Ruler Tool Illustrator | Adobe Illustrator Quick Tip – Rulers, Guides, Measuring & More!


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Adobe Illustrator Quick Tip - Rulers, Guides, Measuring & More!


[MUSIC] Hey, what’s up, everybody? This is Stephen. With another picks for life. Video tutorial today is going to be an illustrator. Quick tip that’s gonna be focused around measuring ruler’s guides and all that good stuff. So let’s quickly jump right into it, so starting off. I just want to make sure that you’re set up in a proper way and proper way is my way. I do everything perfectly. I’m just kidding anyhow. I like to always work with my rulers up and to quickly. Bring up your rulers. These click on Command R and it brings it up or you can go over to view rulers hide or show rulers. There you go, and then secondly, let’s make sure that your units of measurement are set up properly. Well, whatever way you’d like to do it. I like to work in either pixels or inches, typically in inches Because I’m usually doing something with printing, and I like to go by the numbers so to do that, you can either come over you. Guys, a click command K and it brings up your preferences or you can come over to your illustrator preferences and then click on over here and units, and you can change it to inches or whatever you want. And while we have this open, lets. Click on our guides and you can see. I don’t remember what the default is, but I changed my guide colors to light blue and dots. This just makes it a little bit easier, a little more clear for me to see and. I’ll show you what that looks like. If I drag out a guide here you can see. I get dotted lines such as better for me. You can mess around and your mileage might vary, okay, so the second thing is going to be working with two guide ruler, so typically, when you’re trying to line up a rule, let’s say we want to put one below this type here. If we’re bringing it here, you see, it does not snap to anything, so we kind of have to just guess at the perfect spot for it, and for something like this, It’s fairly easy, and sometimes it makes it even harder, but I think take the guesswork out of it. If you select the shape, all right, you might not even have a selected shape, but if you click a guide and you draw closely to where our point is that you’ll see, it snaps the guide right to there. Big Lifesaver, okay, and now that we’re focused on guides. If you can see over in the top left, you can see the zero starts at the edge of the artboard lets. Say, you want to do something special. You can click the top left here and you’ll see it brings up this crosshair and you can have it. So it sets to zero at wherever you drop the ruler, so you can drop and drop right here And this is where it zeros up. Is this top left corner here? And then you can measure out from there and then bring it back to the artboard just double-click this top left corner. And there you go, okay, one great thing that I love about Adobe Products is being able to have it. Do the math for you, so you draw out a box like this, and let’s say it’s the width of a website, for instance, like this, and you have a lot of text that you want to put in here, so you want to separate it into three even columns. Now you can measure it out. You can get the measurements of this by looking up here 8.5 inches, so you can do it. 8.5 divided by 3 And you could type that in or you can select on here and just do some math in here. 8.5 divided by 3 And it brings it up to 1/3 so you can see that if we duplicate it over, it’s a perfect third and that works were not just a vision, but you also multiply it times 2 and what have you so or you can do plus 99 pixels, even so you can use either any sort of measurement. You don’t have to stick with inches so you can just say. I want to subtract 5 pixels from there and I’ll remove remove it from there. Okay, as we were talking about with creating three even columns here another way of doing that. Let me figure out my guides. So if I go if I I can just right. Click and go to unlock guides. Select it and delete my guides. That’s just a free tip for you right there. So let’s say we want to make this into three columns. A three column grid to quickly do that. You can either draw out a box like we did before we draw out a box here and there’s the fill color and divided by three. Bring it over here. Draw out a ruler! Bring it over here. Draw out a ruler and it’s don’t bleat your guides, so there we go. We have three even columns, but that was a little time-consuming and it would be annoying if you have to do even more guides so to quickly create a guide and we have two drops a box here object path, and then over here you want to have split into guide? Okay, so in here, you can see we have rows and columns. Rows go horizontally. Columns are vertical, so we can change this to. Let’s say 0 Maybe it doesn’t like that. Let’s change us to 3 here, and then we can have a gutter and the gutter is the distance between each column or each row. So if you want a space between a we can add that here to 15 pixels and then add guides and you click on preview to see what that looks like and just to show you what the gutter looks like. Let’s do 10 pixels and you can see it’s the distance in between there. Okay, and I guess you can’t take that 0 has to be at least 1 which makes sense. So if you click OK on that, you’ll see that it will create. The guy threw you out of there. And then one last thing is the measurement tool. And I don’t typically use this. I haven’t found a need for it is. If you click on here, go to measure, you can click on one point drag down and you’ll see on the right hand screen on the info box. I was try to point with my finger, but that didn’t. You can’t see me in that info box there. You can see the height the way that I typically measure something is actually just to do it like this, so I make a box go to the one point, go to the other point and drag out, and then I use that box as my measurement, so you can see up here that the height is one point seven, nine or one, so the same thing as the measurement so that just finds it, That’s just a little easier for me. Whatever, whatever one you prefer, either one works. Alright, awesome. Hope you learned something new. If there’s any tutorial requests that you have feel free to leave them in the comments below, Thanks for watching and Ill. See you guys next time.