Select Multiple Layers Photoshop | How To Move Multiple Layers In Photoshop | Photoshop Cc Tutorial

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How To Move Multiple Layers In Photoshop | Photoshop Cc Tutorial


Hello, this is. Keith, all and today’s tutorial is on how you can move multiple layers in Photoshop. I’m using Photoshop CC, and I already have a PSD file open, and I have multiple layers already, put together on this particular image, so I have these layers over here, so how you can move multiple layers all at once. You could do it in a couple of ways that I know of, and let’s say, for some reason you want to remove all three of these layers right now. I have a tray of a layer with almost a see-through background. A rectangle, which is this border and some text. Now, if I use the move tool and select the text, it just moves the text If I select a rectangle if I could grab it. Give me a second here. It moves just a rectangle. If I want to remove this layer, It just moves that layer, But let’s say you wanted to move all these three all at once. The first way is by linking layers. So what you could do Is you want to click the first layer. You hold down the control key. I’m using a PC and you select the multiple layers, and then you come down here on the bottom here, and you select this link icon, it says link layers, so as you can see once you do that. And then all the 3DS have this link picture or icon associated with it. So if I come over here now and use the move tool and I select this, It’s gonna move the entire group per se or all the link layers, so no matter where I click on it, It’s going to move it, So how so the next step is what, what would I want to do if I wanted to go back and not link them or basically just move one of the layers? I come over here and I select the layer that I don’t want link no more, and then I come down here to the bottom here and click this icon and is I do that? It removes that so basically, so if I come over here now that was for that layer. If I wanted to come here, see what it’s doing now. It just moves that one layer once I click on it, but if I click on one of these linked layers, then it moves those two layers that are still linked together, so it’s one way that you can move multiple layers, so let’s remove the link from these. Okay, let’s go back from the starting point once realigned this layer here. Okay, the other way is you could group layers together. So if I want to group layers together, I still do a multiple select. I knees by holding down the control key and clicking on each one and coming down here and clicking on this folder icon, it says, create a new group. I click on that, and as you can see now in this layer’s panel, all three of these are now grouped together. So if I wanted to move them again, I select the top area, it says Group one and I come over here and as you can see, it moves all the elements or all the layers all at once so that those are the two ways that you can move layers, multiple layers all at once now. If you wanted to remove this group, you would have to come up here to the menu and go up to layers, delete and then select group. Then it gives you the option of deleting groups and contacts so content. So if I select this one, it’s not only going to delete this group, but it will delete all these layers all at once, but I just want to delete the group itself, so I say Group only and as you can see and remove the group but kept the layers intact. Hopefully today’s tutorial was helpful for you today on how you can navigate. Photoshop CC and how you can move multiple layers all at once, stop by often because I will do more tutorials on Photoshop CC and please subscribe to my channel and click on the FL notification, So you always get notified when I upload a new video, I want to thank you for stopping by and support my channel, please, like comment and share with your other team members again. Thank you and have a great day bye now.