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How To Submit A Print To Deviantart | Deviantart Tutorial

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Hi, I am Adria. And I am back with a new tutorial. This time, it’s a deviant art tutorial in this video. I am showing you how to submit your artworks as prints on deviantART. There are more options you can choose from to submit your artwork aspirants. First of all. You can go and hover over the submit button and here you will find a create a print button. That’s one way to start uploading, or you can also click on the print tab here on your profile page. This will take to your already. Existing print and here is a button called submit print. If you click on it, you can start uploading your print and I would like to show you an another way to submit a print out it’s available if you open any of your artworks and on the right side, you will see that print not enabled if you click on that, it will also allow you to submit your artwork a sprint now. I will choose the submit button again from here and click create a print. You will see most of your artworks here and you can choose any of them that you would like to submit as print. I’m gonna use this. Charlotte portray how to show you how to do this. Once you have selected your artwork, click continue and this is what you will see here so here At the top part, you can see all the products that are available on. Deviantart photo prints, final springs, red canvases, greeting cards. And so on as you can see, there are many rose colored images here. This means that my artwork is not big enough and to be used as a print. Now you should know that if you would like to submit a print on deviantART you should first upload your artwork as a normal deviation. Once you have done that after that, you can enable it as a print to have high quality artwork in your deviant art store. Be sure that you upload your biggest version of your painting or illustration. Use the original file you have created. That has the biggest resolution because that will create the best quality prints uploading. A bigger resolution of your artwork is easy first. I am here in the photo prints. First, click adjust image. And here you will see below your artwork. Upload larger image, Click on this and here choose the add the file select your artwork. It can take a while to upload your artwork to deviantART. If the size is big, and if you have been working in a big resolution, then it will be big as you can see. Mine is 30 megabyte. So it’s pretty big. Now once it has uploaded, click. OK, and you will see that it has change the artwork already now to be sure. I’d like to here. Click to any of these options and then go back to crop fit, and I also like to enable this show approximate bleed so that I can see who my artwork will be pleased on the product. Whatever is inside this box? If we all be on the product and everything as might be cropped, place your artwork on the product as you like it. And then once you’re done, click. OK, now, depending on how big your artwork rules that you have just uploaded. Deviantart will select for you The available print sizes. If your image was not big enough, then some of these print sizes might be not available for you. And now here is what is very, very important. If you go and select an another product, you should again change your artwork. If you click on upload, you will see that the artwork. You have the image you have uploaded before is that so there is no need to be uploading again, but it’s important that you click on adjust image for each of these products and change the image. Even if you see that your image, your artwork here you can see it, for example, here it in magnets. You can see that my portrait is here, but this is the version that I have uploaded into my gallery. So this is not the highest resolution version that I have, so I must click for each of these adjust image pattern and change the image to the new one that I have just uploaded. I will set it to crypto crop to fit, set my artwork so that it looks good and hit. OK, and now I will do the same for the other size as well because this here as you can see here is my watermark, and that’s something that I don’t want to be present on the finished print, so I will just use and select the uploaded, bigger version that doesn’t have the watermark on it, so I repeat these steps for all of these products [Music]. When you are creating the mousepad you can choose from portrait or landscape mode. You can use this portrait and landscape mode for the other products as well, but in case of a mousepad, but I like to set it to landscape each time, because that’s how I personally use my mouse pad. So even though my artwork is a portrait size, I was still said this to landscape the mousepad. I mean, also be sure that when you click on upload larger image, you actually select click on the uploaded artwork and select it. Okay, and that’s when you hit OK. And then it will be replaced the water artwork to the higher resolution image once you are done. I will not enable Mugs at the moment because my artwork, icings and fit mugs. So I am not using these, I don’t. If it’s not clicked here this button, then it will be not enabled in your store to sell once you are finished and your products are here enabled, and you have changed all the artwork to the higher resolution version. Then the next step is to check the prices. If you are a core member, then you can set your own prices. I am NOT a core member at the moment on deviantART so I cannot set those. If you scroll more downward, you will see your artwork and the description of your artwork. This is something that you have. Apple, you have written when you upload it, your image first into your gallery. Here’s the product keywords field right here, your keywords and separating by space, so everything that is that two or more words should be one word once you have added your keywords and everything is finished. Click on submit print to submit your print to the print store of deviantART and here you can click on submit another print. If you would like to add more or see, my artwork will take you to your artwork and print is not enabled, it says at the moment, but it will be soon. It just needs a few minutes to be updated. So this is how you can submit prints to your. Deviantart now as you can see. My prince has appeared here if I click on it. This is what I will see. Here are the product types. I can choose from and the price and the Add to Cart, read to wishlist buttons. I hope you enjoyed this video and that it was helpful to you. I have a dart tutorials like clip studio paint. Painting tutorials, speed paints on my channel. If you would like to see more of this, please subscribe, and if you found this video helpful. Please click the thumbs up button. That would help me a lot. See you next time. Bye bye! [MUSIC] [Music]!