Rasterize Illustrator | Illustrator Cc Tutorial: Convert Raster To Vector In Illustrator

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Illustrator Cc Tutorial: Convert Raster To Vector In Illustrator


[MUSIC] Hello, everyone! This is a summary of today welcoming you, my new tutorial Illustrator tutorial and today I’ll show you a special technique which one is totally special and about the image pressing. OK, OK, let’s see it first. Go to the file and then new. Take a new. Our board, which is 1920 or 500 by 500 You can take a thousand by thousand, Whatever you can take, OK? Hit the create pattern. It will get a new artboard and after that, go to the file and then open and then take a portrait. This one is portrait. I downloaded from the Internet and I will give you the download link of this image, OK? Today’s tutorial is especially for that One thing is that this one is the pixel graphics or raster graphics, and I want to make it in a vector graphics. This one is too much easy and for the very much efficient for your design. If you want to make it suppose you want to paint this one in your t-shirt or other things, you must have to make it in a vector. That’s why image tracing is a special thing, and it means in thin air. The stator, okay, at first, you have to select this one for these work. You have to customize your cardboard or work space into the tracing, and you’ll get these additional layers or windows, OK? At first, select these image and turn on the preview options and from the tracing options you have to select. The high faded photo. So this one is faded photo. It will take time to just analyze your things. OK, and automate hille. It will just make. Victor, if you press the expand option, okay, you can just reduce the noise. Okay, no need to add noise, that’s why. I’m making this one okay like that. I’m zooming this one. If you want to make it cartoon, you can do that easily. You can add putts. This one is making putts. This one is like a paint, but if you zoom it out, it will like that, okay. If you need corner, you can make it corner easily some fun. Actually, you can play with it. This one is amazing for you. Okay, it’s like cartoon image. Okay, cartoon. But if you add noise, what is happening up there? Let us see what is happening up there. Okay, path, smooth curves filter. Okay, that means this look like cartoon, but I don’t add noise, okay, It’s taking time actually small, smooth, okay, but you can make it high sticking time when was working. Okay, but if I give the putts low, what is happening? Let’s see it’s like experiment. Okay, you have to give birth like that 65% I’m showing you all the options here, okay, and corners. You have to bring up the corners. I’m making it zero and if I remove the corners. What will happen, it’s better! I think paths give like that, okay. That’s good colors. If you need to add color, you can give it like that. Okay, nice, but I think this one is good if I analyze this one. It’s totally cotton, so I have to give the colors more. You add colors will work. It will be more natural, okay. This one is natural like well. Pinch, okay. Pull down automatically. If you give automatically, it will just initial pixel customize path smoothing, It will automatically look like that, But I don’t want to. Do these automatically full tone. I will give the full tone and it will get the tone in full options. Okay, – nice and colored or grayscale, black and white. Whatever you can do. And the tracing result racing, you can just image source. You can watch and custom here. Hi, fated photo and I’m giving the high faded photo. What is happening when I am giving the high favorite photo? Okay, so working, okay. This one is almost same, but some just different. Okay, after that, you have to press the expand option if you press that expand option, it will be vector, okay, and then ungroup this one after ungroup. This one, you can reduce this portion this portion carefully. You have to delete the portions. Okay, this one is. Victor, now you can work with this vector. You can print it out on your color trails or other things. Okay, it’s the vector not. Big Z. It’s fun when you are working with the vectors and listen is the basic technique, actually to make the pixel or raster graphics to vector graphics? Here’s for you and this one is too much useful. This one is useful for your work. You can easily this one paint out on your t-shirt in your color trails or other things. It will give the proper color to you. You can take just you can add other things. Suppose you want to add color or other things you can do. You can customize the color. Suppose this this portion you can change from here? You can make it blue or other things. It’s nice, okay. This one is the basic thing to make raster graphics to to vector graphics. What’s the benefit about the pixel graphics? Torah or bezel or raster graphics to the vector graphics pixel graphics. Is that, like there’s not accurate for me to print out but raster graphics. Vittoria, fix the vector graphics is perfect for the printout and that’s. Why sometimes we need to make raster graphics to vector graphics? This one is a basic thing to make raster to graphics. Okay, thank you so much. Thanks for watching my video tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel and share with your friend till the next video. Mmm, is a very selling out and bye you.