Ruler Illustrator | How To Place Ruler Guides In Adobe Illustrator With Numerical Precision


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How To Place Ruler Guides In Adobe Illustrator With Numerical Precision


Rula guides can be really useful for creating artwork accurately and efficiently in this tutorial. I’ll show you how you can create a center point using ruler guides around which I’ll build some kind of logo, so I’ll click on the create new button and in the new document dialog box from the top row of intense and select web and because I want to work more or less the actual size at which you want to use the logo, I’ll enter custom width and height settings of 640 Bonnie 640 pixels. That’s all I need to change. The measurement system is set to pixels. I only need a single artboard and I can see that. Color mode is set to RGB and the resolution is set at 72 PPI. I’ll click the Create button. The first thing I’ll do is to go to view Rulers show rulers, the keyboard shortcut control R or command on a Mac is very useful now. I’ve got rulers running along the top and left edge of my artboard and also very important. If I zoom in a little bit on the top left-hand corner of the page, you can see that the zero position for both the horizontal or X axis and the vertical or Y-axi’s are set the top-left corner of the artboard under control 0 or command 0 on a Mac to fit the artboard to the window. Then I’ll position my cursor in the ruler on the left hand side of the window, then press and drag on to the on board and then Breece, to set a vertical ruler guide, it doesn’t really matter where I release As the aim of this exercise is to position this ruler guide with numerical accuracy, exactly. I want it! One important point next is to check whether or not my guides are locked notice. I’m working with the selection tool when I position my cursor on the guide and try to drag it to a different position. It doesn’t move. It’s locked to unlock my guides. I go to view Guides and lock guides and again It’s well worth making a note of the keyboard shortcut to lock and unlock guides. Ctrl Alt and Semicolon or command author option and semicolon on the Mac now. My guides are unlocked. I can drag that guide to a new location, but what I really want to do is to move it exactly halfway across the page before I position it exactly where I want it notice. The guide is selected. It’s a blue color. If I click away from it, It reverts to a bright cyan color being alert to whether or not the guide is selected is one of those things you need to develop an awareness of if you’re new to illustrator. I’ll click on the guide to select it. You can also do a marquee select to select a guide then in the properties panel. I’m going to enter an X value of 320 press tab or return to apply the value and that vertical guide is now exactly halfway across my artboard. I’ll do the same from the top ruler. I drag in a ruler guide rather than trying to position it manually with the guide, it’s still selected. I’ll go back to the properties panel and this time enter value of 320 in the Y field and again press tab or return to apply that. I’ve now got a center point around which I can build my artwork, but I want to take guides a step further. I’m setting up These guides to create a traditional compass logo, and I know that there needs to be a circle of 400 pixels that will define the overall size of the artwork So to help me keep the least. I’ll go to the rectangle tool group, and I’ll select the ellipse tool. I’ll position my cursor very carefully. At the intersection of Guides hold an author option. That’s a critical point for this to work, then click the ellipse dialog box appears. I can type in 400 pixels by 400 pixels and okay, the dialog box and I get a circle that is centered on those two guides, and that’s because I held down alt or option before I clicked. If I click away to deselect you’ll see that that is a circle with one point Black stroke using the selection tool. I’ll click on it to select it. Then I can go to view. Guides make guides now. What I’ve got is a circular guide that will help me create the logo to the exact dimensions that I need one last point. My guy needs not locked. Therefore, they can be selected and moved having taken a bit of time to get them Exactly where I wanted them. I don’t want that to happen. I’ll use control, head or command said to put those back exactly where they came from. And then I’ll use the keyboard shortcut. I mentioned earlier control Alt Semicolon or command author option semicolon on the Mac to lock them up again as always, please like the like if you like. And click the show more button below this movie for links to my related tutorials. Thanks for watching.