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How To Make Pop-art In Vectors With Adobe Illustrator Draw


In this tutorial, we’re going to make a pop art of James Dean in the style of Andy Worrell and I’m going to use Adobe Drool and Adobe capture, but first I need to find a picture of James Dean, so I’m just gonna type in James Dean and see if we can find a good picture. Just press on images and I want an image that has a lot of contrast to it, and it doesn’t need to be a full color picture, but you know, a black-and-white picture will do so just need to find a good image. No, this is a good picture, so I’m gonna save it to my photo library. Just press on it, save image, and then I’m going to open up Adobe capture again and then go to camera roll and select this picture and see what it does and you can adjust the details on the Left slider, and this is a little bit too harsh and there’s also an enhancement. You just need to play with these settings. I still want to have the features, and it’s not bad if it’s a little bit grainy, so I can select this picture and this vectorization of the image by pressing on this button here. Now you can enhance it a little bit more. You can erase things if you want to paint and hold down an area, you’d like to fill in and tap to undo and hold and here you can refine or crop your image or make it smoother and I’m just gonna press here and it can press smoothing on, and sometimes it works and you just have to wait because your iPad is now factorizing the image and optimizing it, so this takes a little bit of time to render, and sometimes you feel that your iPad is getting a little bit hotter because this is this uses a lot of your CPU of your iPad and see if there is a difference in this image or this image, not really a lot, so I’m gonna save this, and now it’s going to be saved and I’m just gonna name it. James Dean, and it will save it as an SVG file, so I can save it to my library, and now it’s safe to my Adobe Creative Cloud Library, So now I’m going to close Adobe capture, and I’m gonna open up Adobe Draw and then Adobe Draw. I’m gonna open a new file by pressing on the plus sign, and I’m just gonna make it an A for portrait mode, which now can do is import the file. You have just saved You can do that by tapping on the shapes button and go to my library because these are all the apps shapes you can use and in my library, you go to the library of your Adobe Creative Cloud and here you see the image of James Dean. The vectorized image and this is a template so you can enlarge it and you have to select a color. I’m gonna use black for that, and you can just tap it first. Need to close this one, saying you can tap it, and then you are stamping the template onto your canvas, and then you can delete the template, but I’m just gonna leave it on because I want to create a new layer, a new draw layer and make another color of the same image and it’s already selected. Now on the second there. I’m gonna change the color to more of a reddish color and gonna tap it again and what you now can do is select layer and then tap on transform. And now you can no change it a little bit, because then you get a sort of a drop shadow and can all, of course, you know, play around with the blend modes, So I’m gonna set this to let me see overlay, or, you know, you just have to play around with it. This is a cool effect luminosity. I think difference is a cool effect, and, of course you can play around with the opacity of your layer as well. So now you already have. James Dean in vectors. Because when you zoom in, you can see that, you know, all the images stay intact because it’s built up from vectors, not going to create a new layer control layer and I’m going to put it underneath the two layers and with this, I’m just gonna select the light pink color, and you know, the light is coming from the left. I’m just going to fill in the shapes they can do this. You know, pretty sloppy. Because the images of anti-war were silk screen prints and you know, to create a more subtle effect, they weren’t aligned. Well, but you know, that gave the effect of the silk print when you have painted an enclosed shape, you can fill it by just pressing on it, and then it will feel the entire shape, so you don’t have to paint everything and you can also pick your color when you press on the circle of the icon, you can pick your colors from the canvas, need a little bit of a lighter color and a darker color for his lips Gonna select this color and make more redder color. That’s a little bit too harsh now, applying a little bit more of a cartoon shading, it’s also called cell shading, and it’s very simple because it is a very graphical image so now. I’m finished with this and I’m gonna create a new layer and draw there and I’m gonna select another template, and I’ve made some different templates of half-tones you can, you know, look for half tones on the internet or create your own and I’m just going to use this gradient, and now you can’t really see it, but you can enlarge it, you know, and this is a template and you can, you know, stamp it again, and I’m gonna use a darker color and just stamp on it. And when you delete the template, you can see that, you know, you have a halftone image. That’s on top of the colors you’ve just drawn and what you can do is because this is just too much information. I only want it on the face of James Dean. So what I’m going to do is use the eraser and erase this part and also some of the highlights and also going to the eyes need to be open. Then it can also change the blend modes. Just try out some things and see how it works. Lighten, doesn’t. Do anything here? You have some lighter images, soft light difference multiply that makes a lot darker or just press normal and what I want to do is make this image. I’m just gonna erase some of these parts of the face and the lips because I want the black to shine through, so I’m going to select this shape and erase the red color. Because underneath I have the other image you can see. It is black and white, and I want now the black of his sweater to shine through also on his eyebrows, his eyes and his hair as well and I can, you know, see the halftone shining through his hair. I don’t want that, so I’m going to select the halftone again and erase it and the part of his hair and maybe gonna select another color so first need to select a new draw layer and put it underneath because I want a background color and I’m just gonna choose a different color. I’m just gonna select this. Maybe blue, and when you press on the layer on the canvas, it will select the color and now I need to fill in the shapes in this layer Because I want this part to be white. Whoops, it’s the same with his hair. It’s a bit of a highlight and maybe do some highlights as well, so we’re going to draw on the top layer, Gonna select a new layer – just just to do some highlights and maybe color in his eyes. I think he had blue eyes and just keep it in the style of the restoration. I’m gonna change the opacity, a little bit of the halftone. You know, you just need to play around with it until you have the effect you’re looking for. Maybe to some highlights on his lips Don’t like the white, so you just need to, you know, play around with it until you have the effect you’re looking for, and sometimes it’s. Just, you know, trying out new things. I don’t like the white of his hair. So maybe I’m going to do it A little bit of gray. Maybe do another halftone in the background now to make it a little bit more interesting, so I have to go to the shapes button, my library, and I’ve made some other half tones as well, even with some stripes. Maybe I can use it. Maybe select a lighter blue and this is the image. So this is how you can make a pop art in the style of Andy Worrell in Adobe Draw and Adobe Capture. I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you liked it, please give it a thumbs up or subscribe to my channel. Don’t forget to hit that notification down because each time. I upload a new video. You get a notification? Drawing is fun and practice makes perfect. See you next time doodles you.