. You can still edit those if you want to edit those. Now, I must admit editing it in the grid mode is not so convenient as the radial personally, and you can modify the distance spacing between them. You can crease or remove that, and also you can make something like one line. If you want to wait. One line designs very quick and easy using that. And again you can edit the design so double. Click on there, but if you change that, you’ll notice what happens is it squeezes like that. It doesn’t give you any space and you have to go out and modify the spacing. If that’s what you want to do so once you’ve done that you can, of course, change color. Maybe add a fill there. Maybe change the stroke. Click there and maybe profile and just change the profile. There, come out that there and again you’ve got that design there. Change spacing, add some more and, of course, once you’re happy with it once you’ve so you’ve got your design, you think? Wow, that’s great what you knew, object and expand so you can expand the whole thing and you’ve got your design there. Of course, you’ve got some added additional bits, which maybe you might like to remove, but you can then cause ply press rotate it If it lets me do it. Rotate it object and envelope distort. Make with wall. And you can see you can create some very unusual warped designs like that. Okay, next one and the final one, and that’s just go over here and again create a quick design there and stroke. So you can see it five. Change the color. Maybe and change my dash, lets. Just go forward, all right, Let’s go for red and what you can also do. Of course, you can add additional paths as well or duplicate, hold down the alter option key duplicate It, then go there and maybe make it black that one that scroll back there, so you get a nice shadow effect, Of course, what you can do, you can always go to effect and go to blur Gaussian blur, so you can blur it, so you can create a nice sort of shadow effect there now with that selected what you can do you go to object. They’re both selected object and repeat and this time mirror and you’ve got mirror design there again. You can just drag that, so it goes over now. Work from the left side. You can occasionally access the right side. However, it defaults to working with the left side, so just work with that you can rotate it and again go like that and create all kinds of very unusual designs and you can continue to add and remove. So if you decide to, you know what I’m going to have a slightly different design there and also you can move this as well. So if you want that to go around like that now once you’ve done that you can come out there, you’ve got that design. You can then also go to object and repeat and mirror, and you can create another one. You can see that design can be manipulated and changed, etc again rotated and they’re still live. So if you want to, you can double click and edit the previous mirror as well. You can do all those sort of things and that’s reflected in the mirror as well. We’ll, hope you found this tutorial of interest, always adding new tutorials about infinity photo, vintage designer illustrator Photoshop, critter painter and many others also please subscribe to graphics channel add videos near enough every couple of days, also a dislike or, like also some comments. Maybe what things maybe I should explain a little bit better. Slow down or speed up. Whatever, please let me know in the comments always appreciated. Oh, thank you much.